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Christmas Craft Fair @ Butler High School


butler high school craft fair

Do you know I only do one craft show a year?  Last week a vendor at the shop where my booth is was able to get into this show at the very last minute. She called me at 2 PM on Friday.  Friday night I was setting up, sharing a booth with her.  Bright and early Saturday morning I was there helping her man our booth.

I had the opportunity to walk around and take a gander at the other booths, this cafeteria, two long hallways, a small gym, a big gym, and a couple of lobby areas.  This place was packed!  I only made one purchase, and it was from the booth that was set up behind us.  :)



craft fairI didn’t have much time to get stuff together.  I grabbed some stuff from the booth, and a few things from home.  See the snowmen?  they are hers.  Aren’t they adorable?


Christmas Craft FairWe put the things that lit up on one side of the booth.


wooden snowmen



Wooden Christmas Caddy



Christmas Craft FairI took several of my spindle trees.  Look at the far right and left of the booth behind us.  On the right is a bi-folding door, cut in half with every other slat removed to display jewelry and scarves. On the left, another door with every other slat removed to display key chains.


gifts for moms and dadsThese tiles were my best sellers. I sold most of them, and even got 4 custom orders for people to pick up later at the shop. I didn’t get any pictures of Mona’s other best seller. She sold tons of her snowmen, and a lot of her solar lights.  You can barely see one on the table behind my tiles.  She uses landscape timbers, binds them together with rope, decorates them really pretty, and puts a solar light in the tallest timber.  She sold a bunch of school lights and snowmen.


Butler High School ChoirThe craft fair was really busy and quite festive.  We had carolers…


Butler High SchoolEven the big guy himself made the rounds.  It was a great day.  I had to leave around 1:30 for a Christmas party.  Thank you Mona for watching my stuff and hauling it all home for me!  I suppose craft fair season is winding down.  Perhaps I should have done a few more shows…maybe next year.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I love the spindle trees. Did you do a tutorial on them?

  2. The booth looked great…glad you sold lots and was nice to team up so y’all could wander a little and see what others were selling. I’m nosey…what did you buy?

    • nosey? nah, never!

      I bought some keyfinders. Really great invention that hooks to your key ring and then hangs on your purse, your pocket etc. Allows you to quickly find your keys without having to dig in your purse. I found out about them from someone who came in the shop last week looking to buy some. I purchased one for myself at my local fabric store, then POOF they were there in the booth right behind us. I bought several for Christmas gifts. I love mine!

  3. This looks like it must have been such a fun event. Glad that you had a good day–your booth was lovely and full of wonderful projects.

  4. local craft fairs are so much fun! I went to one at one of the Farmers Markets in my area last weekend. Got some really great little gits there.

  5. So fun! I also voted for you! Your fireplace is amazing!

  6. What a great fair. I wish I’d been able to be there and pick up some of your great projects.

  7. I definitely you should do a few more of those each year…especially if you could team up with someone. Glad it was a good day!


  8. Oh my goodness! I love your snowmen!! So adorable!

  9. Oh I would so buy that UK snowman. I don’t know if the intentional meaning of the UK was for University of Kentucky, but that would definitely be my meaning for it.

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