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Goodwill and Re-Store


I like a good bargain, but I also appreciate the fact that when we frequent Goodwill stores and Habitat for Humanity Re-Stores that our money goes to a good cause. However, sometimes I wonder if these places have lost sight of the current economy.



Re-Store: bottles of VERY old Elmer’s Glue-All.  $1.50!!!  Could they be serious? Surely no one would pay this ridiculous price for glue.



Re-Store: These were .50 cents each. Not a terrible price, but at Peddler’s I could get 2 for a $1.00.  I think at the Re-Store a more fair price would be .25 cents.



Re-Store: Please tell me you’re kidding!



Re-Store:  I think this was $25.00



Re-Store:  Not positive, but think it was $25.00



Re-Store: Over $20.00.  It looks like the drawers don’t even work.





Re-Store:  I do not remember the price of this chair.



Goodwill Dixie Store: $45.00



Goodwill Dixie Store: $40.00 each



Goodwill Dixie Store: $25.00



Goodwill Dixie Store: I believe this was $25.00 also.  It was heavy, but nothing special about it.



Goodwill Dixie Store



Goodwill Dixie Store:  Seriously?  $5.00?  You could get this at a yard sale for .50 cents.  PLASTIC!



Goodwill Dixie Store: It’s hard to tell, but this is a mini ironing board.  What do you think they were asking for this? It was either $5.00 or $7.50, I can’t remember. I just kept thinking NO way!



Goodwill Dixie Store



Goodwill Dixie Store



Goodwill Shelbyville Road Store




Goodwill Shelbyville Road Store (I have never seen wedding dresses at the Dixie store)



Goodwill Shelbyville Road Store



Goodwill Shelbyville Road Store: $45.00



Goodwill Shelbyville Road Store: $25.00



Goodwill Shelbyville Road Store: Sorry, I don’t remember. I thought sure I wouldn’t forget these prices, but sure enough I did!




Goodwill Shelbyville Road Store: $30.00 (front)  $10.00 (middle) $30.00 (back)



Goodwill Shelbyville Road Store: Heavy metal pot (top left) $4.00



Goodwill Shelbyville Road Store: $25.00 (not very big, about 17×11)


The nearest Goodwill store is the Dixie store.  The  Shelbyville Road Store is in a better part of town. I expected to see better donations there. The donations were no different, the store was still dark and drab. The only real difference is the  Shelbyville Road Store had more selection.

I must tell you that none of the Louisville Goodwill stores have sales—EVER!  No daily colors, or anything like that.

Our Habitat for Humanity Re-Store has discounts on merchandise depending on how long they have been on the floor. After 1 month, 25% off, 2 months 50% off, 3 months 75% off.

Please tell me your thoughts. Are your Goodwill stores comparable to these stores? Do they have sales? How about your HH Re-Store?  The only prices that are predictable at my Re-Store are as follows.  Cabinet hardware (handles, hinges etc) are .50 cents.  Most doors are $25.00.  Shutters are standard too, $5.00 (but I can’t remember if that is for large or small)



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  1. Barbara Thomas says:

    I have been noticing for years that it’s hit or miss at most of the Thrift Stores, and that higher prices are the trend, not the exception. the Salvation Army does a LOT of charity work and helps numerous people, but I heard recently that Good Will is not even a charity, but a BUSINESS? Does anyone know anything about this? We all assume that these companies are charities, when in reality many of them are not. I love finding the church thrift shops and neighborhood places, as they often have the best deals anywhere. Unfortunately they are often only open once a month, or do a yearly bazaar or are open for limited hours. I’m also finding some pretty good deals on the new Facebook Yardsale sites!!! Best wishes to all of you for fun and fruitful treasure hunting!

  2. Restore has no sales in my neck of the woods, but I know which of the employees to work with to get reduced prices. Our GW has the 4 colors w/50% off the “oldest” color each week – but they run around the first of that week trying to take all the stuff that WOULD be 50% off from the sales floor!! Oh, and they have a 25% off sale for seniors every Tuesday.

    But thrift stores? I think not. When I opened my furniture consignment shop 10 years ago I could find incredible buys that made repeat visits to both these places well worth while. In the last few years they have, IMHO, simply lost the right to call themselves thrift stores.

