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Hello MRL readers, I’m Stephanie, and  I am so happy Gail has given me the opportunity to share a Silhouette project with you all.  Gail makes beautiful things with her Silhouette machine but hates the process of styling the finished projects to capture a good picture.  I, on the other hand live for that.  Being that I am an interior designer, I love to style anything.  For the last year or so, I have been giving Gail tips when she gets in a jam on how to style her projects. She is usually frantic and all stressed out because she hates that process and I am all giddy with glee because I love that process.  Our “stashes” of what we have are so opposite. I have vases, ribbons, dishes etc. galore, and she has wood, nuts & bolts and lots of power tools.  She is a builder, I am a stylist.  We are a perfect pair.

Today I am going to show you an easy way to style a vignette by adding touches of Christmas using the Silhouette machine.   I bought three plain glass votives and a red charger plate and just dressed them up.  You can get glass votives for under a $1 and pick up a red charger at Michaels for $2.  Being that I am a gold lover {Gail, not so much} I used the gold foil paper from Silhouette. {love,love this stuff!}

Votive and charger plate


I printed out “ho ho ho” {which I purchased from the Silhouette online store} and added some random dots and put them on the glass votives

ho, ho, ho votives


I added some cute reindeers {also purchased from the online store} and some dots {which tie in the dots on the votive} to the red charger plate

Red charger with reindeers


Then I proceed to my “stash” and added the rest of the items to complete the vignette on my table.  {the brass reindeer I found at a consignment shop which was my inspiration for the plate}

Christmas decorating


I always use a tray to cluster my items, and usually some type of cake stand to add height. Mixing textures and colors that aren’t Christmas {aka using what you have} gives the vignette a collected feel.

Christmas vignetteChristmas tablescape


I did a little diagram to help you {Gail} understand how I achieved the collected look, but still give it a Christmas feel.

Elements of styling

The Silhouette machine is by far my go to when I decorate for holidays or parties.   I love it so much I have since bought 2 more as X-mas gifts for my daughters. Using the discount code from MRL of course! I hope that Gail invites me back to share more projects and tips, because I always love an excuse to use my machine!


Thank you so much Stephanie for a beautiful, easy Christmas Project!   I love the charger and the votive candle holders (even though they are gold).



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Thanks again Stephanie for a super project!

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  1. Oh, this looks just marvelous! You do have the knack to style a vignette. Thanks for the tips too.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Great job! I am not the best at styling so I really appreciated these tips, Thanks Stephanie! And thanks for having her Gail!

  3. That all looks so wonderful!
    Simple little vignette.. well, you make it look simple, anyway!
    Loved the diagram—that works well for me! I always need a visual.

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