Repurposed Cribs (parts)

Now that the drop side cribs have been outlawed, there will probably be many set to the curb. Today,  I’m highlighting the ways I’ve repurposed cribs and their  parts.  Some of you may remember these projects.


This picture is “pre-blogging”.  It is from my first year at Glendale Crossing days, October 2008.  Do you see the crib side rails?  I have decided to do this same thing to display my signs this year.  I will use zip ties just as I did way back when.  I will be able to display my signs on all four sides of the rails giving me a lot more bang for my buck so to speak.  I still have this piece, although it is much more weathered.  I may have to do a little work to it before I used it this year.


This picture is from Glendale Crossing Days 2009.  Cathy used a crib rail hinged differently than I did the previous year.  You can see that both are great display pieces. However, I think the white one above gives me a lot more area to display my signs.


This cute console table was made from crib legs and part of an old table.

100 crib plate rack_7945

This plate rack could easily be used as a book rack for children.

repurposed crib

This art easel/sandwich board was made from the end pieces of a crib. I plan to use it at Glendale this year to welcome my visitors.  Smile

baby bed green

Another pre-blogging project. It’s hard to believe I’ve been doing this for so many years already!  Cathy and I made this bench from a curbed crib.

baby bed blue 2

Another bench made from a curbed crib. I actually remember the day we picked this up.  It was under a huge pile of smelly junk.  ewwwww   The seat of this bench is made from curbed flooring.


One more! This one is pretty special!  It got published in a magazine.  Not just online, but a real hard copy magazine.  The online publication has already been replaced by the current issue, so I can’t link up.  Sad smile  Time got away from me, and I forgot about it until it was too late to visit the site to see it online. However, the magazine sent me a couple of copies so I could see it.  It’s a regional magazine (free publication) from Huntsville, Alabama.




Pretty cool, eh?  There are so many ways to repurpose these unwanted, unusable items!  Try to save something from the landfill soon!



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  1. Congratulations on getting published! Way to go!
    Love this post, it’s great to see all the different crib repurposes you’ve done over the years.

  2. These are fantastic ideas, I am SOOOO regretting giving my old cot to charity a few months ago!

    Congratulations on being published, what an awesome achievement!


  3. Very cool to be published!

    I have some crib rails waiting for me to be creative and your photos are the inspiration.

  4. Of course ALL of these projects are amazing, but I think my fave has to be that drying rack…pure GENIUS! Another project I keep wanting to try but have not found the right parts…someday!

  5. What an honor to be featured in this magazine! You are one creative lady!.

  6. WooHoo cool project alert! Thanks so much for sharing. I have two old cribs that would be perfect for this. I love finding inspiration and creative ideas from others. Your project is very much appreciated!

  7. You are so clever! I love all your re-purposing, but I will admit that the drying rack is my favorite! Great work.

  8. Gail! How awesome! Congrats on the magazine feature! It’s no surprise though, your crib repurposes are AWESOME!!

  9. love the laundry rack idea- that might be my fave!

  10. Congratulations on your magazine feature! How cool is that? I am so happy for you! I Love all your crib projects! Thanks for sharing!!!

  11. What an honor to be published!
    Love all your crib ideas!

  12. So last night i went “junking” through the alleys of my hood and found a vintage crib! I didn’t take the sides though and now I am heart broken! Also, I got “busted” by the local police. “Junking” is against an ordinance in our hood. YES you read that right! He said some folks take things not meant for the trash, so no more!! Can you believe??? But I did get the crib and a desk and a chair and a side table . . . Love the ideas!

  13. Awesome. I love the drying rack and the chalk board!

  14. yay for the magazine feature!!

  15. I am anxiously waiting to get my crib back (I loaned it out). I wanted to get rid of it…but now I want it back and to create something that can be a part of the house. Great ideas.

  16. Those are all very cool ways to repurpose cribs! And how cool that your project was published! That’s awesome!

  17. So doing this with DD’s crib!

  18. Congrats! You are so creative. Great ideas for repurposing.

  19. Congrats on getting published Gail. That is so exciting! I love the sandwich board idea.

  20. Very cool to be published!

    I have some crib rails waiting for me to be creative and your photos are the inspiration.

  21. I was curious if you had instructions for your drying rack. I’d love to try it.

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