    Kinda sad story…I came across a small, very cheap blanket chest at GW one day. By cheap, I mean shiny fake wood laminate and even shinier (and uglier) brass hardware. It was put together with staples. When I saw the price – $250 – I laughed out loud before I could check myself. At the time I had an antique blanket chest with barley twist legs in my shop priced at $150! Next day I went back and commented on the pricing to one of the cashiers I knew using that piece as an example. She told me a woman had come in earlier that day and bought it and…get this…had taken a loan against her car to do it! Many people, especially lower income folks, aren’t knowledgeable about values and are taken advantage of because they just assume that if it’s in a thrift store it must be a great buy. That poor woman may have always wanted a blanket chest and thought this was her chance to have one. She had no idea she would get one ANYWHERE else in town – even an antique – for almost half the price, put it on layaway and not put her car up for collateral!! I just have to wonder how long it’s going to take her to pay for it. GRRRRRRR.

    I do still find bargains now and then, but I also look for broken pieces requiring repair and have gotten pretty good at putting things back together. Although honestly, some of the garbage is broken and STILL are marked absurdly high.

    It’s been a great marketing tool for me in some ways though. I can take a photo of a like-kind item at at thrift store and display it with my merchandise that’s cheaper and people know to shop with me before they bother with the local thrift stores.

    Love your blog! Thanks for letting me vent!

    BTW, I’m trying to come up with ways to repurpose metal air conditioning duct pipe. first thing I thought of was contemporary lamp shade. Any thoughts????

  3. Glad I’m not the only one unhappy with the prices. We used to have a Savers here in town….they donate to the Epilepsy Foundation. I used to go in there frequently, but they were steadily going up on their prices so I stopped going. Apparently so did a lot of other folks as they have closed and Hobby Lobby has expanded into their space. Goodwill is okay, but they do have the 50% off everything every month or so, certain colors of tags are 50% off daily. I would love to hit the one in Denver, along with the big Salvation Army store there…and I have GOT to get to the new GW in Boulder…if nothing else, should be interesting stuff ;D. We also have ARC here which is hit or miss, but I plan to hit there after Christmas when folks get new TVs and donate their old ones. ARC tests all their electronics so I can be assured of what I get there.

  4. My Goodwills here in Nebraska are the same way. I always walk out of there so made because, really Goodwill? $40 for a dresser that if a strong wind comes, will blow over and it looks like someone took a sledge hammer to it. Get real Goodwill!!!! I feel really sorry for the people out there that really need decent furiture that don’t have the means to buy new stuff. Our Goodwills are nothing but high priced junk!!

  5. The goodwill’s around here charge outrageous prices and I don’t shop at them. Back in Oklahoma, I could always find a bargain at one of them. I have a DAV I love, but the one across town is also outrageous. I own an old home that came without doorknobs *sigh* so I have been on the hunt for them and they run about $4 on up to $20 depending. I recently bought 2 historic doors from ReStore for only $5 each that came with the doorknobs! So even if I don’t want the doors, the knobs were a fabulous find!

  6. The prices at my local Salvation Army have doubled and tripled. Furniture is no bargain anymore. They do have 1/2 off Wednesdays, but not on furniture. Nice women’s wool sweaters are 6 or 7 dollars! (I know this because I was looking for wool to “felt”). I thought I was imagining this increase, I guess not. They had a PB “tavern” style table and two tall stools. Granted, it was good quality, but they have a price tag of $250. on it! Really? What’s a bargain loving thrifty gal to do?

  7. The other really sad thing about the overpricing is that – initially – these outlets were all intended to give those in need a place to purchase what they needed for a price they could afford. When I was a young mother many items (high chairs, walkers, kitchen wares, some furniture) were purchased at thrift stores because funds were so limited. I have no idea what resources are available for families now – so sad…

  8. You know this is very timely with my recent experiences too. My husband and i have been talking bout this very same thing. I dont frequent the restore enough to know, but what you mention sounds about right. The only perk about some of the over priced stuff at our good will is that it has half off day every sat. We;er in AZ.

  9. I live in Oregon and the prices are bad here too. I mostly shop yard sales here, that is the only way to go. Unfortunately yard sale season is over until after the first of the year.

  10. I am in Washington State, and the same thing applies here. Goodwill is out of control with their pricing. WAY too expensive most of the time. They do have sale days, but when they start that high, 50% off isn’t even a good deal.

