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Celebration of Service {Ft. Knox}

Home Depot COS

Have you been following along the last few months with the service projects I’ve been participating in?  To refresh your memory–The Home Depot is committing 50 Million dollars over the next three years to veteran’s non-profit organizations.  I was happy to be a part of Stiggy’s Dogs, and Student Housing at OSU. My third and final assignment was equally fun, but much closer to home. I was paired with a local military family stationed at Ft. Knox.  Home Depot had shipped me some Christmas decorations to deliver to the family.  I sort of felt like Santa dressed in orange instead of a red suit. To my left is Dave, a local Home Depot associate.  Front and center is  the little man of the house, with his mom and dad.  On the right is our Operation Homefront representative Tamara.

Martha Stewart OrnamentsThe Home Depot sent a Christmas tree, Martha Stewart ornaments, a tree skirt, tree topper, and a really pretty pre-lit wreath.

It was a fun afternoon, I hope you enjoy this video that documents my trip to Ft. Knox.

The Christmas tree is a corner tree.  I was quite intrigued with it.  In fact I went to my local Home Depot to get one, but they are only available online.  I think a corner tree is a great idea for small spaces (which is exactly what I need).  The Martha Stewart ornaments are very pretty, and plentiful—in fact too many for this tree.

Ft. KnoxThere were two fellas that showed up from the e’town Home Depot. We’ve already met Dave. Terry (on the right) is the assistant store manager.  They were very friendly and invited the Lake family to their store for their Kids Workshop on Saturday mornings.  Besides the little guy, Sgt. and Mrs. Lake have a daughter who was at school.

edited to add photos:

cute kidsAren’t they they cutest!

It was a pleasure to meet everyone involved, and a fun afternoon. I appreciate the generosity of The Home Depot toward our servicemen and women, and our veterans.


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  1. Oh wow! what fun…this looks like y’all enjoyed yourselves. I appreciate our service men and women and what Home Depot is doing for them…and you for helping! Santa’s little Orange helper. :)
    Now… a corner tree! who would have thought? I just bend the branches all around until i get what I want and STUFF UP THE TREE~ …not really “stuff up the tree”, I’m no Grinch, though if you ask my kids they’s probably tell you differently! Lies and propaganda, really…don’t listen to them if they ever start a Christmas story with these words…”my mom kicked a broom through a window once…”
    lies and propaganda!


  2. Love the corner tree idea! Tell me you weren’t driving and filming? They really seemed to enjoy the tree and fixing it all up. Great job Gail, I bet that was just so heart warming to be a part of The Home Depot team. I love how he kissed the box, so dang cute!

  3. A corner tree…..what a great idea!! My tree takes up so much room even though it isn’t a big ‘fluffy’ one. I need to check into those! Nice video…enjoyed watching it…what a blessing you have been to many with your association with Home Depot and the other organizations. Kudo’s to you and all of the sponsers.

  4. What a great day I bet! I wish we had a Home Depot because I’d rather support them then others. You’ve earned your angel wings for sure now!

  5. That is awesome, the little guy seemed so happy!
    Hugs and have a great day (I’m having a snow-/ ice-rain-day today),

    • yep, the little guy seemed excited about everything. That’s the fun about the holidays, the little ones!
      yuck! snow/ice/rain….oh wait, that’s what our weather man JUST said about us. I’m sure they are exaggerating. stay warm!

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