Silhouette Studio Designer Edition and CAMEO giveaway

THIS GIVEAWAY has ended.


Great news!  My Repurposed Life is hosting another CAMEO giveaway!  I’m so excited when I get to bring you great news like this.

I have a lot to tell you about this February’s promotion.



Visit Silhouette America to take advantage of these great deals.

CAMEO bundle: The Silhouette CAMEO®, The Silhouette Studio® Designer Edition Software, the glitter collection sketch pens, and the metallic collection sketch pens for $269.99 ($94 in savings)

Portrait bundle: The Silhouette Portrait™, The Silhouette Studio® Designer Edition Software, the glitter collection sketch pens, and the metallic collection sketch pens for $129.99 ($114 in savings)

Silhouette Studio Designer Edition: 40% off !!

I think this is a great time to treat yourself to something new and fun!




How to Trace Images in the Silhouette Studio Designer Edition I want to show you a great feature of the Silhouette Studio Designer Edition—the trace function. You can save an image to your computer, import it, trace it, and cut it with your CAMEO or Portrait. Here are the steps: valentine-clipartcom-free-valentine-clip-art source

1)  Save an image to your computer (very important, remember WHERE you save it)


import-to-my-library 2)  Import the image to the Silhouette Studio  Designer Edition Software program 3)  Create a new project


click-to-add-image 2 4)  Click to add your image


add-your-new-image Your new image will be filed under “My Own Designs”. 5)  Click it to add to your new project.


new-image-project Your image will now be in your new project.


click-trace-function 2 6)  Click the little blue icon (butterfly?) that is the Trace Function


click-select-trace-area 7)  Click Select Trace Area


click-draw-area 8)  With your mouse, click and draw/highlight the area of your image.  A yellow outline will appear.  Click TRACE  the blue box will disappear.


reveal-new-image-file The magic is about to happen. 9)  Click your original image and drag it to one side, and voila!   your new shape/image is ready to cut!


save-to-library 10)  Click Save to Library, then name your image, and add keywords if you would like.


new-image-saved-library2 Now both images are saved to your library for you to use again and again.  Smile   Isn’t that fun?   The possibilities are endless!  A great project would be your child’s silhouette (profile) cut out of paper or vinyl—would make a great gift for grandparents.

If you already have a Silhouette, and you don’t have the Silhouette Studio Designer Edition, this is the perfect time to get it at 40% off by using the code REPURPOSED.

Now for the Giveaway! One reader will win their very own CAMEO.

How to enter: Mandatory: Leave a comment below telling me what image you would love to trace and cut using the Silhouette Studio Designer Edition.  After you leave the comment, follow through with your entry using the Rafflecopter widget.  (if you are on a mobile device, you may email me your comment, then follow through with the Rafflecopter widget)  One winner will be selected at random using the Rafflecopter widget from all eligible entries. Giveaway starts today and runs through February 9th at 9:00 PM EST.  Must be 18, with a  US shipping address. Void where prohibited by law. Winner’s name will be announced on February 10, 2014  and they will have 48 hours to claim their prize or an alternate winner will be selected.

Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway




I added the text I Love You to my new image, then I used a hem guide and some painter’s tape to apply my new image onto a white ceramic tile.


i-love-you-vinyl-cercamic-tileAdding Silhouette vinyl to ceramic tile is so quick and easy and makes a great gift, especially when you can trace your own images in the Silhouette Studio Designer Edition.



Many of you have asked what the difference is between the software programs.  This little snippet shows the difference between the Basic Studio and the Designer Studio Software.



disclaimer: I am an affiliate with Silhouette America, however if you’re a regular around here, you know that I truly love my Silhouette Machines.  All thoughts, ideas, and words are my own.

Gail Wilson is the hammer and drill behind My Repurposed Life. She is in the process of repurposing her life as she juggles all the responsibilities of running a home and a successful DIY blog. You can always count on Gail to give you the 411 on DIY on a budget.


