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Building a new deck

I went to Nashville at the end of last week to help Jamie do some fixin’ up. It was my birthday present to her. On Saturday, a bunch of Jamie’s friends came over to help rebuild her broken down, rotting deck.  I’ll let the pictures tell the story.
This is where Jamie actually stepped through the deck a while back.
Whoever built this deck, used regular wood for the floor and the railing. When Jamie bought the house, there was indoor/outdoor carpet on the floor of the deck. The water sat on the deck and eventually rotted the deck boards.
Most of the deconstruction went pretty quickly.
For the most part, the joists were in good shape. Some of them had to be “scabbed” in.  That’s what Handy Graham called it.DSC01724
The frame of the deck was in good condition.
There was lots of thinking going on!
Then the real work got started! It was HOT, with no shade. In the background you can see Louie’s pen I made him a couple of years ago.
More thinking!
We’re getting there!
The sun is getting low in the sky, but it’s still hot.
Almost done!
Ta da!  Jamie got a couple of new chairs and a table from Andy’s (boyfriend) family. We only got one chair put together on Monday afternoon.
  Recognize this lumber? It was part of the original deck railing. I made Jamie two benches and a table.
Click here to see how I made these simple benches.DSC01792
I sure wish I had room in the car to bring some of this lumber home! I love the color!
voila! The deck is done, well almost! The stairs still need to be built, but we ran out of time and energy!
Jamie and Andy really have the best friends! They came out and worked really hard helping Jamie celebrate her birthday!  The crew munched on donuts for breakfast, cold cuts for lunch, and grilled burgers and fixin’s for supper.
It’s great to be home, I am exhausted! I can’t wait to get a good night’s sleep in my own bed!
Check back tomorrow to see what the other half of the crew was doing while we were working on the deck.
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  1. Even as I happily married DIYer I have to say that Handy Man Candy is always a nice addition to any home – or blog!

  2. Hi Gail! I’ll be featuring your benches today! Stop by and grab a featured button if you like. Thanks again for joining the Sunday Showcase Party! ~ Stephanie Lynn

  3. Now that is a project! I simply adore the new benches – love them! Genius idea! Thanks so much for linking to the Sunday Showcase party! I greatly appreciate it! Hope you are having a fabulous week! ~ Stephanie Lynn

  4. Great deck, but I love the benches the most! I’m wondering what you are going to make with the trellis’ that were at the bottom of the deck now!

  5. Wow – what a big project! The new deck looks great. And very cool that you reused the wood and made those awesome benches! That was genius!

    Thanks for linking up!


  6. P.S. You’ve inspired me with the re-used wood! I have been wondering what we were going to do with the wood from our old deck… HMMmmmm…

    P.S.S. It’s awful that someone put down indoor-outdoor carpet over unfinished, untreated wood. Horrors!

  7. HOLY COW! I can’t believe those guys got it done in *a day*!!!!! We’ve (that means “my husband” 😉 ) has been working on our deck for months!

    I LOVE the pictures of all the thinking! LOL 😀

  8. Hi, Gail
    Looks like ya’ll had a lot of work to do,,I’m not much of a gardener either. Her new deck is really nice and just in time for summer cookouts and fun times. When I saw that pile of blue lumber I just knew you made something with it.. Your table and benches look great. Cant wait for you to show us how you did it.
    I’m off to lunch.. have a good one.

  9. This was a whole lot of work but such a huge improvement and this is a space you will really use not to mention improve your home’s resale value. Love that you repurposed the old wood.

  10. Good job! I really like that you repurposed the old lumber.

  11. Gail, I love the benches and table! I hope you get back soon to bring lots of that wood back with you. What a great birthday present that was to Jamie, everyone banding together like that to fix up her deck. She has great friends, and a great momma too! 😉

  12. Looks like a fun time had by all…and the deck looks great– love the benches and table you made.

    I knew that pile of blue colored wood would NOT sit there long before it BECAME SOMETHING! Those guys weren’t the only ones standing around ‘thinking’…

    nice story- and a nice way to spend the holiday -with your daughter!

  13. That turned out GRETA!! Wonderful place for summer times.

    thanks for tips about syrup too.
    some hard to imagine working.
    (in your hair?)


    barbara jean

  14. The deck looks amazing! And so do the benches and table, love the color!

  15. What a great gift you gave your daughter! The gift of your time and talent! I really love how you repurposed the old deck wood. I am impressed! The color is wonderful! Thanks so much for stopping by!

    Hope your daughter wasn’t one of the flood victims.

  16. All of their thinking paid off, because the deck looks awesome! When you showed the picture of the pile of blue lumber…I so hoped you would make something with the pieces!! you did awesome…I love the benches and the color is perfect!

  17. The deck looks great! I love the benches, the blue color is awesome!

  18. Ps. yes, that blue wood is nice for making the furniture!

  19. ohhhhh, could you send those guys to my daughter’s home up in Durham, NC? She has a deck that badly needs replacing.When she bought the house 2 years ago the inspector people said it was unsafe! The problem is, her house is on the side of a hill. The deck is about 8 feet up!! Eventually they will replace it I guess, but they need their money for other things right now. Nice to have friends like that !

  20. Oh, that is too funny! When I saw the pile of scrap lumber I was wondering (hoping) if you would scoop some up. The table and seating are perfect. The renovation looks great. Admirable that you all pressed on even in the heat. What a great birthday gift for you daughter!

  21. What a great transformation! It looks great!

  22. Okay. So the deck before, Oh.My.
    The after is fantastic and I ADORE the benches and table that you built. Seriously. I’m such a sap. It actually brought tears to my eyes. I’m a total weirdo. 😉

    Happy belated to Jamie!!!

    Bravo on the deck!

  23. The deck looks great. It’s always nice to have friends willing to help with a big project. The blue benches are almost the same color as our deck. I love that color. Bring your nail gun next time you come towards Indy and I’ll put you to work here. ;

  24. I love the way you repurposed the bench and the table. It matches the house great! nice job.


  25. Kimberly Tate says:

    We love your daughter! She is a blessing to everyone around her. You did an incredible job raising her.

  26. Now that’s what I call true friends! The deck looks wonderful and your bench looks GREAT! You are an awesome Mom :-)


  27. we need to post some photos of the inside of my house so people don’t think i live in squalor. haha. :)

    love you! thanks for posting all these photos! and for all your hard work!!

  28. Is it just wrong that my favorite part of the post is the benches in that gorgeous blue board? They are just perfect! Makes you want to sit on them, pronto-like! :)

  29. wow! it looks awesome! and you did an amazing job on those tables, too and i also really love that lumber! gorgeous! and i think it speaks volumes of the kind of girl you raised your daughter to be that she has that many helpful friends. she must be a good and true friend to them, as well. so good work on the tables and being an excellent mom!

  30. wow! it looks awesome! and you did an amazing job on those tables, too and i also really love that lumber! gorgeous! and i think it speaks volumes of the kind of girl you raised your daughter to be that she has that many helpful friends. she must be a good and true friend to them, as well. so good work on the tables and being an excellent mom!

  31. Wow. That’s a lot of work! The new deck looks great and I love the bench and tables… perfect touch! I’m sure those awesome friends will spend many more hours enjoying the deck than it took to make it. What fun!

  32. What sweet friends your daughter has… it looks gorgeous… I am sure she is thrilled… and Mamma comes through again with awesome benches and tables… great job everyone… and nice to know she know has a safe place to relax.

    Hugs, Deb

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