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AutoRight Wash Stick

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Auto Right Auto Wash Stick Review and Giveaway

auto-wash-stickI am a Homeright Brand Ambassador (and sooo happy about that)  so they ask me to try products and let you know what I think about them.  I brought this Auto Wash Stick home from Haven 2014.

I haven’t mentioned my injured shoulder in a while.  Can you believe after 2 years it was finally feeling so much better, until I injured it a couple of weeks ago while I was cutting down a diseased rose bush.  As I was using loppers I felt something rip, and now I’m having to rehab it all over again.

So, my point is, that I haven’t physically washed my car in 2 years—I’ve been taking it to one of those $6 automated car washes.


auto-wash-stick-auto-rightI was anxious to try out my new Car Wash Stick.   What’s so great about this little gem, is that you load the stick with your sudsy solution. (a lot like the HomeRight Paint Stick)   I don’t have a car wash bucket, so I took it to the kitchen and loaded it with some dish soap solution.

Now, being the rebel that I am, I always feel like I’m smart enough that I don’t need to read directions.  Have you heard the old saying “do as I say, not as I do”?

As I’m writing this post, and reading the packaging—I see that you simply put the mitt into the bucket and load it with solution by pulling back on the handle.   Duh!  Those Homeright-AutoRight people are brilliant!  (but of course they are filling it from a bucket outdoors, not their kitchen sink)  hehehe

Even though I didn’t load it the right way, it still worked.   I think I’ll need to buy me a bucket.


homeright-auto-wash-stickNow, I know that you all probably know how to wash a car, but just in case you don’t, I’ll hit the high points for you below:

Tips for washing a car:

    • Gather everything you will need, including you’re HomeRight Auto Wash Stick and EZI Dry , bucket of soapy water, hose, clean towels, or a chamois for drying
    • Move your vehicle to a shady spot to avoid “spotting”
    • Give your vehicle a quick rinse before starting.  It will help loosen dirt and debris
    • Using the Wash Stick start at the top and work your way down.  If your vehicle is extremely dirty, you may want to start with windows and mirrors.
    • With the Wash Stick, you will be done in only 5-10 minutes tops.  I suggest wetting your vehicle again (to avoid spotting) and then begin drying doing windows and mirrors first.
    • Loan your Wash Stick to your neighbor across the street because he noticed how quick and easy it was to use

Yes, my neighbor walked over and was so impressed with how easy and quick I washed my car that he decided to wash his car.  He really loved the AutoRight Wash Stick, and plans to pick one up for himself—or borrow mine, we’ll see!

car-wash-mittAfter he was finished, he removed the synthetic lambswool mitt and rinsed it out.  I left it off until everything was dry, then I stored it for next time, when I’ll follow the directions and dip the mitt into my new bucket.  SmileThe only thing I would change about the Auto Wash Stick (If I were an engineer) is to make it swivel.  I sort of just expected it to swivel, however it’s so lightweight and easy to maneuver, that it really works great as it is, you will seriously love washing your car.

Now on with the giveaway!

 How to enter:Mandatory: Visit the Homeright AutoRight site and look around.  Leave a comment below about something you learned. It’s that easy! For a bonus entry, give us your BEST car washing tip in your comment.   One MRL reader will be enjoying a new AutoRight Wash Stick of their very own. (to make it clear, ONE comment with something you learned AND your best tip)  Then use the Rafflecopter widget to enter.  US Resident, must be 18.  Void where prohibited.  Giveaway starts today and ends on August 13 at midnight.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


I am a Homeright Brand Ambassador, and I am compensated for my time as well as receiving products to review.  All thoughts, words, and opinions are my own.

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  1. Shannon F says:

    This looks so great! I love that it extends to 56 inches!!

  2. The only tip I have is use a squeegee to wipe off water when washing, it’ll leave the windows streak free.

  3. I didn’t know that HomeRight is the originator of the PaintStick back in 1986 . That’s really neat to learn!

  4. My tip would be to use Dawn dishsoap. Great on so many surfaces.

  5. Very cool tool. My daughter just bought a car and I would love to gift this to her.

  6. wen nicholls says:

    I always wait till my grandchildren are here ( they are 2 & 3 ) not only does my car get a good wash especially kid height lol , its a great way to spend time outdoors :)

  7. wen nicholls says:

    A pre loaded wash stick ? Such an awesome idea , I have never seen this before , I love it !

