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Recent Finds-ReStore

I’ve made several trips to Michaels lately, and there is a ReStore nearby.  Well, now—I can’t go all the way across town to Michaels and NOT stop at the ReStore, can I?


expensive-foot-boardSome of the prices are outrageous.  This lonesome footboard was $20!


cabinet-frontThey had TWO pallets of these $5 cabinet fronts a couple of weeks ago, this is all they had left yesterday.


doorsSometimes they have doors on sale, but not lately.  It’s hard for me to pass up doors.


So, these are the things that landed in my car:

recent-findsI got one of the cabinet fronts, some $1 (each) crown molding trim, and 2 sets of bi-folding doors for $10 each.

lumberThen I stopped at home Depot to get some lumber for the Naval Headboard bench I showed you last week (on the left)  I rummaged through the garbage to pick up the thin plywood, pegboard and those thin pieces on the very bottom.



These round pieces were in a cardboard pallet, looking like they are a “while they last” kind of buy.  So, I bought two of them for $4.88.  Why?  I don’t know.  What would YOU do with them?  I think they are 18”.

We had another round of ice/snow.  I went to the garage to bring something to the basement to work on, but I was afraid to carry anything because the driveway was so slippery.  We’re suppose to have some warmer weather this week.  I’m very anxious to see my yard and driveway again!

Sunday was the Michaels Pinterest Event.  I had fun greeting people at my local store. I even got to wear a walkie talkie headset sort of thing.  I used it a lot to help answer shopper’s questions.  Did you stop by your local Michaels yesterday?


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  1. I was just looking at your blog and see that you have the 18″ round wooden disk. Would you consider selling one of them to me? My daughter is getting married and we want to make an antique looking stool to set the round wedding cake on at the reception. It will be sitting on a table. Just to make the cake appear a little larger.

  2. Claudine Russell says:

    I would use the round discs (and any others I found) as cake boards! They are fabulous for that as they are incredibly sturdy and hold even the heaviest of cakes!

  3. What about a lazy susan type for your table?

    God Bless and stay safe.

  4. I would make the rounds into chalkboards. A Restore just opened in my area last month. I think they are quite high priced. Maybe that will change.

  5. My Michael’s pinterest party was a bust. Several of the crafts did not have the specified items needed in the store. The workers weren’t even sure what some of the items were. I told her I could find the pouncer ( I did, but the stencil I wanted and printed out on the directions was no where in sight.) Your location was probably a lot of fun.

  6. girlfromwva says:

    you could make a stool, ottoman, sign, clock, table, tray, chalkboard, corkboard…

  7. Local Michael’s ? Uhm No….local being 45 mins away. :/
    I like all the recent finds.
    The round pieces? … I’d make a couple of trays.
    Put some feet on the bottoms…use some of those spindles you sliced for the lego table– and then add a couple of drawer pulls / handles to the sides maybe 4 on top of each tray to act as handles/ ledges? You could SPIFF them up really cute– chalk board paint, decoupage, stencil and some of that fancy Silhouette lettering that you do so neatly!
    Or… you could just make a butcher block cutting board out of them for pizza or slicing and dicing.
    I don’t think you’ll “settle” and make a clock though…
    You’ll do something GREAT WITH THEM! AND…then I’ll PIN IT all over Pinterest. 😀
    … now I’m going to read the comments ahead of mine and see what sort of suggestions the others made. 😉

  8. Can’t wait to see what you do with these awesome items!! :)

  9. Since you spent so much time in Michaels looking for your pinterest challenge supplies, I bet you were able to tell people where things were lol Two tiered paint caddy is my idea on the 18″ rounds. You could put acrylic paints on it, or your most used paint jars or cans…or even add glass jars or pails to hold brushes :)

  10. Looking forward to seeing what you create with your latest haul. Love those bi-folding doors.

  11. I saw the same pine rounds at out Home Depot and I couldn’t figure out what to do with them. I passed them up and wait to see what you come up with, ha ha!!

  12. I have a small childrens chair, with antique legs but a badly broken seat and back. I was thinking of replacing the back and seat with a circle of wood, maybe running the edge through the router first, and painting it a fun colour. I think it would make a great low stool or table.

  13. Thank goodness you got one of those cabinet fronts this time!

  14. LOVE the rounds, I have to make those myself and they are a lot of work. I’d paint a clock face on one and a compass on the other!

  15. I would make an old fashioned nursing stool. They are so comfortable to use under a desk or with a rocker. .. especially for shorter people. Find 3 or 4 small bun type feet (painted or stained) for the under side. A 2″ thick piece of foam covered with anything from a floral material to a stenciled piece of burlap… staple to the underside and trim. You can t find these anymore but I promise anyone that had one covets them… Just my .02

  16. Great finds. You could add some “legs” to the rounds and make little stools. Can’t wait to see what you do with the rest. Woke up this morning to snow and ice. Can’t wait for warmer weather this week too! Glad things went well yesterday. :)

  17. I can’t wait to see what you do with these treasures Gail… genius at work!

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