Day of Giving with ABC and the American Red Cross

Being in Kentucky, I feel so far from the East Coast where all the cleanup is going on. I am a huge fan of GMA, and I have followed their coverage since before Sandy destroyed so many lives.

Today, ABC is hosting a Day of Giving through the American Red Cross!

I know times are tough for us all, but while we are warm and cozy in our homes, there are thousands still living in horrible conditions without power, &  heat and those are the lucky ones. So many don’t even have homes.  Have you given to the American Red Cross yet? If you haven’t, today is a perfect day to do so. 

From their site:

Disney and ABC will launch a ” Day of Giving” Monday, Nov. 5 to raise money for hurricane relief efforts. Starting on ” Good Morning America” and ending with “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” ABC shows will encourage viewers to help those impacted by the storm by making a contribution to the American Red Cross.

Here’s how you can participate in ABC’s “Day of Giving:”

TEXT: Text ABC to 90999 to give a $10 donation to the Red Cross.

ONLINE: Go to to make a donation of any amount.

BY PHONE: Call 1-800-HELP-NOW. This number will bypass all the other menu options and direct your call to Hurricane Sandy relief.

There ya go!  They make it so easy to give. I have given, have you?


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  1. Thanks for the information, Gail. That makes it easier.

  2. Thanks for sharing this info Gail. I was more than happy to help out the Red Cross last week and consider them one of the best ways to help. My son’s girlfriend in New Jersey was away during the storm and is not sure what to expect when she goes home today.

  3. Gail, you text above says ” Day of Giving” Monday, Nov. 15

    There IS NO MONDAY, NOVEMBER 15…so is it just today…Nov. 5?

  4. Something we all need to do. Good reminder.

  5. You hit me in the guilt pocket Gail. I’ve been meaning to give but haven’t yet. I will right now! Thanks.

  6. Okay…duh!! I just left a comment on yesterday’s post about you living in the east…where did I get that?! I swear, I think I am losing it! You must have just posted this, otherwise I would have been saved from my last stupid comment, lol!

    Great idea…I still have to make my contribution!

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