  11. Most of the thrift stores in Central Florida are a complete rip. I posted some photos on my blog over the summer from the one down the street from my house – they had a vintage (or maybe reproduction) full size iron bed (headboard/footboard) they wanted nearly $500 for it. Really? No. They also had 3 large vintage milk cans (which I have been hunting for)…$50 for the plain ones, $75 for the one with some painting on it. Pictures / Frames – forget it. I don’t even bother looking anymore. $4 for a throw pillow? Why? I can get the pillow inserts for that much when they’re on sale at the craft store and i’m relatively sure there’s nothing questionable on/in them. I did manage to score a large milk can that has been painted one too many times and is missing the lid for $13. I snapped it up because the bottom wasn’t rusting out. It will be a “redo” on my blog in the near future. HH ReStore is INSANE – we have a couple nearby that I pop into now and then and I just laugh at the prices. Who’s buying stuff there? Who thinks a “vintage” 1980’s vanity light is worth $25? I don’t get it…yard sales seem to be the way to go these days…

  12. I just realzed you are in Louisville… I grew up there and most of my family still lives there. I’m in Cincy now and our Goodwill stores are WAY over priced too. We have a St Vincent de Paul store that always has great prices. I know there used to be a St. Vincent store downtown on Market. Have you tried it?

  13. I know! Isn’t it sad? it used to be so much fun paying a little for something you might or might not need, just to play with it. now they are so pricey, you really have to need it to pay out the cash they want for that stuff! And part of it is usually missing or is broken! Yikes! Where did all the fun go?

  14. Wow! That is ridiculous. I saw Nicole on Saturday, for the first time ever, talk a price down. Usually there’s no budging at this local store, and their stuff is so overpriced. Especially the furniture.

  15. I think the prices at Re-stores vary by area. In Buffalo, NY the prices on furniture were somewhat cheaper than yours, and here in Holland, MI the prices are sooo cheap! We paid $35 for a huge, gorgeous solid oak desk that rocks my socks, and we talked them into throwing in a nice sturdy desk chair for free. I think the desk would have been at least double that in Buffalo. It sounds like a lot for a desk, but it’s so well made and such a nice piece. It will last many lifetimes.

  16. The SA stores around us here in Orange County, CA are dirty and dingy. Goodwill are much nicer merchandise, cleaner, and arranged with some effort. It is all in the timing…I have gotten some very nice, OOAK wooden chairs for my dining room for under $10, a nice upholstered wing back chair with footstool for $25, etc. The clothing is all priced according to type, ie Short Sleeve Blouses for $3.99; rotating sales based on color of tag gives items about 7 weeks to sell. They also have Designer Racks now with fancier higher priced items. Still fun to shop if you cannot do the yard-sale circuit.

  17. LOL! Gail, you got everyone up in a dander! I guess we’ve all seen the same things. I don’t like Goodwill…mine is dirty and disorganized like the ones you shared. The advent of Craigslist has probably diminished the quality of donations to GW because lots of people who won’t do yet another garage sale are willing to post on Craigslist. As for Restore, I’ve heard from more than one person that you can negotiate prices with the individual store on individual items.

  18. Oh don’t get me started on thrift store pricing. Including the Restore. Like a roller coaster! Furniture is usually way high but will give a discount after several weeks on the floor. Small stuff can sometimes be priced well but then sometimes I can go to the TJMAxx and get it cheaper on clearance for new. Their Target stuff is never a deal. Always higher then the clearance price. It’s craziness. I’m better off at smaller thrift stores. I think Salvation Army is the only larger one that prices pretty fairly.

  19. YOU ARE SOOOOO RIGHT! I live in Michigan and the prices here are crazy at the thrift stores. I visit my friend in Wisconsin and the prices are fabulous there! I am visiting her later this month and can NOT wait to hit the thrift stores there!
    Have a pretty day!

  20. Kudos for posting this! When we first moved here, the Goodwill prices were bad. Now they are hilarious!!!! What really torques my jaws is that all the stuff they have there to sell has been donated…so why the exhorbitant pricing?! I’ve only been in our re-store once and was so unimpressed that I never went back.

  21. I am so disappointed in my area Goodwill stores as well as the re-stores. The Goodwill stores are really way overpriced and never have sales. Last time I was in there they had an outdoor patio table with 6 chairs, rust spots, stained cushions, really weathered for a whopping $80! It was not even a sturdy set.
    They way over price the stuff Target gives them.

