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Recent Finds It’s too hot edition

Would you believe it’s almost July and I haven’t been to one single yard sale yet this year? I really haven’t even passed by very many.  I think it’s just been too hot for people to sit outside and deal with it all.

I’ve been sticking with indoor shopping at thrift stores and malls, not to mention the things that just land in my lap. Smile  Free finds from friends and family—my favorite!

Check out my most recent finds:


My nephew brought me this nice headboard and footboard.  The rails were all messed up so he got rid of them. They never quite let the mattress lay right.


bed-spindlesThe pretty details will really show up with some paint and distressing, don’t you think?



These are the top parts of the posts.  This bed is a really heavy four poster bed!  I can barely drag the headboard by myself.  If I use it for a bench, it will be a monster to move.  Thoughts?




thrift-store-findsI picked up this brass planter for jamie, and some enamel lids for myself after telling Homeroad that I never see any.  She’s inspired me to make a bird feeder with a spindle or a teacup feeder .  The clamp was a bargain for $3, a great find at Joey’s booth.  Yep, I found Joey again, and I love digging through his stuff—always great deals!


going-out-of-businessMy favorite Thrift Store (American Council of the Blind) is going out of business.  I’ve been in several times and found new things.  I got the enamel ware here and the brass planter, all at 50% off.



On my last visit, I found this perfectly chipping vintage wooden ladder!



Although it was marked $5, I got it for 50% off—woohoo!   What would YOU do with it?


free-lampI got this free lamp from a friend.

Now for a little fun.  Out of these next 3 items at the local Vendor’s Village, I got one.  Which do you think is waiting for a little makeover?

singer-treadle-machineA singer treadle sewing machine?


thrift-store-treadle-machineor this off brand treadle sewing machine?


vintage-side-tableor this vintage side table?


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  1. Russell bergdall says:

    the photo of the four poster headboard, i have the bed, no posts, any ideas. thank-you.

  2. Wow….great bed! Can’t wait to see what you do with that one. Love the ladder and sewing machine cabinet.

  3. girlfromwva says:

    I think you got the vintage side table. That sewing machine stand is awesome, though. this link has a really cool potting type bench, but i would use it indoors for a buffet. http://www.overthebigmoon.com/potting-time/
    can’t wait to see what you do!

  4. Great finds. I hope you got the old sewing machine…so many things you could do with it. As far as the headboard…you know what I’d do with it even though it would be heavy. But I’m sure you will do something wonderful with it.

  5. That bed is SO gorgeous, just as it is. Please consider giving it a good clean and polish, making new side rails, and letting it be its awesome self. That thing would be the centerpiece of any bedroom, just a knock-out statement on its own. Would look so good w/ other painted things like side tables or cedar chest at the foot.

  6. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. says:

    No need for yard sales, you’re finding all kinds of good stuff! And surely you got one of the sewing machines. The end table seems a little too ordinary for you!

  7. Michele says:

    Oh that bed is so gorgeous!! It would be so sad to break into bits. Couldn’t you make new rails for it? The ladder would be cute in a garden to stagger plants and yard art on. I think you chose the singer; it would be worth it fir its legs alone.

  8. I have the twin of your ladder, LOL! Bed is beautiful, maybe just paint it and sell it if there is demand for that type of thing where you are.

  9. Some great finds! And that bed is amazing…I KNOW you will do something exciting with that!

    Don’t you hate it when your favorite thrift stores close? I almost cried when the Salvation Army by me closed!

  10. I like all your finds…
    Not sure what you should do with that bed frame. I assumed bench, but as it would be heavy–maybe think about it a while and something different and out of the ordinary (which is what you do!) may come to you. The bird feeder looks fun– will you keep that for yourself or be selling it? I quit feeding our birds–hoping they will eat any small grasshoppers they see. My idea for the ladder might not be the greatest…but if it were me, I’d stick it in my garden and let my melons grow up it or zucchini– they are taking over everything! Running rampant, as it were. So a trellis for me, maybe add a birdhouse to the top too- seeing how there are birds everywhere.
    My guess is you bought the second sewing cabinet– (or the least expensive one)
    can’t wait to see which thing you bought and what you do with it.
    Oh! maybe you bought the table and are going to make a Lego center out of it…
    I DON’T KNOW NOW!!!!!

  11. I have a wooden ladder as a plant shelf in my family room. Last week, I found a 6 foot ladder at the curb in our neighborhood. Score! I painted it red and it’s now at the back of our lot, waiting for the vines to grow up around it. I’m guessing you bought the 2nd sewing table. I LOVE those drawers (and the price!)
    Re-Purposed Little Blessings

  12. Have fun with the bird feeders… I’m glad you found some great pieces… !! I have 2 ladders like that in my garage, I want to know what you are going to do with yours. I was thinking of using them in my new shop room (which is larger than I have now) … Maybe cutting it apart and hanging it from the ceiling?! :) Thanks for the mention friend!

  13. Susie Heller says:

    Oops forgot. Hubby and I are going to Wenatchee (big City to us) tomorrow, but unfortunately the saying…… “Taking your husband shopping with you is like hunting with the game warden.” True in our family.

  14. Susie Heller says:

    Yours is a Rice Bed. I remember seeing one in a store in the 90s and fell in love. I just bought one in Yakima, WA on Craigslist. Drove the 5 hours from here to get it. It is heavy as you say and so wonderful! Had to wait a long time for this baby.
    Funny on my way home, I hit Wenatchee, WA at almost midnight and had to pee terribly at the local MacDonalds and hoped I would make it before it closed, when red lights flashed behind me. Shoot! It took officer almost 20 minutes to come to my window. By then my eyes had turned yellow.
    “Didn’t you see that car driving fast up to you?” he said. No I have to pee and wasn’t paying attention to anything else. Really said, “No.”
    “Well, he was about to hit you and is now in my cruiser charged with DUI. Drive safe home to Winthrop Ms Heller. and Thanks for stopping even though the lights were for him, not you.” He left and I had to pee in an abandon industrial parking lot next to a closed MacDonalds.
    2 hours later as I neared home–now 2:00 AM I noticed black objects all around the road. in the moonless darkness….Angus Cows and calves were out. We live in Range country so if you hit someone’s cow, you are liable for payment for said runaway and to any damage to your car. I knocked at the first farm house and received no answer. I was worried as calves were small and any hurt would be a big drain on someones yearly income not to mention danger to drivers. As you know, cows are not fleet of foot like deer. Cows just chew cud and look at you.
    The next house a light came on and this man clad in blankets and sheets obviously ripped from bed and naked underneath , answered the door. Said he would call the owner.
    I volunteer at our local Senior Center Thrift store. When a men’s terry cloth bath waist wrap came in, I was dying to drop it off to him. Funny. He probably wondered what tavern I was returning home from.
    I do love the bed, but it kinda dwarfs our bedroom. I wish you could show me how to position it in a 11X13 master. That would be a fun article on how to decorate a small master bedroom. Glad you are not turning it into a bench. They came in three headboard styles. I like your Federal like one better to my plain one. (The people selling mine were selling all and traveling the country in their motorhome. I scored several other pieces. Love Craigslist!)

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me! I read and appreciate every word!