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Free Stuff

thrifted cabinet

I love free junk!  As I’ve said before, once people know you collect treasures, they are more than happy to help you with your addiction. I arrived home one day last week to find these goodies in my carport. I’m not positive who left them, but I think I have a good idea.
I’ll be so glad when I can start working on some of these great finds.  My shoulder is not any better, I’m trying to decide what to do next.  I’ve really been taking it easy, and it’s just not getting better.
This little cabinet is cute, don’t you think? It doesn’t have a glass in the top door.

EDITED TO ADD: see the little brown cabinet makeover
thrifted lampshadeI really don’t need a lampshade. Any thoughts about repurposing it?

thrifted mirror sconcesDo you remember these sconces from the 80’s and 90’s?

free stuffI was happy to get these pegs for my booth.

thrifted drawerWhat to do with one lone drawer?  I’m thinking a memo or shadow box?

thrifted tableI’m loving this sweet table.   It definitely needs some TLC.

thrifted tableBut it’s legs are just too cute!

glass frameIt appears that this glass piece goes on top of the table. Have you seen anything like this before?

thrifted table topWhile jamie and andy were here for Thanksgiving, we did a little thrifting. I found this table top for $1 above my $5 limit.  But I really liked it and I have at least two topless tables.

Jamie and Andy brought their dog Lucy on their visit.  We’ve never really seen Louie around other dogs.  Before Jamie adopted him, he had been adopted and returned several times. He has a lot of issues.  We had no idea how he would react to Lucy.
Lucy & Louie

jamie andy lucy
This was an impromptu photo session with the family.  Smile  It was so great to have such a long visit with them!
I hope you had a great Thanksgiving weekend too!

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  1. the drawer would be a perfect pet bed. I use several in my home for my cats :) they love them –just a pillow case over a thrifted pillow inside…easy peasy.

  2. Cute cabinet and drawer!
    I think memo board for sure on the drawer…the shade? Hmmm… a puzzler there.
    That table with the turned legs very nice
    …and I suppose a chalk board for the tray looking oval.
    I really hope you can get some relief soon on your shoulder. On going pain is draining…emotionally , mentally, and physically. Aside from just feeling bad from the shoulder…you have mental anguish!
    You need relief. I’m praying for you to get better.

  3. I’m jealous of your junk! That table is going to be so cool when you get through with it. I’ve never seen one with a top like that. It looks kind of like a tray~pretty neat!
    I love those family photos, too. :)

  4. Cute stuff! Love that first cabinet. The lampshade, wow, love wicker not sure what you could do with this one. I’d make a tray out of the drawer.

    You have lots of time to dream about what to do. Go through Pinterest – loads of ideas in there.

    So glad you had a nice visit. Take care!

  5. You could turn the lampshade into a basket or an jewelry holder.

  6. Those are some great free gifts I’d say! I love the tray table. I would make that shade into a hanging light. The drawer would be nice as a necklace holder to hang on the wall. I am so glad Louie found a friend in Lucy. Looks like you guys had a blast on their visit. Wish your shoulder problem was resolved :( Ordered a Cameo from you this weekend 😉

  7. So awesome! I wish people would give me their “junk” Glad you had a great Thanksgiving! I hope you can get your shoulder figured out.

  8. Loving your new finds Gail, especially that table. The tea tray is nice too… would make a great memo board put something behind the glass and use the erasable markers.

    So happy you had a nice visit with your daughter and son-in-law and your new grandfurball. Sorry to hear that shoulder isn’t getting any better.

    Have you tried accupuncture Gail… I did it on my bum knee and it has been great since (pain free now and it’s going on 3 years now). It takes a 5 or 6 visits but so worth it and no it doesn’t hurt… although you do look like a pin cushion while they are doing it..lol. I sure hope you find some relief soon.


  9. Great Freebies! I have seen lately people using drawers, adding legs and instant side table. They look great, especially when finished in bright colors.

  10. Wow Gail, nice finds!
    I luv wicker lamp shades, and that table is wAy cool!
    I luv the chunky legs of the table you found! If it’s a good height (or close), I’d add casters, a butcher block top, and make it a portable island!
    Can’t wait to see your re-creations!

  11. Burlap ruffles on the shade, the ruffles would hide the wicker very nicely.

  12. What great freebies! I would put chicken wire in to replace the glass in the first little cabinet and love that big glass thingie/tabletop/tray(?) although I’m not sure what it is…lol

  13. great finds!!! i love that table! glad you had a great thanksgiving!

  14. Great finds! :) Loved being home for Thanksgiving!

  15. Awesome treasures. I hope one day people will shower me with treasures. The tray could be used as a perfume tray on a dresser. The drawer could be turned into a jewelry case hidden behind a mirror or picture. Have fun trasforming them! Hope your shoulder gets better.

  16. Cute little cabinet! I wish someone would leave stuff like this on my porch. The elderly lady I used to take care of had a very similar tea table with glass/handled tray on top. That lone drawer…make it into a wall shelf. Or I could see it as the top of a little table on folding legs? Looks like a terrific holiday visit with Jamie and Andy and Lucy.

  17. That little table is adorable. I inherited something similar. It is a tea service table and i use it to display the antique silver tea set i have from my grandparents. So you can remove the tray on top to bring to the coffee table to serve. Cant wait to see what you do with it!

  18. I’m lovin’ that table! I’m glad you had a great time with Andy and Jamie! So sorry your shoulder isn’t any better, does that mean it’s time for surgery? I know you didn’t want it to come to that.

    Have a wonderful week.

  19. Wow, great freebies! Love that little table…it will definitely be worth the effort to fix up! Sounds like you had a great holiday weekend with your daughter and son-in-law…love the fun pics!

  20. I can’t believe people just drop of these goodies for you! The oval piece with handles looks like the top to a tea table! Awesome.. Also love the table with the cool legs! Hope your shoulder gets better! – Susan

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