  22. It is basic economics!! The law of supply and demand. The economy stinks, the demand is high. Do I think it is fair? Not since it is all donated. However, I think they see there are many people buying to repurpose, resale. At this point, the prices are too high for me to make a profit.. I also think it is regional. I live in the Houston metro area. The prices are for the most part unreasonable. I got some great deals a few weeks ago in Vicksburg, MS. Of course, my honey was not sure how to react when I walked out of Salvation Army with 3 huge bags of treasures for $5. Funky junk is in, so the price you pay will dictate!!

  23. OK my dear….this just drives home the point that you are suppose to shop with me at the Indiana stores. Seriously…in less than 1 hr we could hit 3 Goodwills, a Salvation Army, a St. Vincent Depaul, New Hope, and Trader Bakers…they are all THAT close. No joke….and that Layla chair is $40?? I got mine at New Hope for $15.

    So…point of my story — you must come here. :)


    December — I am off! We could hit so many in Clarksville, IN alone.

  24. I completely agree, the thrift store prices around here have gone sky high too! See some of the blogs were they find these killer deals at thrift stores or craigslist and think I live in the wrong state. But I guess it is going up everywhere.

  25. I thought the store in my area were high priced but I’ve got to say your stores beat anything I have seen. You might like to check my blog since I have been posting thrifting treasures (IMHO) there. Check out http://summersetsewing.blogspot.com/

    Tell me what you think too.

  26. I do NOT shop Goodwill. They are just like that. I used to be on the price change team at Target. When we marked things to 75% off…and they wouldn’t sell; then I packaged them up for goodwill. One day I got curious to see what they charged over at Goodwill for these items. ALMOST full price!!
    I like the Salvation Army stores WAY better!

  27. the prices here are about the same, but then sometimes you get crazy good deals! i always check back because you never know what they will have.

  28. the prices here are about the same, but then sometimes you get crazy good deals! i always check back because you never know what they will have.

  29. I’ve noticed the prices at the thrift stores here in Colorado Springs have also gotten out of control. I rarely go in anymore. I’ve seen stuff priced higher in the thrift store than it is in the local antique stores and sometimes higher the retail. Your glue at the top of the post is a great example. Before school starts you can stock up at back to school sales for 10 cents a bottle. I feel sorry for people that think they are getting a deal just because they are shopping thrift. Our local stores do have sales on various colored tags, but even then it is usually higher than I am willing to pay for used.

  30. You should see the thrift store prices here in Hawaii! They are even worse. It’s all donated and they have the nerve to charge over $100 for furniture pieces! So frustrating.

  31. I am in Oregon and have noticed a remarkable difference between the different GW’s in my area. Guess it just depends on the store.

    I was going to my local store almost daily and picking up furniture and reselling it.

    Sadly, a couple of months ago the management changed and the prices have shot way way up. sniff…sniff…

    Used to be I could pick up wood dressers for $10-15 but now they are asking $70. And the stuff just sits there…week after week…in the rain…

    I have heard other customers in the store commenting on the price increases and how they don’t come in as often.

    I guess their executives making $100,000+ a year isn’t enough so they have to squeeze the peeps that NEED to thrift shop to stretch the budget.

    Sad really…

    Plus, you should see all the usable, still ticketed items that they pitch in their dumpster because they don’t sell. My local store has to have their dumpster emptied EVERY DAY. And of course, they will call the police to give you a ticket if you remove items from the dumpster.

    I called the main office to find out why they would throw useable donations away but they transfered me all around and then sent me to someone’s voicemail. Of course the call was never returned.

    It irritates me the way they advertise for donations using pictures of elderly and disabled people. Maybe they should show us the lifestyle of the overpaid executives instead. Because that would be more accurate.

    GW should be horribly embarrassed but they are too busy counting their cash to bother…

  32. Oh my gosh! THANK YOU! My stores have crazy prices like these too! I always see ladies scoring CRAZY deals and when I go to goodwill or our REstore the prices are always outrageous!

  33. Goodwill has lost sight of their thrift store meaning. Nothing is exactly thrifty. They actually order and buy Halloween items to sell…which makes them no different than any other store.

    They are getting ridiculous with their prices. Costs are higher than sale prices at regular stores.

    Our’s only has a 50% off one color of tags on Sunday and Monday. This really isn’t much of a deal.

  34. Our Goodwill stores in Oregon are way overpriced too. We just had a new store open up this past week. When walking through I found a rug that had the original price tag of 7.99 and it was crossed out and marked 9.99. I also checked out the men’s long-sleeve shirts and they were priced at 9.99 each. If I’m going to spend that kind of money, then I will just buy new at Target or Walmart. Goodwill is a “for profit” agency and in my opinion, they have gotten greedy. But I guess as long as people go in and pay those prices, they will not be lowering them anytime soon.

