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Silhouette Double Sided Adhesive Projects

silhouette adhesive starter kit

Did you know that Silhouette is having a fun promotion this month starring their Double Sided Adhesive Starter Kit?  To explain it simply, imagine being able to cut double sticky tape in your Portrait/CAMEO.
This little tile was made with blue vinyl and some Double Sided Adhesive.
This is a f.u.n. starter kit!

silhouette adhesive starter kitLook at all the great stuff that comes with the Double Sided Adhesive Starter Kit.

  • 6 sheets of double sided adhesive material
  • 3 colors of glitter
  • 3 colors of flocking powder
  • 10 exclusive designs (download card)
  • Silhouette spatula
  • brush
  • instruction booklet
silhouette designer studioI got busy designing my projects in the Silhouette Designer Studio.  Be sure to select the proper cut settings when you change from one project to another.  You’ll notice the blade cuts rather deep with this media.  You will place the paper white side up/yellow side down onto your cutting mat.  I used my CAMEO for this project, that’s why the mat looks so large.  The vinyl I used was 12 inches wide.
silhouette double sided adhesive This is very difficult to see, but there is actually a moon to the left of the “b”.  I have placed it on the tile, and removed the white paper revealing the sticky side.

glitter double sided adhesiveHint: work on some scrap newspaper or tissue paper to make cleanup a little easier.  If you’ve ever worked with glitter, you know that it can be a little messy. I sprinkled a little of the blue and just a tad of the white onto the sticky moon and spread it around with the brush.

silhouette adhesiveI brushed the excess glitter back into the tub.

silhouette double sided adhesiveWith this tile, you can see that I have snowflakes on the tile. As I remove the white paper with the spatula, the sticky adhesive is revealed and ready for some sprinkles.  :)
silhouette double sided adhesiveOn this tile, I started by using the glitter that was left on my brush.  To add more glitter, I dipped the brush into the little tub to grab tiny bits of glitter.
remove glitter from brushBefore I moved on to my next project, I used a piece of painter’s tape to remove excess glitter from my brush.
double sided adhesiveWith my brush clean, I move on to the last tile. If you look closely you can see the white paper half on and half off.
double sided adhesiveThe white paper is off—BUT I didn’t take any in progress pictures.  I was having too much fun. I didn’t realize the texture I was going to get with this flocking.  It was a pleasant surprise, since I’m a tactile person.  It was fun to feel the fuzziness of the lips.

decorative tile love you to the moonThese are small ceramic tiles I get from Home Depot (.com)

glitter moonMy friend had texted me a picture recently of a canvas she fell in love with at the store with this sentiment.  So, I made this tile for she and her daughter.

flocking double sided adhesiveIn honor of Valentine’s Day, I made this fun Kiss Me You Fool tile.  LOVE the flocking pink lips.

kiss me you fool

double sided adhesiveSome of the snowflakes were too tiny and actually didn’t cut very well.  I just placed each of these snowflakes on individually.
These were very fun projects. You can use the double sided adhesive on lots of different surfaces, including glass, candles, cardstock (greeting cards) and more!
Silhouette is currently running a promotion where you can get  a Portrait and The Double Sided Adhesive Starter kit for $179.99 by visiting this link and using the code REPURPOSED before February 14, 2013.  If you already own a Silhouette, you can pick up the Double Sided Adhesive Starter Kit for $12.99.   This is a brand new kit.
They are also running all of their Valentine shapes on sale through February 14 for .75 cents each!  You can see more details in my post Silhouette February  2013 Promotion.

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  1. Martin Zuerner says:

    Seeing this project inspired me to go out and buy some tiles from my local DIY shop, I’ll be nicely covered in glitter before the weekends out lol Thanks for giving me inspiration

  2. Great Job! Love the “Love you to the moon and back” What fonts did you use? Also I just got a Cameo, so it’s new to me. I tried cutting with the double sided adhesive using the default settings, but i didnt cut clean? My letters were tearing. Are you using the default settings? Any suggestions on how to solve this?

    • All of the projects were pre-designed images that I purchased from the online store.
      I did use the default settings, however some of my snowflakes didn’t cut clean either. They were too small. I apologize for your trouble getting it to cut right. I would think thicker letters (fonts) would be better. In addition I believe that larger fonts will cut cleaner than tiny words. If I were to change a default setting, I would dial down the speed a little so that it isn’t in such a rush to get the job done.
      When I have had trouble, I’ve called Silhouette, and they’re always very helpful and considerate.
      Good luck to you!

  3. What a sweet project!!

  4. Those are adorable Gail. I love the “Kiss me you fool” the best. So on the fence on getting myself a Cameo…but then in 6 months they will have an 18″ one lol.

  5. Which Silhouette do you recommend? Cute project!

    • Although I love the portability of the Portrait, I would recommend the CAMEO overall because of the ability of 12 inch vinyl/paper. :) It all depends on what you wan to use it for.

  6. Cute. Cute. Cute. !!!

    Did youuse glitter on the lips too? I wasn’t sure as you talked about the fuzziness.

  7. Cute tiles! I love that you can add texture, so fun!

  8. Great projects, Gail!

  9. Those are cute, and how nice… no glue mess!


  10. So cool! There are just so many projects you could do with this!

  11. Adorable! They are always coming up with new ways to entice me into spending my money!

  12. Your glitter project is awesome Gail… I’m really thinking about the Silhouette but the learning curve worries me. There are so many blog things I still have to learn, I’m afraid getting a Silhouette and having to figure it out might just put me over the edge! LOL

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