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MRL has a new address and other random updates

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Have you noticed a different layout on My Repurposed Life? I’ve made some changes…well, not me but Kim from Seven Thirty Three.  They are simple changes, but I really like the new header layout. Here you see the way it looked before Kim helped me out.  But wait—there’s more BIG news . . .

If you follow me on facebook, you already know that there’s a new place to find MRL:

new address

See that purple arrow?  I recently acquired MyRepurposedLife.com !!   I have wanted it for a long time, but it was sitting idle.  A nice lady had it, but hadn’t blogged since November 2009.  One day I checked, and her page was gone.  I did some research to find who owned the page.  I contacted her, and she sold me the .com    I was giddy.  It took awhile for me to actually get the deal to go through. Then, I had to work with my domain host to get the .com to actually work.  I tested it over several weeks, asking my friends on FB to also test it.  I didn’t want to blog about it until I knew that you could actually go to the .com and see MRL.  I was persistent and finally got it to work a couple of weeks ago.

Here’s how it works.  YOU can still use MyRepurposedLife.net, because that’s where MRL will always be.  When a visitor types in MyRepurposedLife.com, they are redirected to the .net site with “masking”.  That means that even though the visitor is on    .net   –   they will see   .com in the address bar.   Why did I do all of this?  Because most people in general assume that any site is a   .com     So, if you are really excited about a post and tell a friend about it on MRL and you tell them MyRepurposedLife.net  they won’t remember that when they get to their computer.  Now  when they type it in, and automatically type .com they will find me.  I know, I know….it’s the little things that make me happy!

Another thing Kim helped with is my comment section.  My comments are threaded now, which means that anyone can reply directly to another reader’s comment.  I’m really happy about that. Many of you are no-reply comment bloggers, and I can’t email you when you ask a question.

Quick note-I’d like to remind you that I am an Amazon affiliate.  If you regularly buy things online, I’d appreciate you clicking through from MRL.  I get a few pennies each time an order is shipped.  And, hey, IF you’re buying something anyway ???   :)

While I’m busy rambling, how about  an update on the ole shoulder injury?  I am still not doing any projects, but I’m sure you’ve already figured that out.  On my last visit to the surgeon, he told me that he rarely has to do surgery on the type of injury that was revealed on my MRI.  Over Thanksgiving, my back was hurting really bad, which is unusual since I’ve not been doing much lately in the way of projects.  I decided to see a Chiropractor.  That’s where I am right now.  I’ve only been a few times, but I’m hopeful that it is going to help. I really miss working on projects. I can’t wait to get busy in the shop again.

thanks for always being there, my friends are the best!


I appreciate you reading my blog in your reader and/or via email.

You can reach me at gail@MyRepurposedLife.net

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  1. Congrats getting the .com!! I know that is the common one used, and I can imagine the relief of finally having it as well too. I was sooo fortunate when I went into searching with my name that I was lucky to get the .com, .net, .org, and whatever one I wanted. Keeping my name to me I snatched them all up. Like you this directs to this, and that directs to that, and very good for SEO too:)

    Good Luck to you, and happy to hear about no surgery…what a relief, huh?:) Happy Holidays!:)


  2. The site looks great, Gail!! Yay for acquiring the .com!!! :)
    I hope the chiropractor can help you figure out your back problems. Thinking about you!

  3. Thanks Angie for asking! There is an amazon banner at the bottom of MRL and there is an amazon ad on the sidebar. Click on either of those to enter amazon. Then if/when you order something MRL gets the credit. Thanks so much!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I almost completed an Amazon purchase yesterday! Could you tell me how I would go about using your MRL before I finalize the order?


  5. Looks great! I hope the Chiropractor is able to help you get some relief. I know it has been a long haul for you.
    Take care,

  6. OH how exciting! Congratulations!!

  7. Thank you all for the well wishes. I want to get back to work! :)

  8. Congrats on the .com and getting it to work! I hope you find some relief from the Chiro!

    Have a great day!

  9. Love the new look…you certainly work hard at your blogging and it shows. So glad to be one of your followers…you are the greatest!! Wishing you continued success with your Chiropractor…miss seeing your projects!

  10. Great news on your .com do you have to pay monthly for that. I have often thought about doing it, but I am too lazy to do the research. Great job on your new “look”, another thing I would like to do is change to this format so that you only see a small portion of each post…there again, laziness!

    Also great news that you probably won’t have to have surgery…crossing my fingers for ya!

    • Terri,

      The .com costs more per year than the .net, but still very affordable at less than $20 a year. (I can’t remember exactly because I have three domains and I paid several years on each of them)
      I did the snippet of posts on my homepage because my posts tend to be so incredibly long. Not hard to do in blogger. Not sure how to do it in WP So hoping I don’t need surgery down the road. I’m ready to get back to work.

  11. Hey – sometimes it’s the little things that are the best! Glad you are making changes you love and hope you start getting some relief from your pain soon – we love seeing every new project you create!
    God Bless, Gail!

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