  35. My local Goodwill store is the same. The furniture is way over priced for some dirty old broken junk. Most of the clothes I could find for cheaper on a clearance rack at any department store. But I have found some nice silk and wool fabric bargans. I like looking at the dishes but the prices are about the same as a bargan store too.

  36. LOL at the comments! I think we all agree the prices at various thrift stores are on the high side! We do not have a Goodwill in my area, but where I used to live there were 5 of them and they were consistently high priced, but they had lots of GREAT stuff. The only saving grace is that they did offer different dept sales on various days of the week. The Re-Store in my area is very reasonably priced and since I go literally at least once, typically twice per week, I have developed a relationship with the employees and they are willing to work with me on price. The Salvation Army is typically ok on their pricing, but they get the least amount of decent stuff. The highest price thrift store by far is the St. Vincent De Paul location – they are OUTRAGEOUS on their pricing. $7 for baby clothes, shirts, etc…literally. All else is normally on the high side as well. We do have a local thrift store “chain” that is run by a local church, called Loaves and Fishes…they are very reasonably priced, but do not offer sales and hardly ever have furniture.

  37. Our Salvation Army is very over-priced! It is right next to Value World, and I can go into value-world – buy whatever clothes are their “color of the day” and walk out wiht a whole wardrobe for my son for $20 – salvation army will charge $3 for one shirt! its crazy. And a lot of their housewares are the same price as buying a new one on sale!

    None of the stores near me carry furniture though.

  38. Well, this has generated a lot of comments! You have hit on something we all are saying “what the hec?” Our Goodwill stores and thrift shops in San Diego have sales all the time, thank goodness, and I think that is why their prices are a little higher because they go on sale. You can negotiate the prices even if they aren’t having a sale..haven’t been to our Habitat yet.

  39. I’m so glad to hear that I’m not the only one who walks into 2nd hand stores and thinks things are priced too high!!

  40. Wow, I must say – I’m SO glad to see that I’m not alone! My hubby and I have been discussing goodwill prices too – they are not cheap! I’m really quite surprised.

    Last week I was looking for a frame to string Christmas cards across – my GW had the perfect frame – for $49.99!!! The original store sales tag was still on it – for $59.99! I thought that was absolutely ridiculous!

    And, so far, I’ve never noticed a sale there either :( Such a bummer!!

  41. When I first moved to Illinois from Virginia a year ago, I noticed a big jump in prices in the thrift stores. At the time, I attributed it to being in a new area. However, reading your post and all the comments, it seems to be a sign of the times!

  42. Gail, I know what you are talking about, I get mad sometimes when I see prices at the GW, I think they have raised alot of things in the past year. I usually walk away if I think something is over priced. but it is unpredicatable. Marla

  43. Geez, does anybody really buy anything at those prices? I always bargain with my re-store, they usually come down on price for me.

  44. I went to our Re-Store ONCE, and I don’t think I’ll be going back soon. The furniture especially, as you noticed, was WAY over priced. Here in Utah the big thrift store is Deseret Industries. There often seems to be no rhyme-or-reason to their pricing, but that means that sometimes you get GREAT deals (other times it’s “you’ve got to be kidding”). However, you have to go daily, and early, to find them!

  45. I almost never go to the restore anymore. Ridiculously overpriced here as well. Our Goodwills are very hit or miss. They must have a Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde type pricer, because it’s either insanely high or insanely low. I only shop our GW sale days, though. It wouldn’t be worth it to me if they didn’t have sale days.

  46. double or triple those prices at our thrift stores. that little yellow upright cabinet would probably be 75 or more at our salvation army store. they have gotten way out of hand.

  47. Same way at the goodwill/gateway stores that I go too. Some of the prices are just ridiculous. This past weekend my mom sister and I went and I found a pretty decent looking pair of boots. They wanted $17 for them.. I just shook my head. Unbelievable.

  48. Sounds like the pricing peeps at the Goodwills in your area needs to talk to the pricing peeps here in Florida. We have more “gotta have” worthy deals. Wow, the pricing is scary. $1.50 for glue?

  49. My friend and I shop Good Will, Salvation Army and St. Vincent de Paul all the time and have noticed that the prices are getting higher and higher. I thought it was just in the San Francisco area. At the Goodwill, the lowest price now seems to be $1.99. But at least Salvation Army stores near us now consistantly have at least 30% off sales.

