Are you going to Haven?

3rdyear-atHaven (1)

I’m going to Haven, yep, it’s my third year!  I hope to attend every year.  It’s so much fun and very informative.  I really enjoy seeing old friends, making new friends and talking to sponsors.

Are you going?   It’s hard for me to keep up with who is and isn’t going.  So, IF you’re going, be sure to catch up to me sometime during the weekend.

I will be spending a little time with Jamie, Andy and Lucy on my way to Atlanta.

I’m lucky to have friends and family to hold down the fort while I’m gone.  It’s not easy taking care of things around here, plus minding  all the critters.  I owe a big thanks to those folks because I couldn’t do it without them!





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  1. Gail– haven’t gotten to go to a conference yet! But when I do–I hope to get to meet you! Have lots of fun and post those pictures! I know you’ll come back and teach us something great too. :) Patricia

  2. Have a great time Gail! Maybe next year I can go and meet you!

  3. Wish I could go…maybe next year. Have a great time! :)

  4. I so wanted to go, Gail…I had so much fun the first two years! But until I start making a little extra money with this blog, I chad to choose Haven or a getaway with my husband. Since he helps so much with most of my projects, he won out. Maybe next year I’ll be making a little money!

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