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Recent Finds (Christmas in July)

We have been really lucky to have enjoyed some cooler temps in July in between major heat waves.  Last week my plumber called me and told me his friend had dropped off some fence to be burned.   whoa!  lucky me!   It just so happened that the next day was one of those gifted cool days.

fence-headed-to-burn-pileI enlisted some help to get a couple of these sections into the truck.


kitchen-table-burn-pileBecause this table had a lot of water damage, I decided I shouldn’t take it.


small-picket-fencingMy plumber friend had already pulled out these short picket fences and set them aside for me.



truckload-free-findsI didn’t bring a lot home because the demo process is not fun.  As the plumber was headed to work, he took some time to go into his shop and grab those spindles on the left for me.


bar-stool-legsHe said they are barstool legs, not sure what I’ll use them for, but you know I never pass up legs of any kind.


kitchen-table-legsI said I didn’t take the table, but I’m no fool—I did take the time to remove the legs from that weather worn piece.


ebay-door-knobsLast, but not least—I ordered these doorknobs off of Ebay for about a buck a piece.  Did I need ALL of them?  Nope—but I haven’t run across any vintage doorknobs lately.


Here’s your challenge, tell me what I should make out of some old picket fencing, barstool legs, and doorknobs.  Smile



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  1. love all these ideas!!!!! I am looking for fencing for my two dogs!!! If you don’t use all or need a place to get rid of it! I know exactly where it can be used!!!!!!!!

  2. Use the picket fence, with the doorknobs attached, for the kids to hang backpacks, coats and caps. And what a great piece to hand down for the next generation. The picket fence with the doorknobs attached would look cute in any bathroom as a towel rack.

  3. ALL such cool stuff, but I am drooling over that picket fence! I can see wall art of some kind…LOVE!

  4. Fonda Rush says:

    Here’s a little treat about what someone made with doorknobs: http://petitemichellelouise.blogspot.com/2014/07/somerset-home-and-giveaway.html This whole blog is a delight for the eyes. Enjoy! And, I’m glad you grabbed the legs off the table. You had me worried there for a moment!

  5. You scored some great items. You could use the bar stool legs and fence boards to make some side tables. Use the table legs to make a sofa table. Can’t wait to see what you do with them.

  6. barb macaskill says:

    I am picturing a cute wooden bench for the little guys and gals using sections of the fence posts as the seating and the spindles as the arm rests! Just saying!

  7. Wow you really scored! We just put up a small fence with re purposed deck wood from a job my husband did. I’m really dying for a potting area (with a hutch)to keep all my potting stuff and work area. It seems like I’m always doing something that I could use it for. I think you have the perfect supplies to make one with, do that’s my idea.

  8. Well the Fall and winter months will be here before you know it. I’m think a place to hang your hat, coat and scarf? those knobs will come in handy for that. The spindles will make some really cool towel bars, on a kitchen center isle? Surely, you have something lying around waiting to be a center isle?
    Cut down, they’d make a good stand for some twine and scissor holders. OR! left alone– could become a hanging twine, duct tape, washi tape, ribbon holder for the diy/crafter!
    I’m still thinking on the knobs… I’m sure there are other uses for them. Oh! you could use any that match in size… as FEET on a table. You know something Funky! — that’s all I got. Patricia

  9. Good Morning Gail! You could do a settee bench with the fencing with basket storage underneath – organizer for the garage to hang stuff with place for bin storage underneath – you’ll know what to decorate it with once you get started. :) Use your door knobs on something in the house like coat hangers on a board to dress up a mud room. Cut the table in half – attach a place for baskets to be used for storage on the side close to the wall – for the small apartment and add two chairs or two stools that go underneath the table. Put legs on a dresser (U KNOW THAT WOULD BE CUTE!!) Have fun with your great find. Just sayin’, Mary

  10. girlfromwva says:

    use the legs with an old suitcase to make a table/stand.
    door knobs make cool photo/recipe/note holders. http://appletreecottageantiques.files.wordpress.com/2013/01/antique-door-knob-holders1.jpg door knob wall hooks, door knob wine stoppers.
    picket fencing for giant stars. http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-PABkUXMYxVU/UFqMcVxO0II/AAAAAAAAJf4/6tQc8ANSZcQ/s1600/star.JPG
    picket fence for mirror. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-WCqYX26iDLA/UFqNyYJsp8I/AAAAAAAAJgQ/mWmc62sh-lE/s1600/pickets.jpg
    picket fence for cute little hanging signs. https://img0.etsystatic.com/027/0/9277918/il_340x270.612042764_bsqz.jpg
    can’t wait to see what you do with all your goodies!

  11. So so awesome!! I am jealous of that wide fence wood! You could make a pretty cool hall tree or something, using the knobs as hooks…just one random idea! Have you ever used a sawzall to take apart the fence? I have been using mine to take apart pallets using a metal blade to cut through the nails, it is easy and fast! Lots of good stuff Gail!

  12. You hit the jackpot! I’m glad you took the legs off of that table, you of all people will find something cool to do with them!

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