  50. My Goodwill isn’t overpriced on some things but are WAY overpriced on others… Yesterday I got a great chair for $5.99 (check it out on my blog) and 2 endtables for $6.99 each. I did notice a buttugly hutch while I was there for $125 though… Seriously?? Ridiculous. Our restore is WAY overpriced… It’s a 30 minute drive, and I don’t head over that way too often for just that reason.

  51. I heat ya, Sister… same thing here…
    BUT about 20 min. away is our Goodwill outlet… where Goodwill goes to die.
    Everthing is either 30 cents or weighed…now that I frequent that place, I hate to pay the regular GW prices… BUT you have to really fight & dig for stuff. I had a woman pull something right out of my hands… & I was Too nice to fight back… never again

  52. It’s about the same here in central Ohio. I spend a lot LESS these days because they have upped prices so much. I will easily refuse to buy something even if I REALLY want it if it’s even remotely overpriced based on principal. And then I watch it sit there for a month until it ends up in the dumpster out back. Sad really. But I won’t overpay at a secondhand shop. It’s used people!!! Price it right and I’ll buy it!!!!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  53. I feel SOOO lucky that Middle Tennessee Goodwills are so great! If you’re near Nashville, come check out our stores! They have GREAT sales!

  54. No re-hab store near me. All the Good Will stores/thrift stores here (near Seattle) are ridiculous. Same with yard sales. I read/look with amazement at some of the fabulous buys people get “in the real world”. Everyone here is a Microsoft executive, don’t cha know.

  55. I’m so glad I’m not the only one disappointed by the pricing at thrift stores and the like. Ours also charges near new prices on things or MORE even when the original price tag is still on the product. Just this week I hit the thrift stores searching for photo frames, I found nothing special and anything I liked was priced like it was new. I went to Hobby Lobby where they had 50% off and picked what I wanted and paid the same amount as I would if it were ‘used’!

  56. I stop at my local Goodwill about once a week. I’ve noticed a real increase in prices in the last few months. And the stores are packed with shoppers. Furniture goes out as fast as it comes in. We also have a Mission Store and the prices there are even higher. Have not been to a Re-Store. Craigslist is not very popular in my immediate area, so that is not a good source either. It’s definitely getting harder to be thrifty!

  57. I stop at my local Goodwill about once a week. I’ve noticed a real increase in prices in the last few months. And the stores are packed with shoppers. Furniture goes out as fast as it comes in. We also have a Mission Store and the prices there are even higher. Have not been to a Re-Store. Craigslist is not very popular in my immediate area, so that is not a good source either. It’s definitely getting harder to be thrifty!

  58. Great post and topic. I was just at Goodwill yesterday and thought the same thing ~~ ridiculous prices! Also, at the Raleigh Flea Market yesterday, I found dealers unnegotiable on overpriced items, in general. I did pick up a few things, but left lots there. I agree with Michelle’s comment; I too believe that thrift stores, Restores, and dealers have caught onto the surge of “upcycling” and thus think their junk is worth much more now … defeating the upcycler’s purpose. It makes sense that the economy may be playing a part in this upward pricing trend also, as they have a larger market of people to sell to now. Let’s hope the yard sale vendors don’t catch on! I hope things turn around soon.

  59. You are not alone in your thinking. I have been so disappointed lately at our Goodwill and Salvation Army stores (Raleigh, NC). Sometimes things cost more than they would NEW and they ALWAYS cost WAAAY more than yardsale prices…which is ridiculous because they were donations to begin with! Someone told me that it is because they no longer have volunteer workers but now pay their employees so overhead is more. I will say that if you have a Cause for Paws in your area- TRY IT!!! I spent HOURS in their this past weekend with two friends. We spent $120 total between the three of us and came home with two SOLID desks, lots of PB pitchers and dishes, tons of toys with all pieces intact, clothes and shoes, etc…it was unreal what we got.

  60. You have hit the nail on the head double time. Our Goodwill’s are the same. I think we have a re-store but I don’t even know where it’s located.

    This summer we threw a TeaCup/TeaPot baby shower for DD#2. I spent a fortune on mis-matched cups, saucers and etc. I also made cake plates. I stopped totally up the cost … it was for our DD#2 and their miracle baby. I would do it again but the cost was out of sight.

