DIY birdbath

Woman’s Day Magazine was inspired by this project to make their own birdbath.Woman's Day Feature001
Remember the giant candlestick I got in Indianapolis  at our Shop &  Hop?  Here’s what I did with it!
large brass candlestick
One extra large candlestick+
pot lid
one overpriced pot lid+ some imagination=
pot lid and candlestick



large candlestick birdbath

After I found this candlestick at the Goodwill I thought it might make a nice side table. But then I rounded the corner to the pots and pans aisle, and found this pot lid. I turned it upside down, and voila!  It was a perfect fit.  While I was perusing one of the stores I found a greenish copper patina something or other. I said to myself “self, this is the color this birdbath wants to be” Now sometimes I have selective hearing, but usually when I’m talking to myself I listen!
spray paint
You may remember these bargains I got a few weeks ago. There were several greens from that day. I decided to go with the moss green and the aqua.
moss green spray paintFirst I sprayed a pretty good coat of the moss green.

spray painted brassCloseup


spray painted brassI then sprayed with the aqua. ( I went a little overboard with it)

painted brass

Too aqua!
making copper patina
So I splattered a little more moss green over it.
thrift store makeovers
I took this photo so you can see the color difference. On the left is the aqua, on the right is the moss green. In the middle is the birdbath that is neither aqua or moss green. But a good mix of both.
painted pot lid
The moss green lid.
combining spray paint copper patina

With a little aqua over the moss green


Look how nicely the lid fits into the little candle “hole”



diy birdbathIt’s perfect!

diy birdbathI love feeding the birds and watching them, I have a couple of concrete birdbaths already, but I figure I can always use one more!

candlestick pot lid birdbath
Do you think it resembles a copper patina?
candlestick birdbath
aqua birdbathSee updated pictures of my birdbath in my post DIY Birdbath Update
aqua birdbath
  painted glass vase
Isn’t this pretty?
 aqua spray painted vase
It is amazing to me that I never knew you could do this!
 aqua spray painted vase
I have so much glass (leftover from my totem addiction)
If you’ve never spray painted a vase, you must do it! You will love the new look!
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  1. Nice job creating the patina, I think it looks great! Did u already glue the lid to the base? If not you might want to leave it so it’s easy to lift off and clean (that is if it is heavy enough to stay in place without glue) Another thought is to add a couple pieces of bent silverware along the rim for the birds to perch on. It would look even cuter. Love the painted vase. I’m gonna have to try that one! Good luck with the garage sale. Hope the money you bring in makes it worth all the hassle.

  2. Very inventive – way to go ! Love it and that blue is dreamy !

  3. I love that bird bath! The color came out perfect! You are SO stinkin smart! That’s why I follow you, lol!

  4. What a perfect way to have a special bright feature in your yard. I know the birds will love having their own spa. I think your paint job is much more eye catching than copper would have been. Hope your garage sale net you lots of cash so you can go shopping. Stella

  5. I never, ever, ever would have thought birdbath! Very unique, my girl – you rock! Yes, I do think it looks patina’d and I’m sure it is absolutely stunning! The vase is beautiful, just beware – painting them is like potato chips, you can’t have just one. I’m sure to be covered up here at my house soon! LOL.

    Sorry you have to put up with the yard sale today – I wish I lived there, I would probably buy most of what you have by 8am, haha. Just remember as you are letting junk go a dollar at a time, that they are paying YOU to make extra space in your house! Good luck!

  6. It looks great!

    Ah, shoot.. if I didn’t have 10 million things to do AND pack for a trip we leave for at 4 am tomorrow, I’d head down south to your yard sale!

  7. Birdbath=so stinkin brilliant! And yes, it does look like patina. Great job!
    Wish I was close enough to take advantage of your garage sale. Like you, I don’t enjoy giving them (I’ve only done 1 in the last 10 yrs.), but I do love going to them.
    Oh and love the spray painted vase. Yours is the second blog I’ve seen doing this sort of thing – and I have a couple of shelves full of vases!

  8. Oh my gosh! this is amazing! I would never have thought to do that, but it’s such a great idea!

  9. My goodness but your smart! I love what the two separate pieces became. Fabulous idea. Good luck on the yard sale.

  10. i wish i could look at things and see what they can become. it’s only when i see someone ELSE do it, that i begin to. totally awesome and inspiring!

  11. I love the birdbath. It brings repurposing to a new level. enjoyed it! Rory

  12. That is such a great idea Gail!!! I always learn so much from you! I’m gonna try this in my yard ASAP!

  13. Awesome, awesome job!!! :) I love that!!

  14. Your ideas and you being able to see things to do with other things is just awesome…love the birdbath.

  15. No Way! I was wondering what you were going to do with the pot lid! You are so creative. Thanks for sharing!

  16. wow beautiful job! i love the birdbath, it looks like new!

  17. I’m loving the bird bath. Don’t you just love it when ideas and projects just come together, better than you expect.

  18. That’s awesome! LOVE the birdbath!

  19. What a beautiful piece… so creative!

  20. Gail, I can’t believe you found those great colors at Goodwill. The birdbath is fabulous–I am going to be looking for big pot lids now. Thanks for linking up!