  1. I’d trace and cut some images of ballons St. Patty’s Day because I am excited for next month!

  2. Shellee Odom says:

    I would do some new tshirts for my husband’s BBQ cooking team using his logo.

  3. I would work on something baby related, expecting baby girl in April :-)

  4. I would trace drawing by my daughter.

  5. I would do a heart shape to make a Valentine decoration.

  6. Some hearts

  7. Harmony B says:

    Would be great for Easter decorations

  8. I would make silhouettes of my kids!

  9. I would use it to trace a fox image my daughter has for invitations for her fox birthday party

  10. i would totally do the silhouette of my pups!

  11. Isn’t the trace feature the BEST?! I was able to trace my logo and make my own labels for my cookies…love it! The possibilities are endless!

  12. First image I would trace is a photo of my sons. Then on to many others for holiday cards, T-Shirts, furniture signs, labels, logos, etc. This equipment is amazing!

  13. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    I would draw some hearts for Valentines day!

  14. My daughter is getting married in September. I would love to make some signs for the wedding. Thank you for the giveaway.

  15. I would use this in my middle school art classes and explore the ceramic tile project, endless possibilities!

  16. Oh what a great give-away, I have tried so many times to win one! I am so in love with this product but just can not afford the extra cost right now. I would LOVE to trace out wording for an inspirational sign! I love signs and really would like to learn to make my own. Thanks again for the give-away and have a great week. :-)

  17. I would do my logo for a few shirts!

  18. Amanda Buccieri says:

    Shamrocks for St. Patrick’s Day crafts!

  19. Oh my gosh, I’d have a blast tracing with my font collection!

  20. I would create banners and trace wedding decor for my best friend’s wedding coming up in May!

  21. I would trace and cut a drawing that I made. :)

  22. Sheliah Swafford says:

    Hearts for get well cards or whatever kind I need.Love making handmade cards.

  23. I would use it to design our March for Babies team shirts!

  24. Banners for 4th of July!

  25. I would love to win one, good luck to all.

  26. I would like to do a Family sign to go with the family pictures hanging on our wall. Thanks for the chance to win the machine and for the tutorial.

  27. heather f says:

    the projects you do with this little machine are so cool and I’m dying to have one. I’m a little nervous that it will be way smarter than I am!

  28. I would trace silhouettes of my brother and his fiancé for their wedding centerpieces. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  29. i would trace and cut some of the drawings my middle child makes and turn them into paper dolls

  30. Karen Jerread says:

    I would love to make some silhouettes of my kids for wall art.

  31. I like to trace my rubber stamp images.

  32. I’m pinning this tutorial to my Silhouette board. Tracing is an excellent thing to learn on the silhouette, there are so many options.

  33. I would trace and cut a wide variety of things. I just started homeschooling my two children and this would be an awesome addition to help create projects and lesson plans.

  34. Kristina Childers says:

    I think the first thing I would trace and cut is a silhouette of the country on vinyl to use as part of a gift for my mom since we live far away.

  35. I would trace fleur de lis to stencil on my furniture pieces!

  36. I think I would do some hearts for Valentine’s Day coming up – I want one of these so bad!!!

  37. I would like to trace some photographs for my camera club tshirts.

  38. I would love to use for seasonal and welcome signs, and lots more…

  39. jeanette keath says:

    Love the tutorial on tracing images! Thanks for that! I would trace a pretty cross that I could use on cards, coasters, plaques, etc.

  40. Awesome! Anything with my granddaughters! :D

  41. I would love you to trace images for my kids & family. They would make awesome gifts especially for relatives out of town!

  42. soccer related images

  43. Love the idea of putting design on tile. Not sure what image I would use, but want to try it.

  44. I would trace silhouettes of all 6 of my dogs.

  45. Great giveaway, Gail! Definitely a rooster. I’m really into roosters!!

  46. I have so many things I would use this for. Ideas that I have sketched over the years. My grandkids art work. Quotes I like. Don’t know where I would start first but I would really use it. Thanks.

