Footboard into a cute little corner bench

how to make a corner bench

This is a great way to repurpose a headboard or a foot board into a bench.

This is a project I did with my friend Cathy. We picked up this footboard at a local peddler’s mall for $6.00. This was before we realized there were better places to find old, orphaned beds….curb shopping is much cheaper.

red corner bench
I don’t have any “work in progress” pictures. But this is what we did. We cut it nearly in half on the table saw. We measured the width, and subtracted the thickness of the headboard. I don’t remember the exact numbers, but because we “butted” one end up against the other, we couldn’t cut it exactly in half. We used a 1×4 for the brace across the front, and used a scrap piece of plywood for the seat.

bench from a headboard Total cost of this project, some $5.00 oops paint. (our favorite color is oops) The little handle on the front is strictly for decorative purposes.

See other fun benches below [categorythumbnaillist 64]

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I totally love it! I have been thinking about making a headboard bench, there are so many wonderful ones posted, I just have figured out where I would put it. But this one, I just have to make. I have the perfect spot for it.
Beneath this Roof, Within these walls

What a cleaver idea. I will have to give this a try. I need a plant stand for one of my corners and this sounds perfect.

Oh, oops is also my favorite color of paint. Lots of that used in my house.

That is soooo adorable!
But you whip these babies out in your sleep, right? 😉

And $6? I was thinking that’s a little steep, right? The old $5 limit! Thanks to you, I now have a $5 limit, too! :-)

Have a blessed Sunday!

Hi Gail…

Girl, you are sooo creative and clever! I love your headboard turned bench!!! What a fabulous idea and I love that it will fit right into a corner…and what a sweet corner it will be!!! By the way…I love your “oops” color! hehe! Thank you so much for sharing the “how to’s” as well!

Thank you so much for sharing your sweet little bench with us today for Sunday Favorites!!!

Have a super Sunday, Darlin’!
Chari @Happy To Design

Wow,, i love that,, i’ve seen benches made out of headboards but yours is really unique.. I’d love to give this a try one day. Just found your blog today. Will be looking around more when i get a chance. I have 3 chairs sitting beside each other that I thought would make a cute bench somehow but wasnt real sure of myself and then I saw your post about Roses’ 3 chair bench ,, now I know I can do it somehow. Thanks