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Big News!  Louisville KY is #1 on the cities with the worst allergies. We ranked #5 last year, but this is our third #1 in the last 12 years. Lucky me.  I battle with seasonal allergies every year.    With the kind of work I do on projects, I tend to spend most days outside.  I have heard some good tips lately, and figured out some things that work for me.  I hope you can find something that will help you.


Tips to consider for beating allergies:

  • Change your clothes after doing any yard work, or being outside
  • Consider indoor exercise on high pollen days
  • Shower as soon as you can to remove the pollen, but especially before going to bed
  • Change your Filtrete Filter to help reduce allergens indoors
  • Keep the windows in your home closed
  • In addition, keep the windows in your car closed, with your A.C on recirculate, so it doesn’t draw air from outside.
  • Consider a saline nose spray or a neti pot
  • If you know you’re prone to sneezing, start your allergy medication before your symptoms start
  • If you’re a worst case scenario you may want to consider wearing a respirator when your doing yard work.
  • Refrain from hanging laundry outdoors on high pollen days.

Why does it seem like allergies are worse this year?  Some say that the polar vortex  helped bring on a pollen vortex.   That it could be  because of the delayed Spring causing everything to bloom at once.  You can find your pollen count at Pollen.com to help you plan your daily activity.  Curious where YOUR city lands on the list of worst allergy cities?

filtrete-furnace-filterIf you’re staying indoors to battle the sneezy, itchy, watery eyes, be sure to change your Filtrete Filter to help reduce allergens in the home, maintain an efficient system and help clean indoor air by capturing dust, pollen and lint from the air passing through the filter. I recently switched out that filthy filter for this new Ultimate Allergen Filter.

from their site:

Filtrete™ Ultimate Allergen Reduction Filters attract & capture 93% of large particles like mold spores, dust & pollen from the air passing through the filter. They also attract and capture microscopic allergens like pet dander, smoke, household dust & microscopic particles that can carry bacteria, viruses & odors. Almost twice the small particle filtration than our 1000 performance level filter.

To get more great tips, keep up with Filtrete on Facebook, Twitter.  Sign up to receive newsletters with special offers and even filter change reminders at Filtrete.com

now… where did I put those tissues?   achoo!



This is a sponsored post for Filtrete.  I have complete confidence in my Filtrete filters and happily recommend them to my friends. You know I’ll always give you my honest opinions.

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  1. I always shower after polleny yard work and put my clothes in the garage (where our washer is). No pollen in the house!!! I NEVER hanging laundry outdoors , ever. I drink a lot of water too. We stay on top of our HVAC filter, and run a HEPA filter in our bedroom 24/7, and change those filters too. Helps a lot…

  2. I don’t have allergies but something is kicking my sinus issues into full gear.
    I’m passing this on to a few people I know suffer terribly–great stuff!

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