    A couple months ago I decided I wanted to make a quilt from men’s striped shirts. I hit the jackpot. The Goodwill had a bag day on Sunday … fill up a bag for $20 .. a very large bag. I got 34 (yes 34) shirts for $20, now that was a bargain.

    Anyway yes those places have lost sight. Recently I saw a high table with 2 bar stools to seat only 2 people … $300.00 YIKES

  61. I saw the yellow hutch…would love it….I’m never that lucky when I go..

  62. Welcome to one of my biggest pet peeves! I think the people at Goodwill and Restore are off their rockers!

  63. Glad to see our Goodwill & Habit stores aren’t the only ones with outrageous prices!! It’s always been one of my pet peeves! And did you ever notice that those places tend to have stuff PILED to the ceiling!? If they would just lower thier prices a bit, they’d sell more stuff & make room for new stuff. Our Goodwill has sales from time to time, but even then, the stuff they have is JUNK (usually broken beyond repair)!

  64. I agree with kimberly z…I really think it depends on WHO prices the items at the store. I have found some of the most overpriced things at some of our thrift stores. Then again-wednesdays after 4pm are the 50% off days….

    I was recently frustrated when I was trying to donate a perfectly good double stroller and the man at the recieving dock told me no…they didn’t want it. I thought they had enough or something. well I ended up browsing around in there RIGHT AFTERWARDS and there was a mom asking if they had any strollers–I was nosey so I watched as the employee pointed her in the direction of a few strollers-dirty, umbrella type.

    The woman had 2 kids with her and didn’t find what she wanted with the small selection–so I ended up stopping her and telling her my story–then we went into the parking lot and she took my double stroller from the back of my van! good for both of us!

    I think it matters who is working and what they deem “valuable” enough to sell.

  65. And I thought the Goodwills around here were bad! I have yet to visit a Re-Store, just don’t go in that direction generally. I think a person is further ahead to shop garage sales. In the stores around here, they have things sorted by group (eg.wood, metal,picture frames, and have the same price on all, no matter the size or condition. At least the Goodwills in my area are relatively clean and well lighted; and they do have the dots 50% off, so that helps some.

  66. I’m in the middle of the Dayton and Cincinnati Goodwill areas. The Cincinnati stores have wonderful deals. The stores are very clean and the sales are numerous.
    We have a new Dayton store in town is very clean and well laid out. BUT, the prices are high and they never have sales. I’ve been told it just depends on WHO prices the items. I sure hope they rotate the pricing people often b/c the prices are ridiculously high on household items. And, we are the economically depressed area (Wilmington, Ohio – DHL).
    I’m so glad someone else noticed this…I just thought I was being cheap.

  67. Hi Gail!

    I like your post. It’s good to know that I’m not the only one that thinks Goodwill and the Restore have high prices. I think it may have something to do with the economy. Back in the day when I would frequent the thrift stores… it was like a ghost town. Not anymore!!! I rarely go on the weekends because of the crowds. It’s getting harder and harder to find a good deal because I think so many people have caught on to the craze of restoring furniture. I try to hit garage sales in the summer and stock up. The Goodwill stores in CO are very clean and organized. The prices are hit or miss. They do a half off most colored tags, Saturday. I think they would be bursting at the seams if they didn’t. People just won’t pay the ridiculous prices. I rarely buy clothes for my kids there. I get better deals at Target…no joke! Our Restore was very reasonable when it first opened. Now, I can’t believe they will ask $125 for a formica dining table. Seriously???

    Sorry for the short novel. On that note, hope you have a great week and happy junking :)

  68. My Re-Store is crazy expensive. Even the bargain section (which is a seperate store) is overpriced. My goodwill isn’t too bad but sometimes I find their pricing for an item has 2 or 3 different prices on it or I’ll find 2 of the same items and they have 2 different prices. Oh, my BIGGEST complaint is on their sheets. The sizes differ in price by a dollar. So, if I’m looking for a queen sheet, they have it marked at a kings price (which is a dollar more). OR, I find a sheet, which they have marked as a queen and it’s a full, which doesn’t really fit on a queen bed. Drives me crazy. They have a 50% sale every 6 weeks. Not too bad but a PAIN to shop because it gets CRAZY packed.

