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Honeywell WiFi Thermostat

Wi-Fi Enabled, 7-Day Programmable ThermostatDo you remember when I went to Michigan to help Team Depot with Stiggy’s Dogs? The Home Depot is helping all of the veterans organizations they are working with cut their energy costs—great things like CFL light bulbs, caulking and such. They gave us a new Honeywell WI-FI programmable thermostat.

turn off power to work on thermostatI have to be honest, you know that I’d rather be operating a saw or drill…but someone had to change out that thermostat.  I heeded all the right safety precautions.


I located the correct breaker, and turned it off.  After turning it off, I turned on the thermostat to make SURE it didn’t come on.


honeywell thermostatThis is my old thermostat, note the temperature….this picture was taken about a month ago.  I started to change out the thermostat…


thermostat upgradeBut when I opened it up, I was missing a wire—that flustered me, and the weather turned cool enough that I wasn’t going to be using the heat or the air, so like any good procrastinator I put it off.


update the thermostatFast forward a mont, it has turned cold, so I thought it was time to stop procrastinating and get busy.  I get a little nostalgic whenever I do stuff like this to my old house. You see, I’ve been here almost 37 years. The wall behind the thermostat has a story to tell. You can see that there have been at least 3 thermostats.  The one I took down was installed by my brother-in-law.  Look at how he extended each of the wires with electrical tape.


replacing a thermostatFollowing the directions I labeled each of the wires according to the corresponding letters (not the colors).  I was able to use two of the many holes to install the new wall plate. I did have to drill the holes bigger for the anchors.

Some of this got a little confusing, but Honeywell has great support videos to watch.


honeywell wifi thermostatI removed the extra wires and the electrical tape, now each wire is tucked safely into it’s lettered slot.  Because I was missing a wire, I had to move my “G” wire to the “C” slot.  This thermostat needs electricity to run it, so that will allow it to be powered. However, doing this means that I won’t be able to run the fan without the unit. But seriously, in all the 37 years I’ve been here, I’ve rarely ever done that.


furnace wiresThis is the panel in the basement.  There I had all the wires, but I still needed to change some things around.


replacing a thermostatI made some notes to myself, and left it hanging on the furnace for future reference.



jump y to gJust like on the thermostat, I moved the G to the C.  Then I used an extra piece of that wire I removed (upstairs) to make a jump wire to go from Y to G.


honeywell wifi thermostatVoila!  I turned the power back on, and it’s a go!  Did you notice that I will need to touch up the paint?  This thermostat isn’t quite as large as the last one.

I had some difficulty connecting to the WI-FI, but I just removed the thermostat from the wall plate to reset it and start again.  Do you have a difficult time remembering YOUR wireless password?  I use it so rarely that I had trouble remembering it.


thermostat stats on computerThis is how I can access my home thermostat from ANY computer—while traveling or working away from home.


thermostat stats on phone

This is how I can access my thermostat from my phone, while traveling or working away from home….or even better—from my bed or the couch!  hahaha  How cool is that.  I can be sitting in my own little blogging corner, and raise or lower the thermostat.

I haven’t programmed it, I may never program it.  Since I lost my job years ago, I stopped using the programmability of my other thermostat.  I use the hold function, 63 at night and generally 65-66 in the daytime.  But since I had it off for installation I got cold and bumped it up.

Before I got this thermostat, I had no idea there was such a thing as a WI-FI thermostat, did you?

You can get one at your local  Home Depot.  Speaking of Home Depot, I leave on Friday for Columbus Ohio to attend another Celebration of Service event.  TeamDepot and The Home Depot Foundation are doing such wonderful things all around our country for our Servicemen and women.


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  2. This is so cool. In the future I see one wifi capable in my home.

  3. This is so cool…I love gadgets and this looks like something I could definitely use. I need two though and I bet they are not cheap! Kudos to you for getting one free from the nice people at HD!!

  4. That is so cool. I remember reading about it the first time you posted and thought it was super cool. I like that you can use your phone to change the temp while in bed so you dont have to get out when its cold. Or, make it warmers before the kids get up. Love it.

  5. I think I have that thermostat! Except I had no idea it was wi-fi capable. Who knew??

  6. So cool Gail! Great tutorial!


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