  47. Thomas Murphy says:

    I would do Shamrocks.

  48. I would love to trace and cut images of sewing machines for my sewing room.

  49. Think of all the money that could be saved. Card are so expensive now and they mean so much to the recipient. How much fun would it be to make them. Because they would be far less expensive you could send more!

  50. silhouettes of my family

  51. I would make tags with my logo, for my business.

  52. I would love to trace the silhouette of my granddaughter and make a portrait.

  53. I would really like to trace and cut my kids drawings. =)

  54. I would trace some designs for some cards that I’m making. I have always wanted the DE so it looks like now is the time to get it at a discount! Plus I would love to upgrade from my Portrait to a CAMEO!!

    boylaneely at hotmail dot com

  55. I would trace and cut some balloons, candles and hello kitty images for my daughter’s upcoming birthday party.

  56. I would trace and cut the star wars images I need for my boys scout blue and gold banquet, I am in charge of decor and posters. Thanks Gail!

  57. The United Federation of Planets logo, so I could use it as a stencil!

  58. Krystal M. says:

    I’d love to trace a silhouette of my kids!

  59. I would trace so many Disney images!

  60. Shannon Earle says:

    Hearts for kid’s classroom Valentine’s!

  61. Stephanie Ann says:

    I would trace hearts & stars!

  62. Linda Harris says:

    I would trace the Valentines one because I need it like now LOL

  63. I would make cheer bows and matching tanks. I don’t think I would ever leave my craft room!

  64. I would trace my kids silhouettes!

  65. I think it would be fun to trace a character my teen just drew and cut it out in vinyl to customize her new lunch food Thermos. She would love that!

  66. The portrait silhouettes of the each family member to frame above the dining room table.

  67. I would love to trace my husbands company logo for some tshirts!

  68. Just learning how to use my silhouette, it is a learning process. thanks for the info. Am going to try and do a silhouette of my greatgrand daughter for her 1st birthday.

  69. Donna O'Neil says:

    I would trace some animal sketches to make art for the nursery.

  70. I think I would trace a silhouette of my pup! Thanks for giveaway

  71. I would cut and trace baby shower invitations with books on them since that is the theme of the party I am helping to host

  72. Shannon Brey says:

    Not sure what I would trace – I’m sure my 8 year old could come up with a ton of ideas!

  73. I would work on things for my daughters graduation.

  74. I’d make stuff for upcoming birthday parties!!

  75. Malinda Clay says:

    I would do something baby related too. First grandson was born in Nov but still in PCICU in Batson Children’s Hospital and first granddaughter due in March. I think doing things for those two would keep me busy.

  76. Deb Nardiello says:

    I would like to trace and cut my vintage trailer.

  77. MIchele M says:

    Well, by the drawing date I hope to know if I have the final approval on the mortgage for a house. My first project would be to design and cut our last name in fancy script accompanied by a decorative design of some sort to put on a sign near our new front door to announce us as the new proud owners.

  78. I would cut out a cute image for Easter!

  79. Margaret M says:

    I would probably trace and cut some inspirational sayings for the wall of my room!

  80. a heart for sure , my favorite shape,, but then I’d have to try and do the browning buck symbol for my son.

  81. Natasha J says:

    i have this image that has a bunch of swirly stars… i love stars :)

  82. I’d love to trace flowers to make spring cards.

  83. Cindy Trobaugh says:

    Images of My Daughters and Grandchildren ~ To Add to My Gallery Wall. Thank-You for the Chance and Good Luck All.

  84. Hearts for my daughter’s valentine’s gifts.

  85. Mary P Hall says:

    I’m looking for a nice pattern that’s vintage inspired. That would be my pattern of choice!

