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Finish Max Chalkboard Paint

 Finish Max Chalkboard Paint

junky storage shedI recently decided to clean out my storage shed. It’s one of the places where I store my inventory. You can see a few empty spaces where I’ve pulled some stuff out.


storage shedI didn’t quite “gut” it, but I did remove most of it to organize it better. See that arrow pointing to the cabinet doors?  They’ve been there for awhile.   I gathered them.  All the cabinet doors were in pairs, with the exception of the tallest armoire door.   It is the mate to my chalkboard in the kitchen.


supplies for spraying chalkboardsYou can see it laying on the top, with all the smaller ones underneath.   I gathered all the supplies I normally use when paint spraying: my beloved Command Max, now called HomeRight Finish Max Fine Finish Sprayer, a ladle, and bowl (with water), a Mesh Paint Strainer , a paint brush (just in case I get a run) and a respirator mask.


makeshift spray paint boothI ready my booth.  I hung plastic with a staple gun. I use scrap 2×2’s to hold the plastic down. Note the pallet is on top of the plastic.   You can’t see them, but I use the scrap boards on all 4 sides of the plastic. There  is a lot of air moving around when you use a paint sprayer.


paint sprayer for chalkboard paintI sanded the boards lightly after I filled the (knob) holes.


artwork sprayed with chalkboard paintWhile I was at it, I sprayed two huge artwork pieces (using the finish max chalkboard paint method) I picked up a few months ago. Look at that fine finish!  Homeright hit the nail on the head with the name of this sprayer.


Armoire Door Wedding ChalkboardThis is the armoire door after I used some oops paint  to frame it out.


distressed lightlyI lightly distressed the edges.


extra large chalkboardsLook how big that top chalkboard is-over 4 ft!!  I used DIY chalky paint on the frames of each of these, then applied two light coats of wipe on poly.


large chalkboard-You are My Sunshine




cabinet doors into chalkboardsI used the vaseline distressing technique on the one on the left, and left the one on the right all chalkboard.


cabinet doors chalkboardsI believe these are the heaviest of all of the doors.  They are really solid.



cabinet chalkboard

d-rings on the chalkboardWhenever I paint long doors, I attach the d-rings on the back so that the one on the bottom right will swing around and allow the chalkboard to hang either horizontally or vertically.

Welcome to the Young-Wilson WeddingI wish I could decorate a chalkboard as well as Ipiccy.


I don’t have my hands on the new Finish Max Fine Finish HVLP Sprayer yet, but I look forward to taking it for a spin.  Smile


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This is not a paid post. Homeright has been generous to furnish me with a new sprayer, but you know all opinions are my own. I LOVE this sprayer, and I feel that if you do a lot of painting, it can save you time and energy, especially when painting spindles and/or louvered doors!  yikes!  I’ve painted enough of those by hand.

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  1. I have some dining room chairs and kitchen cabinets on my to do list. I’ll be very busy as soon as the weather warms up!

  2. Your chalkboard pieces look great! I especially love the armoire door.

    Hey, your garage is looking good too!!!

  3. I bought the Command Max sprayer and have yet to get it out of the box. I’m a little intimidated by it. Did you post a tutorial on how to use it, strain painter, thin down, etc? I’ve searched the site and couldn’t find it. It’s finally nice weather in IL so I will be getting the sprayer out to do some projects.

  4. I’m bummed I didn’t win a sprayer at the Spring Fling, but I do have a Wagner that works pretty well. Haven’t used it in months, though! Hopefully when we get back from vacation and things settle back to normal, I’ll get back to my painting projects.

  5. Looks great Gail. I have the Command Max but it is still in the box. :( I just haven’t had the time to work with it or figure out where to set up a paint booth. One of these days…

  6. These look great! Jealous of your new sprayer 😉

  7. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. says:

    Love all the chalkboards Gail! Now I have some chairs (lots of spindles) waiting for me in my garage. I really so need a sprayer!

  8. nova c. says:

    really pretty! love all the stuff in your storage shed… 😀

  9. Love the new chalkboards! I have a Command Max sprayer and really enjoy it. It usually takes me a little time to get going with it (get the paint thinned enough, etc) but once it is set, it really works well!

    Did you have to thin the chalkboard paint much to use it through the sprayer? How many coats did you do to get such nice coverage?

    Thanks for all your inspirational projects!

    • gail@myrepurposedlife.net says:

      Yay, so happy you have this sprayer! I’ve gotten really good at thinning the paint just right, but the first batch, I thinned it too much. My can was a little thinner than usual I think. I did add less water than I normally do.
      I did two (three light ones on the artwork) coats, when using a foam brush, I typically do 3. I did three light ones on the artwork, because I was painting cardboard with watered down paint. :)

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