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My Alter Ego

gail's alter egoDo you dress up for Halloween?  I haven’t in years, but I did dress up last week for bunco as my Avatar.  I fondly refer to her as “winky smile girl”.

My camera has the option to take 10 photos at a time on timer mode, so I had fun clowning around with some pictures.

winky smile girl collageThere were only two of us who dressed up at bunco.  The other girl (Christy)  was a sub, a friend of the hostess, whom I’ve never met before.  We were at the same table, so I figured she must be wondering who in the world I was suppose to be.  I whipped out my business card to show her why I was dressed this way. Guess what happened?  She was shocked, and excitedly told me “I read your blog!”   How fun is that!?  I’m sure I must have had a huge smile on my face.


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  1. Adorable!

  2. I love these, Gail! Great pictures!!!

  3. You are famous! And what fun shots. You look just like your avatar! :)

    I’ve been having problems loading your blog. Is anyone else? Just wonder if it’s the video at the top of the page or if anyone has an idea to help it load faster.

  4. That sooooo cracks me up. Love it!!

  5. You are way to much fun! I really like the sticking the tongue out one!

  6. Hilarious…not only are the pictures funny, I keep thinking of you doing all these poses for the camera, LOL. Love it!!

  7. Perfect! You look so cute. Love it!!!

  8. Love it! The side by side shot is great! I hope you’re having a great week! ~ Jamie P.S. I tried your .com link (from facebook)and it didn’t work for me. :(

  9. You look adorable!

  10. I love your costume! You look so cute!

    Happy Halloween!

  11. TOOOOO funny!

    Good job with your costume :)

    Happy Halloween


  12. awww, I love the winky one! Happy Halloween!

  13. Gail you are so stinkin’ cute! Love it! Have a Happy Halloween!

  14. so cute,, great job looking like your avatar.

  15. You look great! Happy Halloween!

  16. that is too cute! winky smile girl, lol.

  17. Happy Halloween to you!

  18. Gail! this is great! I love your winky smile girl costume…
    especially the ones where you are WINKING!
    Sounds like fun…and it looks like you had fun too. Love the story of the connection made at the Bunco party…it’s a ‘blog’-world after all!

  19. Anonymous says:

    Oh wow Gail, what a wonderful constume!

    You are so clever.

    Kim Vincent

  20. Too cute! Great costume idea. It makes me wonder where you got your avatar in the beginning. Did someone design it for you or is there a site that creates cute characters like that?

  21. What a clever costume! Love it! :)

  22. Love it, Gail! Happy Halloween!!!!

  23. That is so cute! I bet that was super fun to find that she was a reader! How cool. I love your costume idea…I just pulled out my old flight attendant uniform…not very original, but my kids loved it.

  24. sooooo cute :)(nrn) 😉

  25. You look wonderful, Gail!! Great idea for your costume. 😉

    And I love that “the sub” reads your blog! How fun!

  26. I LOVE it Gail! Happy Halloween!

  27. Oh my gosh Gail, that is so darn cute! You made me smile this morning! Have a great day with with treats, no tricks allowed!

  28. Love it…You’re famous and stuff! I love the alter ego, the winky smile girl always makes me smile when she shows up on my dashboard.

  29. oh i love it! my favorite post! so cute!

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