Twin Beds Makeover Tutorial and giveaway

This is a long post, but I’m going to give you a lot of great tips for giving these old beds a new look.


old twin bedsMy niece contacted me about refinishing these twin beds for her friend.  After inspecting them, I told her I didn’t think they were a good candidate for refinishing.  She said her friend would be okay with painting them a “Pottery Barn” blue.


bad veneerDay one: The first thing I did was tackle the very loose veneer.


removing bad veneerDay two:  More veneer work.  I’ve seen people use water to remove veneer.  Maybe I was too impatient, but it didn’t work for me.

I decided to try my HomeRight Heat Pro Deluxe II.  I revved it up and went to work, expecting it to work like magic—but I had it on the highest setting.


easily remove bad veneerThen I figured out the best way to remove (loosen) the glue that holds on the veneer.  I soaked the veneer with the wet cloth, then set the Heat Pro Deluxe to about 200°.  The combination of the water and the warmth was the perfect combination to easily peel up the old veneer

how to loosen bad veneer You can see from the piece on the left, that it really worked well to get it off in large sections.


sand veneer smoothDay three: sanding , sanding, and more sanding.  I didn’t bother to remove all of the veneer on the back of the beds, however I did sand it down nice and smooth.  I worked for several hours sanding on the headboards, foot boards and the rails.

how to patch dings with wood fillerAlso on day three I did some patching.  Apparently someone had taken a hammer to the sides of these posts.  After some wood filler, they look good as new!


remove sanding dust with leaf blowerDay four: time to remove all of that dust and start painting.  My fist step to getting rid of a lot of dust is my leaf blower.


remove sanding dust with whisk broomTo get in all the nicks and crannies I used this small whisk broom.  It worked really well.

pottery barn blue sherwin williams navalThis is the formula that Pottery Barn recommended to my niece that is closest to their blue.  It’s Sherwin Williams Naval 6244.  I went to Home Depot and had them mix the color for me in their Behr Ultra Semi-Gloss.


diy chalk paint as a primerAfter I decided that these beds would be painted, I knew I would use Behr as a DIY Chalk Paint primer, with the same paint as a topcoat.   I mixed some Plaster of Paris and water in the tub.


plaster of paris chalk paint as a primerI then ladled in some of the blue paint.  This tub made enough to just about fill up my paint cup twice.


spray-diy-chalk-paintI put the pieces in the paint booth one at a time.


pottery barn blue diy chalk paintI painted both sides and the underneath.  This is one of the headboards after one coat of the DIY Chalk Paint Primer.



how to paint twin bedsAfter all the pieces got a coat of the DIY Chalk Paint Primer, I put the beds together  to speed up the process of painting and handling.  This is before any topcoats.

twin-beds-pottery-barn-blueRaising the beds up on the milk crates made it so much easier to paint.  Notice there is very little paint on the crates, and NONE on the grass. I get very little over spray with my HomeRight Finish Max   LOVE it!

Yes, I am a partner with HomeRight, but you can always trust me to tell you like it is.  I absolutely love this sprayer.  I have an extra cup, and that makes cleanup a breeze.  I use a clean cup to run clear water through the sprayer—and I really find that ONE little step makes it go so much quicker—as opposed to adding water to the messy paint cup and spraying it through the sprayer.  Our friends at HomeRight have now made it easy for you to purchase an extra cup. I highly recommend having an extra one if you want to cut down on your cleaning time.

I stored the cup with the paint in it, in my bucket while I waited to do a second light coat.



Day five:

Pottery-Barn-Blue-Twin-BedsI took the beds apart to do some touch-ups where the rails fit, and put one more light coat on the large area of the headboard after a light sanding.

The finish on these beds is flawless.   I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out.  I am sure the lady who hired me to do them will be shocked at their transformation.


Now for a BIG surprise!   One lucky reader is going to win a HomeRight Heat Pro Deluxe!

How to enter:

Leave a comment below about this project.  After leaving a comment, enter the giveaway using the Rafflecopter widget. Giveaway starts today, and ends in one week.  Void where prohibited. One winner will be chosen at random from all eligible Rafflecopter entries. US addresses only.(if you are on a tablet, email your comment to me,, then follow through with the Rafflecopter entry).

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good luck,


disclaimer: I am a brand ambassador with HomeRight.  I l consider you all my friends, and I wouldn’t tell you anything I wouldn’t tell my friends in real life. I truly love these HomeRight products, and I think you will too.

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  1. I love this! One day I hope to have “real” internet access (instead of just through my phone) so I can browse through all your projects and learn some ways to redo old pieces of furniture.

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    The tools from HomeRight ate Awsome!
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  85. For loosening heat sensitive glue, I’ve used a steam iron. I wanted to take up a vinyl floor tile to replace it, without ruining my iron, so I put down a damp cloth and ironed over it. The release of steam keeps the temperature from getting too hot, and helps transfer the heat. If you have a flat surface, I’d try a steam iron. I suppose a wallpaper steamer might also work.

    Despite my suggesting alternatives to the Homeright Heat Pro Deluxe II, I’d still like to win one.

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    • says:

      This is a semi-gloss high quality paint, so I didn’t do a topcoat on these beds. Using light coats is the key to a lasting paint job.


  153. Carol Plantz says:

    How I love this blog. When you give us a step by step, you really do it. We get words and pictures and hints on what works and what doesn’t. I lost my mom and my aunt in the past 4 years and my basement is filled of things that I can’t part with but that everyone says should be thrown in the dump. Not anymore, they are all getting your blog so they can see the transformation you have accomplished. I was looking forward to Christmas, but I now I want Spring so I can remove veneer, sand, paint and get out those milk crates. What time savers. Keep those blogs coming so I can get my stuff all done right along with you. LOL.

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    I am so envious of your yard and good weather. We are to cold here in Minnesota to paint. I’d sure like to get a heater for my garage. Now all things that have not been refinished or stripped have to wait till spring.

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    • says:


      Using DIY chalk paint with Plaster of Paris allows the paint to stick to shiny surfaces. It then needs to be top coated with wax, paint or some kind of sealer to protect it. That’s why I use the same paint as the primer and the top coat. Gives a flawless finish.


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