  21. I like the fact that you totally repurposed these two items into something function and pretty. Great job. Followed you from the Shabby Chic Cottage link.

  22. i love how the lid looks like it was made perfectly just for that candlestick.. very cute birdbath

  23. NICE bird bath. It almost looks like a pool for your birdies, they will love it and be very confortable. And great idea to use these two unrelated items in a unique piece. I am now looking through my stuff to see if I can do something similar.
    Good luck with your yard sale.

  24. Good luck with the yard sale…they are big jobs…some times they are worth it sometimes not.I like going to them myself….but not having them.God Bless Trish

  25. Well..even though I am late to the party…I LOVE it!!!!! You are so brilliant. :)

    This weather has been oh so lovely hasn’t it?

    So you are having a yard sale eh? What goodies could I find there? My last final is over by 10 am tomorrow. How much for the birdstand?


  26. That is absolutely brilliant. It came out perfect. Great job.

  27. Fantastic Gail! I was wondering what you would do with all that? What a vision! :)

  28. Wow that is brilliant! It looks like a real bird bath you would purchase at a store! Great cre8tive mind!

  29. That is one clever and cute idea. I love it.

  30. Wow, you are awesome. A birdbath of all things! I shake my head in amazement. Very very cool.

    Thanks for linking up to SNS!
    FJ Donna

  31. Wow! Now that is probably the most clever idea I have ever seen! I love the final color too – it screams Spring!


  32. Just amazing!

    m ^..^

  33. Wow, that candlestick and that lid were made for each other! It looks great:)

  34. I love it Gail!! It’s just beautiful!

  35. Gail you are seriously brilliant! Super Huge WOW!
    I LOVE IT!

  36. Check that out!!! That is so awesome! What a fabulous idea!!!

  37. Anonymous says:

    I don’t like comments that start off “That’s great but…..” But here I go anyway. Do you think the paint on the inside of the lid will leach bad stuff into the birds’ water? (Love your blog.)

  38. What a great project! It’s amazing how perfectly that lids fits the candlestick! Love it!

    : )

    Julie M.

    ps I didn’t start junking until I was 28…now, I’m totally addicted. : )

  39. Found you by googling ‘paint bird bath’ and yours is great! I have a concrete one I want to paint and you’ve inspired me to get over my tendency to paint everything black or white! I’m going to aim for the copper patina, too. Thanks.

  40. Hi Gail-

    Just love the birdbath. So ingenious and so chic. Looks like something you would buy in a trendy shop.

  41. This is brilliant!

    I love my backyard birdies too! I would NEVER have thought to use these elements to make a birdbath! Pure genius. And it looks like a super-expensive copper birdbath! Wowsa. I am impressed, and totally gonna steal your idea, if I can find the elements. If I do, I will let you know and link back to ya as my inspiration!

    I love your website – I’m adding you to my linky list! I’d love to have you visit! :)

  42. I think it almost looks like patina maybe a dark type of rub over it would make it closer to patina? Will the paint hurt the birdies or do you sit something into it?

    The idea is of pure genius! It totally looks awesome! GW is my favorite place to shop told them to ban me this month though.

  43. Not meaning to rain on your parade, this is just to help the birds. Do the birds use your birdbath? Is so, forget the rest of this. I read where the water should be only 1-3″ deep. Yours looks deeper than that? Also, it said it needs a textured bottom, I guess so the birds won’t slip around if they take a bath. One thing you might do is put something on the sides, like someone else suggested. Or, plant something textured into the middle of the pan. One last thing… did you weight the bottom or is this top heavy when filled with water? It looks like it could tip over to me. If it works, great!

  44. Bill,
    Thanks for all the tips. I have updated my birdbath.
    The water does hold the lid in place so that it doesn’t tip over.
    They do mostly use it for drinking, not bathing. I have another very old concrete birdbath that is definitely their favorite for splashing around.
    Thanks for stopping by and offering such great suggestions!

  45. My daughter saw this and constructed me a birdbath out of large silver tray and a large wooden leg from an antique table – and painted it all a sage green color – it is beautiful and I know the birds will really appreciate it since we are suffering a drought here in South Alabama :) Love your site!

  46. I saw this the other day and loved what you put together. I decided to try one for myself and I’m pretty happy with the outcome. I Pintristed this as well as linked back to you on my own blog. Take a look if you would like. Thanks! And love your site :)

  47. Very cool, very creative! You did a great job and I love it!

  48. Anonymous says:

    Paint is very toxic and can easily leech toxins into the water/environment. I know its been a few years since you made this lovely bath, but the paint can still negatively affect the birds. Im wondering if there is a some sort of nontoxic coating that you can coat over this project to prevent further harm to the birds. While it may be a bit pricey, I think it is well worth the cost.

  49. I think it looked amazing before it was painted. The metallic tones actually worked very well together.

    Ironically the candle stick seems to be bronze and would have began to take on the not-quite-aqua, not-quite-moss green patina naturally.

  50. Marilyn says:

    Awesome idea! I have some candle holders not quite that tall but you made my creative mind kick into gear. I change my birdbath water almost daily and I always have a few rocks in the bottom for the birds to perch on because I had heard that they could drown if the water was too deep. Thanks so much for sharing.

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