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Recent Finds {black Friday edition}


Do you remember what my kitchen looked like a couple of years ago? This is the before—before I painted my cabinets, fan, and floor. It’s hard to remember the way it use to look.

You may know that I’ve wanted new appliances forever—well at least since I updated my kitchen.  The old appliances looked so out of date.

Black Friday turned out to be a great time to buy new appliances. I did a lot of googling looking for the best deals. Where do you think I found those deals?  From my good friends at The Home Depot of course!  I used my secret pinterest board to pin the stove and fridge I wanted, then I looked for the best deal. I was happy to find them at Home Depot.

new black fridgeI decided to get black appliances.  I had originally wanted to get a side by side refrigerator, but while I was helping out with Stiggy’s Dogs in Michigan I learned a lot about energy savings from The Home Depot.  Cold air falls, that is why the freezers have been moved to the bottom.  I have had ice and water in the door for a long time and I didn’t want to give that up.  I got a great deal on this fridge at Home Depot, saving over $500 off the regular price. Because it is an Energy Star appliance I am able to receive a $100 rebate from my electric company, you should investigate such rebates if you’re looking to buy a new appliance.  Another good thing to know…. many power companies will pay you to remove your old appliances.  Ours pays you $30 for a working refrigerator.

kitchen needs a makeoverThis is my kitchen a couple of years ago before the makeover.  My stove was in really good condition.  I always clean the cooktop after use, and never allow food or boil overs to burn on it.

black stoveThis is my new stove.  Isn’t she a beaut?  I saved over $250 during Home Depot’s black Friday sale on this.  btw, I’ve had my appliances almost a week, and I’ve yet to use my stove.  It was a busy week, and I wasn’t home much.

Buying the appliances was a fun experience. I was practically giddy.  My salesman Skip has been selling appliances for Home Depot for 12 years. He was very knowledgeable and friendly.   The only down side is that my store doesn’t carry a lot of floor models.  I didn’t get to see the fridge in person until it was delivered.  Oh, that was a challenge.  To get the fridge in the house, I had to remove a portion of my privacy fence, and one of the barn doors in the kitchen.  The delivery men had to take off the back door.  yikes!

I’m very happy with the way they look with my black counter tops.  I plan to paint my blue squares black someday soon.

Speaking of The Home Depot, later this week I will be finishing my campaign with them. I will be working with Operation Homefront to bring Christmas Cheer to a local serviceman’s family. I live near Ft. Knox KY, so it wasn’t very difficult for them to find a family to work with.  I’m very excited to meet the Lake family.  Stay tuned for the fun details on this last service project with Team Depot and Operation Homefront.



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  1. I love that fridge! My mom has a freezer on the bottom and loves it. That’s what I’d like some day. I like your appliances in black, too.
    I think the floor will look great with black squares!

  2. It was a good Friday for you, great buys.They look good in your kitchen.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Enjoy your blog. Might I suggest…leave the blue squares and paint just a small black square where the blue and gray corners meet…and at that, maybe even every other one. You could try it out by placing a few black paper squares to see how it looks. Good luck.

  4. Looks beautiful Gail–gOOd job!
    The cabinets rEAlly pop in white!
    But can I suggest–when you repaint your checker board floor,don’t paint ALL the blue out! A TRI-colored checker board would make a gREAt foil to the black and white cabinet/counter top/appliance design! : )

  5. Love your new appliances Gail!!
    And what a transformation in your kitchen. I Love all you done.
    I didn’t make it out on Black Friday, because I had to work.
    I’ve been looking around for a new stove. Though mine is only 6 yrs. old
    this is the second time my oven went out. The first time I had it repaired, cost me over $200 dollars, and it only lasted 7 months. Now they want another $200, I don’t think so. For all the money I’ve been sticking in repairs, I can buy a new one, Lol!
    Have a wonderful Monday!!


  6. Oh my gosh, I totally forgot about the old purple countertops!

    The new appliances look great, and it sounds like you got an awesome deal! We replaced our dishwasher about a month after we moved in, and while we got it on sale, it sure wasn’t a Black Friday sale. :-)

  7. Ooo! Black Friday is a good time to buy appliances. I bought my new washer last year,at (NOT HD)…;) but got a great deal. It’s a Maytag…top load, will not go back to front load…EVER!
    Love your stove and fridge; They look great in your kitchen.~Patricia

  8. What a difference those new appliances make! So glad you were able to get them!! Can’t wait to see your black squares on the floor now….and how you tackle that project.

  9. Congrats! Great deals! I’m still using the frig that belonged to my grandparents and I’ve been here almost 10 years.


  10. so beautiful!! :)

  11. They look awesome…congrats! We got new appliances a couple of years ago…I did not think I would like the freezer on the bottom…kicking myself now!!

  12. They look pretty in your kitchen!
    Have a wonderful week,

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