  69. I thought it was just the Goodwill Stores in Alaska that were overpriced but was sadly disappointed when we moved to Indiana this past spring. Ours does have a daily 1/2 off color sale and if one is careful they can get a good deal. It is very well lit and clean but not impressive. I know much of that has to do with our area… What truly disturbs me is when I see the very same items that were just at Target on clearance for 75 to 90% off (prices tags sometimes still attached) which are not for sale at Goodwill for close to the original Target price. Come on… if it didn’t sell at Target for 75% off what makes them think it will sell for 10% off the original price?! Even before our move to Alaska I did not buy much there for this very reason… we shopped another chain in Ohio plus yard sales (which I haven’t found the “good” ones here yet still learning the lay of the land)

  70. wow. i was afraid it was just my local goodwill store that was obscenely over-priced! what really gets me is that they don’t even bother to take off the prior yard sale stickers that say 10 cents befor putting a $4.00 goodwill sticker on it! i still visit goodwill faithfully every week (or a few times a week!) because you never know… but it’s getting frustrating.

  71. I volunteer at our ReStore (I do the pictures for their Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/monroecountyrestore

    Sometimes you can get a good deal, but sometimes I wonder if they’ve totally lost all good sense. However, they do a good business. I think some people are willing to pay a little more to help a good cause. A little, mind you, not a LOT! I’ve seen things that I thought were a bit high only to go in the next day and it’s G-O-N-E! :-)

    BTW, that glue will be sitting there for a long, long time at $1.50/bottle.

    I always think Goodwill is overpriced. I like to upcycle clothes, etc, but will wait for a good yard sale. The only time I really buy anything at Goodwill is in the middle of winter when I’m needing an up-cycling fix and yard sales are several months off.

    PS–Feel free to remove the ReStore link.

  72. Same here on all the above mentioned stores. My nearest thrift store here in northern Virginia is Salvation Army. It is huge but I hardly ever go anymore. The prices are ridiculously high. A run-of-the-mill 4 drawer dresser will cost around $65 and a dilapidated sofa about $150.00. I stick to flea markets now but they are few and far between in this area and I now call Good Will Bad will!

  73. Oh my, Gail, now I see why you don’t care for your Goodwill stores! The floors are dirty, the stuff is in total disarray, and the things are overpriced. I’m happy to say that is NOT the case with the goodwills I frequent in north atlanta (if it were, I would not be frequenting them!) They are sparkly clean, well organized, fairly priced and I cannot say enough good things about the staff there ~ friendly, helpful & efficient. I do wish that we had a Re-store closer to us, as I think it would be a great place to shop. But I have to drive quite a ways to get to one. Have a gorgeous day :)

  74. Hey Gail~ :)
    Our Goodwill store isn’t too bad…..well not after seeing yours. You saw my fabric I got for $6 a roll. There are set prices in our store for everything except housewares, pictures and furniture. I think the most expensive thing in the housewares dept has been something like $4.00. I saw wedding dresses at our GW the day I got my fabric. I thought about going back and buying one to make a xmas tree skirt out of. :) They were only $12.00….not bad for a wedding dress! (veils included!lol)
    I can’t believe your store wanted $1.50 for Elmers glue…I got that stuff for .25 at back to school time. Yikes! You need to come visit me and we’ll go to the Goodwills around here! :)
    Theres one in Georgetown and a couple in Lexington….not to mention Salvation Army too. We have a re-store in Georgetown too. I need to go there and see what’s new. That’s where I got the bases to start Carson’s built-ins. :)
    Have a great day! :)

  75. I rarely visit our stores anymore. The prices are just too high. And I have never heard of them having sales. I have to rely on Craig’s List but even there the sellers think their junk really is someone else’s treasure because they put ridiculous prices on it. I like the Restore but they are the same although I was told they do have sales – you just don’t know when the sale will be.

  76. I thought it was just MY Goodwill stores! I find the prices at my Goodwill to be very high. Not even close to yard-sale prices. The clothing is priced high as well.
    I don’t know if they ever have sales or not. I don’t see any signs about sales.

  77. I WISH our re-store, or salvation army stores had furniture like this. I WISH! OMG I’m in there once a week and I rarely find anything so fun … green with envy

  78. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason in the pricing of stuff at our thrifts and ReStore. Some stuff is priced WAAAAY too high, other stuff so cheap I even told the gal at the desk they shoulda priced it higher.

    The only place I find consistently reasonable prices is the salvation Army, and I live for their 50% off sales :)

  79. our stores Goodwill and Restore are much the same. Salvation Army too. Lots of high priced junk, I thought for sure I would get some good deals but a lot of the stuff was almost as expensive if I would have bought it in a retail store.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me! I read and appreciate every word!