Updated Portable Bar

I recently revisited this portable bar made from an antique radio cabinet.  I knew when I finished stopped working on it, that there needed to be some changes.

Sometimes it does take me a while to get back to update a project, especially when the weather turns really hot.  I’m not physically able to be out in the heat these days, so I really have to keep an eye on the temperature and work around the heat waves.

Today I’m going to share with you some updates that I am loving! 


To see how the project got to this point, please check out this post. Repurposed Antique Radio Cabinet.



replacing-wheels-with-castersThe first thing I did when I brought it back out of storage was change out the wheels.  I was never happy with the wheels and how I had to install them.   When I saw Anne add casters to a desk, I knew they would be perfect for this bar.   We got them from D. Lawless Hardware.


drill-bit-caster-wheelsThis is the drill bit I used.  Installation is so easy.  Drill the hole, insert the “sleeve”, then pop in the caster wheel.   I think it took me longer to remove the old wheels than it did to install the new wheels.  Thank you D. Lawless Hardware for selling great hardware at affordable prices.



d-lawless-hardware-caster-wheelDoesn’t it look fabulous?

portable-wet-barNext up was removing the doors.  It seemed like a great idea. NOT!  You know how they say “they don’t make things like they use to”?   It is so true!

It took over an hour just to get these doors out.  Midway through I was wondering why I ever started.

remove-doors-from-cabinetThere were only two braces standing in my way, so I thought.  I got out my Dremel Multi-Max to do a flush cut on the wooden braces.  They popped right out.  I thought it would be a simple task to just simply remove the 2 doors.   Not the case.  See that metal track the door slides on?  There was one on the top and the bottom. (this is actually the top of the cabinet, as it is still upside down from installing the wheels.

Sometimes when I get busy and frustrated with a project, I forget to pick up the camera.  It really was the furthest thing from my mind at this point.  I proceeded to try to pry up the metal track, which meant the door would no longer slide left or right.  I continued to pry, bang, hammer until I finally got one door loose on the top side.

At least then I knew how to get the other door free from the top side.  I flipped the cabinet over and worked on removing the remaining track.

add-decorative-metal-sheetingYep, I was so frustrated, I never even took a picture of the doors removed.  I went right on to the next step—installing this decorative metal sheeting I had left over after doing the other project Vintage Armoire Doors Cabinet.  It was already the perfect size, and I simply secured  it in place with some small screws.

add-gold-detailsI used some gold craft paint to bring out some of the details of the cabinet.  Hey—this cabinet has those same little triangles as the armoire doors—I just noticed that looking at these pictures.


The cabinet has this great storage area under the lid.


repurposed-radio-cabinet-black-portable-barThe cabinet wheels around so much easier now that it’s on these great vintage style casters.  To access the inside shelves, you have to simply just wheel it out.  So FUN!

Noticing the bottom middle portion…. should I have added a little gold detail there?


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  1. Oh my goodness, Gail! I LOVE this project! I am very, very into gold accents right now and this hits all the right notes! Pinning!

  2. Maggie B says:

    I *LOVE* the addition of the gold trim and casters. I do think that you should add the gold detailing to those little stripes at the bottom. Great job!

  3. MIchele M says:

    oh how cute. that turned out nicely, Gail.

  4. Thank you for the shout-out you sweet thing!!! I love this piece, too. Great job Gail!


  5. girlfromwva says:

    love it! the casters are beautiful!

  6. Love how this project turned out! The casters and the metal sheeting were the perfect touch.

  7. This looks awesome Gail! My favorite part was learning how to install the casters, I have been wondering about that but just haven’t taken the time to look it up! I love the gold details you added even if it was a pain to get the doors out, it was so worth it!

  8. I like the way this works now! With the storage underneath! Great job with the new wheels too they look much better out front where you can see them, too. The screen insert is a nice touch I had a look at the older post and didn’t realize or maybe forgot you added a box to the top making it taller. Could an ice bucket fit there for cold drinks?
    I really do like this piece. I’m keeping an eye out for one with a tilt of front for a garbage can cabinet myself.

  9. Love it….amazing job.

  10. Such a great piece. Sometime I wish I had a shop to sell stuff like this so I could work on projects like this too. Very cool.

  11. Sharon @ Elizabeh & Co. says:

    Oh pretty, I love the wheels and the gold mesh is totally awesome! Sometimes the most frustrating projects end up turning out to be the best!

  12. Love the transformation! But I agree with ya…add a lil gold accent on the bottom trim. Adorable!

  13. Looks great Gail!

  14. IMO the wheels you had on it at first were nicer, hiding inside the unit making it look like its floating. Maybe if the wheels were black it wouldn’t look as bad, they stand out in a bad way I think. And yes you need to add the gold detail to the bottom would really set it off. Good luck in what you decide to do :)

  15. love the new wheels! great little piece- now pour me a drink!

  16. I love this transformation, Gail! Love the screen insert–I like to use screen when I can. I need to go back and have a furniture “do-over” with stuff that hasn’t sold….my plan for August.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me! I read and appreciate every word!