  8. I was actually trying to find something like this the other day at Lowe’s and they had no idea what to tell me. This would be perfect!

  9. Best tip for me is to let my husband wash the car for me since he is 6 feet 4 inches!

  10. Great for a short person like myself, very informative website.

  11. Car wash tip of the Day:

    1. Make sure if if you are having your kids wash your car to personally check and see if all the windows are rolled up prior to having them start. This was a hard lesson learned. :(

  12. Thats awsome!!!

  13. I’m tired of paying for a car wash and bringing my car home and having to just about redo the whole thing over. This would be a big help to just do it myself.

  14. love this website

  15. This would be grest for our 2 suv’s make washing the roofs so much easier.

  16. Deanna Middendorf says:

    My best tip is to not have a 3 year old help you unless you want to get really wet. My real other tip would be to stay out of rocky areas or you will scratch your car. I found that out the hard way in a gravel driveway.

  17. Deanna Middendorf says:

    I learned that you push the handle in as you wash to control water flow, how awesome. No need to connect to a garden hose, and I say Yay to that mess too. I learned a lot but mostly I learned I really want one of these.

  18. Just learned about the whole shade bit. Didn’t know about that before, but also don’t really care too much about spotting. I wash my car to get the salt off in from the brutal winters we have in the NE.

    My favorite tip is to wash your car at the river! When I was in high school I had access to a flat rock that I could drive onto and be right in the shallow part of the river. Using eco-friendly detergent is a must, but having the water right there to just toss on the car as you go is nice, and it’s an afternoon of playing in the cool water while you clean. :)

  19. My biggest car washing tip would be: Have the kids do it!! But with this, I think I’d rather enjoy washing the car!

  20. I love how the water is stored in the handle…what a water saver that is. And the fact that you control the water flow as you’re washing the car! Ingenious!!

  21. Gloria Ruiz says:

    Tired of the overpriced car washes in my area. Would love to try this!

  22. Being able to load and save on water is very important with so many places short on water supplies. Plus the fact that it extend as we have a van and extra length will help.. Tip: When washing your car, in the shade be sure it isn’t under a tree where birds are perched. LOL
    Sure hope your shoulder gets better.

  23. Rosemary says:

    My car is in serious need of a wash. this would motivate me to do it more often.

  24. They also make an Easy Wash Stick for use on your RV, boat and siding…
    that sounds pretty good!
    I had an issue with getting my car washed on Saturday…would you believe…I COULD NOT FIND AN AUTOMATED WASHING BAY with in 20 miles (1 direction) from my house. If I’d had this stick I’d have used it when I got home to wash my car (it needed it badly) I was embarrassed pulling out of the car wash with my dirty car THREE TIMES!
    Honey ended up washing it for me. :)
    I love my hubby. —

  25. Teresa Prestridge says:

    What a wonderful product. I absolutely love the fact that it only uses one gallon of water to wash my car and NO hose to drag out. I use Dawn dish detergent to wash my car since I live in the South and we have those wonderful love bugs, Dawn really gets them completely off.

  26. My boyfriend lives off of gravel roads, I live in the middle of town. I would love to use this to quickly wash all that gravel and dust off my WHITE car. I didn’t know something like this existed!

  27. I learned that using this conserves ALOT of water, which is something we need to do everyday, all the time!
    Best tip : using a small bucket, fill with water and add a few drops of liquid fabric softener. Use this to wipe down clean mirrors and windows on your vehicle.
    Dry with a clean cloth.
    This keeps debris from sticking to windows/mirrors, and somehow keeps them clean longer.
    (Good for inside windows & mirrors too – keeps them from fogging over in the winter.)

