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Today from 1-1:15 PM ET, you can watch a live episode (Google+ Hangout) with Mark, Theresa and ME!



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We’ll be talking about Roadside discards: Trash or treasure? How do you know? Guest Gail Wilson from My Repurposed Life joins us.

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In case you missed it:


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Gail Wilson is the hammer and drill behind My Repurposed Life. She is in the process of repurposing her life as she juggles all the responsibilities of running a home and a successful DIY blog. You can always count on Gail to give you the 411 on DIY on a budget.


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  1. Fun fun! I love getting to see you Gail, you did a great job!

  2. Aaaarrrggghhh! I RSVP’d and should have set an alarm or something…I missed the actual podcast/live
    But, I watched it after! Does that count? I enjoyed it too. Love hearing all about your curb finds; Projects and thrift shopping finds.
    I think the best piece of advice you gave today was truly the nature of a die-hard repurposer:: and that was if you pick up or come across something that isn’t what you need or want, put it to the curb for the next person that comes along. That is a wonderful idea Gail. Congrats on the show! Patricia

  3. girlfromwva says:

    oh, i hope i will be available to watch it…

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