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Pennington 1Step Complete and Smart Seed

Pennington Grass Seed Logo
Did you know that I went to Portland in March to spend the day with some awesome bloggers and some very dedicated employees of Pennington Seed? You can see the post Pennington Seed Summit if you want to read about my trip.
One of the things we did in our day long summit was to plant some seed.  The following pictures show some Pennington Smart Seed that I planted.
Grass Seed Experiment Nex Gen (Pennington) (5)I took this photo of my two “plots”.  The one on the left got Pennington Smart Seed, the one on the right got One Step Complete.  This series of pictures is of the Smart Seed. (Pennington took pictures of my plots and sent them to me.)

Day 1 (note that the ground is very hard and firm, not raked)
  Day 14
Day 28
Day 35
Day 49

This series is of the One Step Complete:

Day 6
Day 10
Day 14
Day 21
Day 28
The plot planted with Pennington 1-Step Complete™ is already beautiful and thick. Over time, the grass will continue to grow thick and lush, as well as establish a deep root system. A deep, thick root system is critical to long-term plant health—contributing to drought resilience, nutrient uptake and disease tolerance.
It’s also worth noting that specialized variety mixes of Pennington 1-Step Complete™ are available. Since the mixes are customized to specific climates, Pennington has taken the guesswork out of mix selection. Varieties include: Tall Fescue, Sun & Shade and Dense Shade.
I took what I learned at the seed summit and applied it to my own lawn.
2012-03-13 16.16.21I needed some lime because my area is very shady. 
IMG_1978Along with the lime I purchased 1Step Complete
IMG_1982and a bag of Smart Seed (for dense shade)
IMG_1981April 3, day 1
I sowed both the 1Step Complete and the Smart Seed .  note the silly little fence to keep this guy off the grass:
IMG_2609Louie with a piece of bread a squirrel carried into the yard.
IMG_2207April 15, day 12

IMG_2241April 18, day 15

IMG_2398April 24, day 21
IMG_2491April 29, day 26

IMG_2591April 29, day 26 (close-up)
IMG_2502May 1, day 29 before mowing

IMG_2512May 1, day 29 (after mowing)

IMG_2586May 8, day 36

I am so pleased with the way my Pennington Seed has filled in this area of my lawn.  I’ve been here for over 36 years and I’ve never seen this much grass growing in this area of the yard. Because it never has grass, it is terrible to mow because it is so dusty.  I’m loving the new look of my lawn and it’s getting better every day!  Look for more updates.  I threw some seed on the other side of the sidewalk-I was going to wait so I could use the little picket fence, but I got impatient!  So as I was saying, I did throw some seed out, we got a big ole rain so I was afraid that it all washed away, but it didn’t.  It germinated 3 days later!  (Smart Seed)  It’s doing really well. 
I plan to do some more sowing in the fall.  If you are planning to buy some seed, I highly recommend Pennington Seed.
Thank you Pennington Seed for teaching me so much about growing grass and for supplying me with some great grass seed! (by the way, those people must be soooo patient.  growing grass is worse than watching paint dry!)
Do YOU need some grass seed?  How about $100 gift card to get you going on a summer project?  Pennington Seed is giving one reader an American express gift card.  
Disclosure: Although Pennington Seed supplied me with products for my lawn, all opinions are MY own.

I appreciate you reading my blog in your reader and/or via email.

You can reach me at gail@MyRepurposedLife.net

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  1. ron zurowski says:

    Very disappointed in your 1step complete this year. Tried two different times and two ways, one from a bag and the other from a plastic container over a month and a half. Both times were about a complete waste of time and money.

  2. Hi Gail,
    How is your Pennington grass doing now that it’s a year later?
    I planted some of the Dense Shade Smartseed 2 weeks ago, and so far it’s doing really well.

    • gail@myrepurposedlife.net says:

      I’m very happy with my grass a year later. I have grass where I haven’t had it for 30 years. That being said, it would do a lot better if I actually took better care of my yard. I don’t water, or fertilize, and I have a dog that is very rough on the grass. :)

  3. I think of you every time I see a Pennington print or TV ad. Your yard is looking so much better!

  4. I am so excited to read this Gail!!! Thanks so much for posting this!!

    My front yard looks horrible and always has!! When we cut what little wild grass there is… there is a dust storm which always seems to settle on my car!

    We have a huge oak tree that must be at least 50-60 years old…and there is very little sun that gets through.

    I am, without doubt, going to plant some of this in the fall.

    Thank you, thank you Pennington!!

  5. Gail,
    So glad you had good success. I think we will be getting some of this for my mother. We live in Texas and the drought took its toll on the grass in her front yard last year. She literally has NONE. There is a large LARGE tree in her front yeard that gives shade and makes it difficult to grow grass anyway but the drought and subsequent water restrictions really killed her lawn D E A D.
    We will use the lime trick and Penningtons seed. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

  6. Gail, things are looking good. I just said yesterday that I have to get some seed and fill in some patches that the racoons dug up this winter.

    The weeds are taking over my lawn this year. Anything to combat that problem?


  7. Oh my… My back yard took a beating when I fostered a brand new puppy for a friend.. he was a digger and and he dug everything up. I have a 200 year old oak in the front yard and nothing has worked. I have given up hope there but I want grass in the back yard again and this explained it perfectly. I can’t wait to try this!! Thank you so much for the tips and for posting this how to…

  8. Your lawn is looking good Gail.

  9. That is simply stunning! We are definitely going to have to pick up some of the 1Step complete for some bare areas in our lawn. We did put down a bit of sod to help the area out as it is right up by the road and needed covered ASAP!

    Once again your lawn looks great! I know you will enjoy it immensely!

  10. Your grass is looking great! Had to laugh at the little tiny fence to keep Louie out. It sure wouldn’t work for my monster dogs!

  11. Thanks for the Post today, Gail. Your grass is coming along Beautifully. What a transformation. Enjoy your Day!

  12. Lookin’ good!

  13. Wow it is really getting green on you yard! Happy for you, less dust to mow!

  14. Gail, I also bought the Pennington One Step for a bunch of bad bare spots in my front yard (hubby was over zealous with a strong weed killer). I am so excited about the results..I have grass again! Thanks for reviewing the product, I think it was in the back of my mind while at the home improvement store evaluating all my options.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me! I read and appreciate every word!