Christmas Mirror-Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Don’t forget—the Silhouette sale is still available, with super holiday bundles and 40% off of accessories.  Get the details in my post Silhouette America Black Friday Sale.

Meanwhile, I’m going to show you this pretty (temporary) Christmas Mirror project.

Christmas Mirror

I love quick and easy Silhouette Vinyl projects.  This project was pretty easy, especially since the image I used is a pre-designed image from the Silhouette online store.



I love that when I shop for images, the program lets me know if I already own an image, so I don’t repurchase it.   You can see I purchased the image on the top right for only .99 cents!



Most-Wonderful-Time-of-the-YearMost Wonderful Time of the YearBecause I would be cutting this image on my Portrait, I divided the image into two separate images for two different cutting sessions.    So as not to waste vinyl, I added some additional snowflakes to my design.



Silhouette Portrait-silver vinylThis is the  Premium Silver vinyl I used in my Portrait.


how to weed vinylI used my hook tool to weed the vinyl.  Placing boxes or in this case circles around the snowflakes make them very easy to weed.


silhouette online store image While weeding this image, I messed up the top word (the) and had to cut out another and patch it in with painter’s tape.


peel slick backing paper away from image-vinylI placed the transfer paper onto my image, and the proceed to remove the slick backing paper.  I find it works best to peel the backing away rather than trying to peel the vinyl away from the backing.


apply vinyl image to a mirrorI eyeballed the image as I placed it on the mirror—oops, got it a little crooked.  Did your mom ever say to you “do as I say, not as I do”?   Here’s hoping you are a more patient crafter than I am.

I ended up cutting the word YEAR out again, and placing it straight.


The Most Wonderful Time of the Year Christmas mirrorThis is after I redid the word YEAR.  I love the addition of the extra snowflakes, and I appreciate the fact that designers work so hard to make these images for the online store.  I could never design such fonts.   Smile

The nice thing about this kind of project is that it can totally be temporary.  After Christmas the mirror can be put back to work doing what it’s meant to do.  I can just remove the vinyl, and voila, I have a mirror.   I love the look of the silver vinyl on the mirror with the black frame.

Don’t forget, you still have almost a week to take advantage of Silhouette’s Black Friday sale.


As of today, this is the only Christmas décor I have out…..with Christmas being right around the corner, I better get busy!  Are you a Thanksgiving decorator, or a last minute throw it together kinda  gal like me?


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  1. It looks lovely. My decorating was done for the open house and that’s all that will be going up. :) But I did spend Thanksgiving helping my mom decorate the Public Library and I put up their tree every year. :)

  2. I love this…I did “Merry Christmas” in red one year, but I like this better! The ONLY down side is the added elbow grease to get the vinyl residue off…but totally worth it!

  3. Donna in SC says:

    What a pretty way to treat a mirror for Christmas! It can be displayed all winter. Thanks for sharing yet another great idea.

  4. Super cute, Gail! I got my fall decorations put away yesterday…but that’s as far as I’ve gotten on decorating!

  5. girlfromwva says:

    love the way the mirror looks!!! we are going to get busy this week getting the tree out and up and decorations done! all we have so far is some window lights and a few odds n ends!

  6. Troy Gerst says:

    Putting the circles and boxes around the images is a brilliant tip. Thank you!!

  7. Kay Norris says:

    I love, love, love my Portrait. The Cameo is on my wish list. I have made so many signs with vinyl. I even think I already have these images. Now to find a mirror!

  8. Cute Mirror!
    Love way it turned out. Patricia

  9. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. says:

    What a beautiful mirror Gail! It has a awesome vintage feel!

  10. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. says:

    Love the wonderful vintage feel of your mirror Gail!

  11. I love your mirror Gail! I made one as well and though it is temporary, it is so beautiful I don’t want to peel it off. Yours is great for the whole winter season!

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