  86. I would trace and cut many penguins as my daughter is obsessed with them!

  87. I would love to do some Disney princess silhouette art!

  88. I would trace the profile of my grandson!

  89. Sandi DeGeer says:


  90. Shelley Troy says:

    What a great tutorial! So many ideas to little time :)

  91. Would love to win!

  92. Christina Castellon says:

    I would love to trace baby animals for a baby shower!

  93. Tracing my special CHICKEN logo to begin making marketing tools for my Home Egg Business!

  94. I would trace hearts, they are hard to freehand on the cameo

  95. Karman Curtis says:

    I would LOVE to have this to use to make my nephew his scrapbook of his teams logos on his journey of being drafted in the Minor Leagues in Baseball and to his dream of making the Major League this year!! Thanks for this amazing opportunity!!

  96. I would try my kids school logos to make some personalized items for them :)

  97. Pumpkins for our family pumpkin patch logo.

  98. I love this! I would love to trace rodeo, western, livestock, and of course the kids profiles. Just so much to think of….my mind is racing! !!! I hope I win.

  99. Inspirational sayings for my walls.

  100. Cathi Ogden says:

    I would love to do silhouettes of my grandchildren to make Christmas presents for their parents.

  101. Reba Thigpen says:

    I want to do names with dates.

  102. I would trace your design as I need to learn how to trace.

  103. Jessica Wyatt says:

    I love all of the traces people do of pictures!

  104. Lorah Marquardt says:

    Would love to make stencils for my projects!

  105. Roberta Kelly says:

    I would love to trace and cut images of my kids.

  106. Brigid O'Brien says:

    My friend is chairing a Paris-themed fundraiser, and she needs a whole lot of Eiffel Towers cut out.

  107. Dana Minchew says:

    I would use this to do silhouettes of my grand babies & lots & lots of projects for them also!!!

  108. I would cut out my kids silhouettes to make wall art.

  109. I’d trace and cut the design used for my daughter’s band competition show and use it to make keychains.

  110. Arthur gliem says:

    I would like to make signs out of pallet wood

  111. Beth Chavez says:

    I want to make branches with bird silhouettes on them for a dresser and night stand. Also repurposed fence boards connected to accent both dresser and night stand.

  112. I’m realizing the endless possibilities but I would love to be able to make stencils to use on things. I love Farm Country signs and French stencils.

  113. I am skipping V day and going right to St. Patty’s day. I will trace a shamrock for cards.

  114. Gayle Clemens says:

    My family name for the top of a picture story board of my family thru the history of us all

  115. hausfrauchelsea says:

    I’m needing to trace and cut some church images for a project I’m wanting to work on for my young girls I oversee. Can’t wait to explore the designer studio more!

  116. Oh the possibilities with one of these would be endless…..! ;)

  117. I would make alot of pictures to put in a Albums for my children. I am getting old and I want to be sure they get the pictures I want them to have. Oh what fun.

  118. BECKY EVANS says:

    I would trace a Puppy for my Daughter.

  119. I would make stencils for all of my favorite projects!!

  120. Kathie Craig says:

    I would like to trace letters and make blocks or signs for my boy’s rooms.

  121. Rebecca B says:

    Wow! I can’t even begin to imagine what I would trace. I’ll probably dream about it tonight:) Thanks

  122. I would trace my grandson’s hand print with a heart in it

  123. I would make silhouettes of my dogs!

  124. Birdiebee says:

    I would make some decals for my granddaughter’s bedroom of her choosing.

  125. Love this. Projects galore come to mind!

  126. Susie Heller says:

    I would have a lot of fun doing things for the organizations I volunteer for. What a wonderful thing to gift this to someone. Way to go.

  127. Susie Heller says:

    I would make signs. I love to make them and would add the ability to cut vinyl!