  28. Donna in SC says:

    Totally love this concept of washing your car….I have always been the bucket, rag, hose, sopping-wet clothes car washer.
    I learned about the telescoping wand from the Autoright-Wash Stick site.

  29. My best car washing tip is to get the kids involved to help make it a family affair and definitely more fun!

  30. I cant even come close to reaching the roof of our truck. the extendable handle would be a big help. Plus the Lambswool cleaning head deep cleans without scratching

  31. What I learned (re-learned): Move the car to the shade. For some reason I tend to forget this one piece of advice and am constantly fighting spots.

    My Tip: Save the wheels (tires and rims) and wheel well area for last. That way you don’t scratch your paint with any rocks or dirt that has collected in this area.

  32. the boyfriend would love this! i love that it conforms to the curves and is not going to scratch the cars.

  33. barb macaskill says:

    Forgot to leave my best car washing tip: Before my injury when I was able to drive, I kept a baggie of paper towels soaked in window wash and as I sat at stoplights I would wash the window and dashboard. Kept it nice and clean without taking any time out of my busy days. Or you can buy them already soaked in a container like baby wipes.

  34. barb macaskill says:

    I learned that the Ionic Clean is AWESOME!!! Will be checking onto it further and hopefully adding it to my home cleaning tools!

  35. I live on a gravel road and have to wash my truck at least once a week and this would save me from having to spend $7 each time at the car wash. Plus I could fill the buck with house water instead of well water (which is really hard water) and then it would leave those hard water deposits on my truck.

  36. girlfromwva says:

    Simply put the mitt into the bucket and load it with solution by pulling back on the handle. When washing, start at the top and work your way down. Looks like a wonderful product; might have to try it out; sorry about your shoulder. :(

  37. Saves water.

  38. I love that you don’t have to use a hose just the auto wash stick. WOW! That would make it easier for me to wash my car every week!

  39. Margaret says:

    I learned that you don’t have to attach it to a garden hose – nice – no wasting tons of water. I don’t really have a tip because I don’t usually wash my car – my husband does or I pay someone else to do it – does that count as a tip?

  40. JJ Crouch says:

    I spray my tires with degreaser and let them set for a couple of minutes before scrubbing.

  41. JJ Crouch says:

    Think this would be great especially for reaching the top. I doubt if the top of my car has ever been washed. 😉

  42. I never wash my car in the direct heat of the sun. It causes streaking and can’t be good for the paint.

  43. Love the handle. Being short, I won’t have have to open the door and stand on the sill to wash the top of the car anymore!

  44. Kathleen says:

    Love that it can cut wash time in half…who isn’t busy? My tip is to use a good detergent that will not leave a film. Makes your car shine!

  45. Kathleen says:

    Love that this can cut car wash time in half…who

  46. I just got a new minivan…this would be perfect for reaching the top!

  47. My sister washes his truck. Everyother day. He would put it to the test. Teenagers are picky about Theron vehicles

  48. Glenda Rowland says:

    I would love to win this. I am short so I was glad to see that The Auto-Wash Stick provides added reach for hard to reach areas, extending to 56 inches.

  49. Theresa Sciacca says:

    The Auto Right Wash Stick cuts the time it takes to wash your car in half!
    It looks like it would be great for washing hard to reach windows as well.

  50. That looks pretty neat! Thank you for doing the give away. My tip is if you use the original Dawn Detergent the bugs come off of the car with minimal scrubbing! Which of course makes for less scratching. We have bugs here in the south that I don’t think I’ve seen anywhere else!!

  51. Love the ease of use & again I am 5’2″, so the long handle makes the whole job much quicker & easier to get the job done. I use a good brand of dish soap to wash my car as it usually does a good job cutting grease & dirt but doesn’t cost as much as some of the other products plus I always have it in the house.

  52. Nice! I like the long reach, since I am somewhat “vertically challenged”. I always rinse vehicle very well to get as much dust and dirt off, helps with scratches. Thank you!

  53. Cindy Bailey says:

    Love this. This is the first time I have seen this product. A preloaded wash stick is a great idea. This would be a great item for hubby to use also.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me! I read and appreciate every word!