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Recent Finds {hunting for a pitcher}

thrifted headboard

I’m doing what I can to get ready for my craft show in less than 2 weeks. My plan was to build a couple of benches, but instead I’m working on a bunch of “smalls” to take instead.

But a girl can dream of bigger projects, right? I got a great deal on this headboard, right at my $5 limit!

topless tableI’m a sucker for a topless table.  Smile  $3.99


picture framesCheck out the FREE picture frames I scored from a fellow vendor at Unique Creations.


large picture frameOne more really large one.



free memo boardFree cork board.


yard sale findsI picked these up at a recent yard sale.


white platesIf you’re a long time reader, you may remember Joey…my favorite vendor at my favorite thrift store. That store closed, and I heard Joey moved to Florida. He’s BACK! Check out the great deal on these plates, and that wonderful booth #396! I’ll be a regular visitor to Joey’s booth from now on.


glass jarI couldn’t pass up this cute little jar, check out the price!

thrifted  green pitcherHere’s where today’s title comes in. I’ve made a bunch of those beverage tags from shutter slats.  To help display/sell them at Glendale, I wanted a pitcher on which to hang them.  I do not own a pitcher.  I went to a couple of different thrift stores in search of a pitcher. I found a lot of pitchers, most of them were either REALLY ugly or very expensive.  This green one was doable, and only a couple of bucks.  Sort of reminds me of the old Kool-aid pitchers. I found it at the first store.


thrifted pitcherThis one was more expensive, and still plastic, but at least it’s a little prettier.  I think plastic isn’t so bad, because after all, the show is outdoors.  There on the bottom right are a couple of notepads.  It seems that I’m always needing to make a list of something these days.


thrifted lumberThis last find is a pretty good one. $2.25  It’s in the foreground.  (that’s a red chalkboard frame in the background)  This is a piece of Purebond wood.  We learned about it at Haven2012. It’s really nice wood, sort of like plywood.  It’s kind of laminate on one side and raw on the other side.  Apparently someone works somewhere where they have this.  I have been unable to find it locally.  I’m thinking it will be a top to another topless table I have.  I believe I’ll be going back to get a few more pieces.

Have you found any good bargains lately?


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  1. Great finds…that headboard for $5 is a steal! You KNOW what I would do with it, but I am sure you have other plans! I don’t have any recent finds, but now that I am back from vacation, watch out!

  2. I haven’t found many good treasures but you sure have! I have not heard of this wood but I’ll keep my eye out for it. Good luck with your show!

  3. Oh yeah..I forgot to say…my sister is coming tomorrow for a few days and I hope we get to hit up a few thrift shops….been way too long!

  4. I hope your vehicle is slap empty after your craft show in two weeks…’cept for you of course and your bag of M.O.N.E.Y…that you make from all your sales!!! Ü Hope that your physical therapy has been going good for ya!

  5. You are so lucky to get things at the prices you pay for them! They are quite expensive here… no matter where I go. Maybe it’s because we have so many visitors from Mexico that come and do their shopping here? I don’t know… it’s just speculation.

    I haven’t been up to thrifting lately… but I have designed a couple beaded wooden spool patterns. One pattern I beaded onto two different spools for a friend. I need to get them up on the site.

    Get better soon my blog friend.

  6. Oh. my husbands office furniture manufactoring company has a vendor who sells Purebond… I am having him find me some! I told him I knew he would come in handy, he laughed!
    Jan ( again)

  7. Can’t wait to see what you do with these, so much fun…so much inspiration!!

  8. Great finds at great prices! Hope the shoulder heals soon!

  9. ooh i love those fun frames!

  10. We scored big with some furniture at an auction a few weeks ago and I bought someone’s whole collection of porcelain painting books, patterns, hand written notes etc. for $1. I think they were just happy they were going to someone who would use them!

    I’m laughing at your beverage tags and you never entertaining…not knowing what to do with something once it’s complete had never stopped me either!

  11. Great finds! I’m getting ready for a show in two weeks as well, and I feel I have NOTHING ready at this point! I’ll be commiserating with you 😉

  12. Awesome scores Gail!
    I tell my kids we are going treasure hunting. Sometimes they find better treasures than me :)


  13. What great finds! Good luck on finding the right picture for your show. Don’t mind the lists, I do those myself. I haven’t been thrifting a lot this season, the stores seem to have mostly crappy stuff lately.
    Big hugs and a wonderful week,

  14. I remember Joey! Lots of fines I haven’t had any fines lately, don’t get out much too yard sales. I do like those plates they look like some I have been trying to fine that are old to match ones I have, but can’t be sure. Good luck on your pitcher hunt.

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