  128. I would trace our Kid’s Klub logo to do shirts and crafts for all our members.

  129. I want to make face silhouettes and scrabble tiles

  130. Thanks for the great how to! I would love to try it out too! Love your blog! Thanks!

  131. Jessica Dobbs says:

    I would trace and cut some popular kids stuff that my daughters would love

  132. Barbara Medeiros says:

    Ohh would love to win this!! I want to try this!!

  133. Hello, I would trace and cut some inspirational sayings that I can stencil on to painted boards to make signs. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  134. Lots of great embellishments for my scrapbooking pages like the “geocaching” symbols. So cool! Thanks for the chance to win one and Happy Valentine’s Day!

  135. My husband is into gaming and redoing furniture. This is something he could use for both! I would like to do word boards with it.

  136. I like to trace the vintage ads from The Graphics Fairy.

  137. Amanda Boerst says:

    I would trace and cut a picture of my son’s silhouette and some of my mom’s drawings.

  138. Right now my little one’s room is owls, so I think I would trace those. :)

  139. I woudl trace some doodles I drew – a fun little dino!

  140. Natalie E says:

    I like basic shapes. Especially that cute heart you showed us. :)

  141. I would trace a drawing of a vintage trailer so that I could have my own designs to sell on things.

  142. candy kratzer wenzel says:

    I would do food designs for kitchen decorating projects.

  143. In addition to my own artistic pursuits, it would be used to trace the logo my husband designed to create decals and t-shirts to promote his start-up mountain biking venture.

  144. Something with Owls and maybe a few hearts.

  145. my son’s silhouette, no pun intended!

  146. Oooh, I would trace my 3-year-old twin girls precious profiles! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  147. I would trace & cut my grandson’s logo that he uses on his internet accounts

  148. I’d love to trace some of the characters from the Disney movie Frozen ;)

  149. Owls and elephants and skulls and crossbones!! So many projects I can think of if I won this!

  150. Jessica Hornibrook says:

    mickey mouse

  151. Hearts and cats for granddaughters

  152. Diane Blake says:

    Asking me to list “one” thing I would trace is like asking me which of my children I love best! There are just too many ideas floating in my head! Great tutorial, always love your posts.

  153. Becky Greene says:

    I need to do the VW logo – my son, WIll, just married Valerie – perfect symbol for the two of them!

  154. I would make some art for my house and some teenage mutant ninja turtle decorations for my son.

  155. i would cut angry bird t-shirt transfers

  156. Lucy Schmidt says:

    I think I’d probably start with some Celtic knot images. They can be pretty simple or really intricate. I’d have to start with the really simple ones since I’ve never had an electronic cutting machine. Would love to though. Thanks for letting us play along.

  157. I would want to try our blog logo!


  158. Terri Hughes says:

    Something for Easter. Thanks!

  159. These are awesome and the ideas are grerat for holidays, birthdays and craft projects. It is hard to decide where to begin. This is a great offer. Thanks for the offers.

  160. I have some fun monogram projects in mind :) Thanks for this giveaway!

  161. I love all the possibilities with this machine. I would love to win one or buy it. I have some wood and etched glass ideas I would love to do. Love your ideas….keep them coming.

  162. Judy Parkey says:

    I would copy a picture of my dog, Zoey.

  163. Judy Parkey says:

    I meant to say I would TRACE of picture of my dog!

  164. I would trace robot shapes fr my son’s birthday party

  165. janet phillips says:

    I would love to win this and get started on this great craft

  166. I’ve been doing a Project Life album and I’d love to print out words and designs to embellish my photos. We’re having unusually snowy weather here so I’d probably start with some snowflakes and icicles.

  167. I would make some vinyl lettering to paint over onto pallet wood that I own to make some love note signs :) Thanks for the chance!

  168. Betty Baez says:

    I would trace some monkeys to make vinyls for my sons room!

  169. Taramarie says:

    I would trace my daughters artwork!!

  170. I got a wonderful announcement for the birth of a new baby. I would love to trace the picture and vinyl a pillow for the new parents.

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