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Recent Finds {Haven Weekend}

I’m back from Haven and I had a fabulous time.  Look for a wrap-up post later this week. While I was away some stuff landed in my possession.  Smile

While my niece was taking care of the house, she noticed a yard sale across the street and alerted me to some mirrors via a text. 



wooden-dresser-mirrorsShe described them, but it was difficult to make a decision, so she sent me this picture. As soon as she told me they were $5 each, I said heck yeah I want them!   After I paint them, I know they will sell quickly at my Glendale show.


yard-sale-chairWhen I got home from Atlanta, the yard sale was wrapping up.  I spotted this chair as I was driving down the street.  I have been looking for a chair like this to re-do.


ripped-upholsteryUpon closer inspection I see that the upholstery is ripped, but still a great deal at $5 don’t you think?


old-metal-tableLast but not least, is this metal table with a glass top.  Another deal at only $5.  Regulars around here know that my thrift store limit is generally $5, so these pieces were no-brainers.  


furniture-dollyOh, I almost forgot, I also picked up this nice furniture dolly for—you guessed it $5.


So, I’m so excited that I have new projects to do, thanks to my neighbor’s yard sale.

Have YOU found any good $5 deals lately?



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  1. You’re an inspiration and I love your work. I have only one small niggling complaint, why oh why have the English never learned the importance of yard sales? Yeah, I’m a Brit, and have rescued many an item from skip and landfill. I just can’t understand why folks over here would rather junk something than make a few pounds by selling it on. I envy your yard sale finds… especially those mirrors. $5 a piece!!! Wow, yet another reason I wish I lived in the USA (the other main reasons all being food related :) Oh yes, and of course a climate, rather than weather. Thank you so much for sharing on your site. Brilliant

  2. Those were great finds! I especially love the mirrors – but I have a mirror “thing”. my purchases this past weekend were few but all were $3 and under, which is good – it was not hot enough here to have furniture $5 but it will be THIS weekend so I’ll be out shopping at 1PM on Saturday, trying not the pass out from the heat! :)

  3. You are so lucky Gail, to have people who keep you in mind when they’re perusing yard sales or thrift stores!
    Not to mention the road side finds.
    As Kirby had said, our ReStore here has also inflated prices lately to the point that you’re really not getting much of a deal anymore. (new or used)
    Our thrift stores, DAVs and Salvation Army stores and those who have yard sales have all become recycle/upcycle savvy – so much so that you either can’t find a thing besides tons of clothes & shoes or when you do find something perfect to play around with, they’ve stuck a price on it that is really outrageous.
    Road side finds even on neighborhood clean up days are as rare as a white crow!
    Can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with next and I’m betting that furniture dolly will be getting a new use sometime soon!

    • gloria sheldon says:

      Everything you do is awesome! Today is the 2nd time I’ve run across your website. ..I see you have the “left side brain” and your, funky junk has me, headed for the burn pile in my,beauriful car (I need a truck cause I’m always picking stuff up from the curb) to beg for wood scraps (palettes) they’re gonna burn. I got a hugh primate cabinet at a yardsale for $1.00. Your work is like homemade ice cream…I want to eat it up!!!! Love, love, love, love your site. Absolutely beautiful bench. Don’t sweat the small stuff…the stain is gorgeous. .I, too, tell d to mess with stuff too much!

  4. Great finds, I am impressed you scored some while you were gone! Nice to have your niece looking out for you. I love the chair and table too, I have been looking for a table like that with the metal base and glass top (so I can replace it with pretty wood) for so long….lucky you!

    Glad you enjoyed Haven Gail!

  5. I’m excited to see how you work that chair. I’m looking for some new chairs in my future- besides the chair that matches my couch, still need to work on that. We’ve got plans for some of the shed wood from the tear down. I’m excited about that little project coming up. Good for you to have neighbors that truly know whT garage sale prices are! Things are priced high here right now just like in Kirby’s neck of the woods. I like Shirely’s idea of using the furniture dolly for paint projects! In fact I have a file drawer that needs painting. I may just use our dolly for that! I’m going to keep an eye out for your Haven post! Patricia

  6. Shirley says:

    You always find such great buys! They don’t have good fines here. I love all but I really would love to have a furniture dolly so I can put my file cabinets on to paint them so all I have to do is turn them to paint them on all sides. I love your blog.

    God bless

  7. Love those mirrors and that chair!

  8. girlfromwva says:

    great finds!!! you need to do the “thrifting get together” again!!!

  9. that chair is amazing!!! so great to see you, even if it was too brief!

  10. Anita Allen says:

    I have the exact same coffee table frame. We put a wooden top on it.

  11. Great finds! Love those mirrors!

  12. Michele Maddix says:

    And I’m interested to see how you redo the chair.

  13. Michele Maddix says:

    Those mirrors are so pretty. I like their detail especially.

  14. We are in a black hole of “no one is getting rid of anything we can use” right now. Our Habitat ReStore has jacked up prices nearly to retail and our junk place has had no decent junk. Fortunately, we have all that wood that DL bought when the furniture factory closed down. If every tree in the world dies at once, we will be the go-to folks. (LOVE that chair!)

  15. Great finds. I will be looking to see what happens with these pieces. Mary

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