“Why Do We Call it Christmas” Black Friday Sale

Just a heads up – this post isn’t meant to be preachy or offend. I’m sharing a great deal from the company Jamie works for, which happens to focus on Bible literacy for kids (and parents, too!).

About a year ago, Jamie began working for a DVD series called What’s In The Bible? by VeggieTales creator Phil Vischer. She runs their webstore, email marketing, and their blog and she loves it!

Phil created the What’s In The Bible? series to help families watch through the Bible in 13 DVDs. Instead of just teaching kids to be moral, he’s helping them understand the foundations of their faith. (For instance, DVD 12 covers Paul’s letters and Phil dives in to the concepts of faith, grace, and even justification and sanctification in a way that kids can actually understand!)

They’ve released 12 DVDs so far that take families all the way from Genesis through Philemon. The 13th DVD, which covers the General Epistles and Revelation, releases in March 2014.

Today through the end of Monday, they’re running a great sale – 20% off orders over $30 – plus free shipping within the US! Use coupon code ABF20 at checkout to get the deal!

In addition to the Bible DVDs, they also have a really great Christmas DVD–Why Do We Call it Christmas. If you’ve ever wondered how modern Christmas traditions – like Santa Claus, cutting down trees, and stockings came about and what they mean – this DVD is for you! Join newsman Buck Denver and his friends as they investigate how the modern traditions of today point back to Jesus and the first Christmas all those years ago.

You can browse the 12 Bible DVDs or pick up the Christmas DVD in their store at whatsinthebible.com. When you hit the store, just click “DVDs” to check them out. There’s also a Church Edition if you know any children’s pastors that are looking for new, innovative Sunday School curriculum!

If you have any questions about the series, leave them in the comments and I’ll get Jamie to answer them while she’s here. :)

P.S. If you need stocking stuffers, the first DVD in the series makes a great gift, also. “In The Beginning” takes your family on a journey through Genesis to show you how the first book of the Bible sets the stage for the rest of history!

Shop the What’s In The Bible? store here!



disclaimer: I am an affiliate with WhatsInTheBible.com.  Your purchase helps support MRL, thank you!



  1. Looks like a great series!

  2. Sounds wonderful!

  3. Thanks for the heads up… on my way to check it out for our grandson… sounds like a perfect gift

  4. “Black” Friday comes from the accounting terms “in the black” or “in the red”. There are only two colors on a calculator tape: black and red. When the numbers are positive, they are black. When they’re negative, they’re red. Hence, the term Black Friday because all the stores strive to get and keep their profits “in the black”.

  5. Thanks for the promo. Sounds like a great gift. I’m a grandmother and love Veggie Tales.

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