DIY vinyl record clock

Recently I was contacted by the Silhouette company and offered the new Cameo to review.  I was so excited. If you’re a regular around these parts you KNOW how much I use and LOVE my Silhouette SD.

The first thing I noticed about the Cameo is it’s size. It is much larger than the SD, however its  extra size allows you to cut larger media. This is a good thing!
This was my first project with my new Cameo, a DIY vinyl record clock.

how to-Record Clock
I bought a clock at Wal-mart. This one was $4.97.  I proceeded to take it apart.  It was very easy, I only needed a small screwdriver.  I also bought several clocks for $3.97.

I downloaded two clock faces from the Silhouette online store. That’s one of my favorite perks of owning a Silhouette!  No cartridge, no run to the store.

I removed the outside “frame” on both of the layouts.  Can you see the steps—1) Set Silhouette rollers to 13”  2)  Set Silhouette display to Load Media.  3) Current settings  4) Load the media into the Silhouette. 5) Cut Page.


Silhouette Cameo (2)
I didn’t have any vinyl wider than the standard 9 inches, so I used contact paper. I loaded it directly into the Cameo without the mat.

Silhouette Cameo (3)
After the Cameo cut my vinyl, I peeled away the excess to leave only the numbers.  I used some clear contact paper as “transfer” paper to put the vinyl on my record.

how to-Record Clock (3)
You can see that I took the hands off the clock movement.  I used some double stick mounting tape from 3M to attach the movement to the record.

how to-Record Clock (15)
I used my favorite super glue by Gorilla Glue* to attach the hanger to the back of the movement.

how to-Record Clock (5)
I reattached the hands to the movement.

how to-Record Clock (7)
I apologize for the poor quality. It rained all day on Sunday and I couldn’t stage my clocks outside.

diy vinyl record clock

how to-Record Clock (13)

I suppose this would be possible to do with my Silhouette SD, but I would have to cut it in stages.
UPDATE:  I spray painted some of the hands white so they would show up better. It’s impossible to find white hands on cheap clocks!
LP Record Clock (2)
Note to self—straighten the clock before you snap that picture!  Smile

LP Record Clock (6)

LP Record Clock

I struggled with getting the settings right with the Cameo.  The directions call for setting the blade on 1.  I was unable to get the Cameo to cut any contact paper or Silhouette Vinyl with a setting of 1.  I moved it to 2 and it cut the contact paper with ease. You can see that I changed the settings above to a thickness of 3 instead of the default settings on the Cameo (for the contact paper).  I will be phoning support to discuss the problems I had.
The blade setting is so easy to change.  Where the Silhouette SD had 3 color coded caps, the Cameo has a dial directly on the blade housing.  There is a little ratchet thingy right on the machine to turn the dial.


  • Cuts larger media
  • Has a pause button!!!
  • Loads media easier than the Silhouette SD
  • Adjustable rollers allow you to cut various widths of media
  • Lighted display panel
  • The program is easy to use (design)
  • Online store has images for .99 cents each, with clearance images each week.
  • The Cameo will cut any font you have on your computer (as does the Silhouette SD)


  • Adjustable rollers are hard for these old fingers to manipulate.
  • Settings needed to be adjusted to get a clean cut.

I have a LOT more records .  .  .   I see some more clocks in my future if they sell at the booth.
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Disclosure: Silhouette sent me the Cameo to review, however all opinions are my own. I do not  receive any compensation for blogging about and/or sharing my many projects and tutorials with my readers.

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Love you ideas! Thanks for the promo code. Ordered my Silhouette Cameo for $249!!!!!! along with a few other Silhouette goodies at 40% off. Can’t wait till I get them!

I love your clocks. Very cool. My DH bought me the Silhouette SD for Christmas last year. It’s such a great machine and I love how you can just go online and download a shape, font etc.
I need to play with mine more because I’m still in the learning phase..a year later!
I enjoy seeing all the projects you come up with using your machine.
Thanks for sharing :)

Too cool!! I instantly thought of the old song I used to dance to…Rock Around The Clock!! I think they should sell well for ya!! How neat the Cameo does wider cuts…sure ‘expands’ your possibilities now!! Look forward to more of your projects using it.

Everything (excluding CAMEO, download and gift cards) is 30% off (Nov 25-28) use promo code BLACK

The 50¢ shape sale is back in the Silhouette Online Store. Over 19,000 designs (including fonts and printable patterns) will be just 50¢ ea. from Friday, Nov. 25 through Monday, Nov. 28.

And to make the deal even sweeter, there will be new designs added to the store on Friday, Saturday, and Monday, so come back each day to find out what’s new.
I will spill the details of the CAMEO sale as soon as I can! :)
Follow me on FB or Twitter for latest updates!

Oh I LOVE the clocks!
I would like to suggest that you paint the black hands white or some other light color so it’s easier to read the time though. I’ve done it before on clocks that I’ve had that were hard to read and believe you me it makes a HUGE difference!

Your clocks are adorable…what a great idea for using old albums!

Lucky you to get to try out the new Cameo…my daughter would LOVE it if Santa brought her one of these…not sure it will be in his budget, but can’t wait to find out on Friday!