Recent Finds (meeting up with a friend edition)

Last week I decided to go thrifting down the road.  I haven’t been since I got out of the hospital and I was ready for a fun day of “hunting”.  I asked my friend Cathy if she wanted to go with me to meet a blog friend from MRL’s Spring Fling.  Wait, this is confusing, let’s back up a little bit.

When I got back from Making Merry In Berry Hill, I told y’all what sold and didn’t sell.  None of my rustic crates have ever sold.  After a few emails with some that left comments, I mentioned to  one friend that I was ready to burn them. She  said “whatever you do, don’t burn them”.  Another commenter (Nova) said she really liked them, and would like to get a couple from me.  I told her if she wanted them, they were hers for the taking!   So, this friend, lives “down the road” where we like to thrift shop.   We made plans to meet up. The day before we were to meet, I got several emails from a nice lady on Craig’s list who wanted to buy my double pedestal table for her daughter who is buying a new house.  Well, it just so happens SHE lives “down the road” too!  It’s not so far away, about 30 minutes or so, but it’s just not in our town, so we rarely travel in that direction.   So, I offered to deliver it to her since I was already headed that direction with a borrowed truck the next day.   It was a win/win for everyone.

First stop was to deliver the table, next was shopping at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, where we met Nova.  She looked through the crates and picked out a couple, then we headed into the store to do some shopping.

Neither Cathy or I  found anything at the ReStore, which is rare.  I generally always find something there.  Cathy and I were off to more stores, still on the hunt for something special.


thrift store vanity



thrift store ammo box



thrift store bead board paneling



thrift store vintage kenmore sewing machine



thrift store dresser



thrift store coffe table



thrift store coffee table

Cathy didn’t buy anything, I ended up picking up a couple of these items, can you guess what I got?

I’ll show you tomorrow.  Smile




  1. The dressing table. :)

  2. Doris Henson says:

    I know that vanity is a little over your set amount…but I hope you got it. It is gorgeous. Maybe you got that paneling for $4.00.

  3. I need to go wherever it is that you go! I would have picked up that $10 table for sure!

  4. I hope you picked up that ammo box! Can’t wait to find out!

  5. girlfromwva says:

    I can’t guess cause I think you told me!!! Can’t wait to see the items! Thanks again for meeting me and also for the couple of crates! (They are already being used!!!)

  6. Love all your repurposed Items you do,I didnt see that coming with some of them , thanks for the share.I really love this newest one you found else where of the chest /side drawers/mirror thing .neat piece.Thanks

  7. i think you took the dresser/w mirror, and the ammo box? in suspense to know what you took now ! grr

  8. I have thrift store envy. I hope you took the first item (which looks to me like a cross between a vanity table and a hall bench). You’d never find anything like that here in the west for such a great price. I would have scooped it up and made a place for it in my home, probably by my front door .

  9. I’m guessing the ammo crates and the mirrored piece. I would be curious to see what you would do with that piece. It is so unique now.
    I found a Habitat re-Store about 40 miles from me. Went just to look and came home with a cart fill. I got a bundle of stained tongue and grove oak flooring for $5, 2 sets of by-fold shutters (narrow but 4 ft tall) for $2,
    4 foot dowels from a railing $1 apiece, a old light fixture ($15) that I plan on taking apart to make a kitchen light using some of the light’s parts and an old metal apple picking basket and Edison light bulbs.
    Thanks for mentioning Habitat re-Store. It made me go and check one out. I’ll be there again.

  10. Fun finds, I am guessing the table and maybe the ammo box, but almost everything was over $5… I kind of have adopted that price as well, but thrift store prices keep going up and up. I can’t wait to see what you got! I am so glad you didn’t burn the crates :) And that Cathy got some!

  11. I hope it is the sewing machine table. I have one exactly like it and have a plan for it I just can’t find one part to bring my plan to fruition…I am very curious to see what you would do.

  12. I’m thinking you bought the paneling for $4.00
    and… by process of elimination… the $10 coffee table OR… the $20 chest of drawers?
    Hmmm… that is a hard one!
    Can’t wait to see what you bought. I am also glad to hear you were able to sell some items.
    That is a Win-win! Patricia

  13. I would have grabbed that coffee table and painted it. Then I’d get some thick foam for the top and cover it with fabric and it would be the perfect size for a footstool for my chair and a half. Can’t wait to see what you do. I love doing these makeovers.

  14. I’m not sure what you decided on, but I just have to say I LOVE and WANT that vanity! So I’m really hoping you got that gem, she’s a beauty in disguise!

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