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Blog tips and tidbits {revamp/update old posts}

blog tips and tidbitsIf you’ve been around lately you may have noticed that I’m revisiting some older posts while I nurse my shoulder injury.  As I’m doing the Take 2 Tuesday series, I’m updating some old posts.  If you’ve been blogging awhile like I have (3 years) perhaps your blogging style has changed.  Back in the day, I used Blogger to write my posts, and the pictures that were uploaded were much smaller than the ones I use today.

I’m also using this opportunity to name my images with better titles and alt tags.  I’ve  noticed a lot of traffic landing on an old Christmas post lately titled Santa Coasters.  The post dates back 3 years.  When I opened it today, I noticed that my pictures were small and the titles needed to be changed.  I opened that post with Windows Live Writer by selecting  “all” under recent posts.  Because I have so many blog posts under my belt, it took quite a while to load them.  I found the post, and opened it in WLW.  There I uploaded new pictures, which automatically size them to my current default size. They also were watermarked, but with the date 2012.  I edited them to read 2009.

This post titled Children’s Chalkboard Table & Chairs is a perfect example of how my older posts look. The pictures are small, and many don’t have a title. They do open to be large when clicked.  I use to have that as my default option but I found out that using that option was using a lot of storage space in my picasa album.  If you are a blogger using blogspot, all of your photos are stored in a picasa web album.  I am currently at about 1/2 of my 1GB of storage.

To find your album go to picasaweb.google.com/home.  Click the little wheel in the top right corner, then click settings, then click storage.  There you can see how much room you have left in your album for photos.

So, long story short, put this on your “to do” list.  Update some of your more popular older posts.   How do you know what’s popular?  You can install a widget (gadget) on your blog sidebar to show your most popular posts, or you can be obsessed with your real time traffic through google analytics like I am!

imagethis is what my real time looks like at this moment.


imageCheck out my top referrals. Note #1 allfreeholidaycrafts.com, that is the link that is sending all the traffic to my Santa Coasters post.



imageTop Social Traffic



imagetop keywords


imagetop active pages



To view your real time stats, go to your google analytics page and click home.



imageThen click real-time



Then click overview




There you have it—but be forewarned, it is very addicting to watch your traffic.  Smile


Just a reminder about the wonderful Black Friday Sale from Silhouette.



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  1. I have clicked on the article to read it several times since you posted it. I finally read it today. (so it’s not addicting to everyone.) …dare I say…the ‘b’ word? For me boring…sorry, I know I said. Not you article…just the topic.
    Just the word Analytics…makes me yawn!
    BUT!!!!! I read it today…and I learned something. AND! I’M GLAD I READ IT. Thanks Gail.
    I’m going to check out my ‘real time’ stats. I just checked my picasa…I’m a okay on that one.

    PS.— to everyone else reading this comment thread. No feelings were hurt or intended to be hurt during the writing of this comment. Right gail? gail? gail…. :)

  2. Is it just me or has the text on here gotten smaller?

  3. Thanks for these tips, Gail! I use google analytics but I didn’t know you could keep up with your real time traffic! Thanks for teaching me new tricks!

  4. Awesome , I needed this explained a little more!

  5. Great info! I love your Santa Coasters! Clever to use napkins…

  6. Great advice! I need to find some time to do something like that too. :)

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