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Spindle candlesticks and more


Jamie told me that I needed some height on my mantel. I was thinking candlesticks. I looked at the store (Meijer) and I saw that they are VERY expensive. I braved the cold in the garage and rummaged around to see what I could find.
This is a bedpost from a full sized bed that Cathy and I found on the curb. It wasn’t really bench worthy, so I parted it out. I cut off the posts and legs, and threw the headboard away.
This is another bed post, not sure where the rest of this bed ended up. :)
While in the garage, I also cut some 1x’s and some 4×4’s into squares for bases.
Then I sort of just started playing around with the configurations. A lot like I do when I make totems.
This is a 1×5, and part of a bed post/leg.
Here I added the top of another bed post.
I sanded the rough edges, and cleaned up all the saw dust.
This is the bottom part of the bed post pictured above.
This is a 1×5, and a 1×4, a part of a staircase spindle, and the top (finial) of an old chair.
This little cutie is a 1×5, 4×4 and a chair leg!
This is the other part of the stair case spindle, with another chair finial on top.
I used gorilla glue to hold all the pieces together. I could not decide what color I wanted, so I chose 3 different colors.
Here I have one of those cute little glass ashtray pieces I picked up at the peddler’s mall.
This is the same turquoise I used on my last window cabinet I made. I watered it down so it was more like a glaze. I used Kilz on all of these before I painted their new colors on them.
This white one is the free Glidden “Crisp Linen” with a wash/glaze of raw umber over it. The browns are a glaze of raw umber. The candle I got on clearance this week at Walmart for .25 cents.
I put them in my gynormous firebox and lit the candles.
I am not sure what configuration I will use. I don’t know whether I will keep them in the fire box, put them on the mantel, or on the hearth. I may change up the colors. I tend to change my mind a lot. Ideas? Suggestions? I’m sure you true junkers have lots of items in your stash that you can make these from. They sort of remind me of chess pieces.
I am still enjoying my fireplace and can hardly believe I actually made it!
Nativity set from Kitty Wall

Kitty, a lady who left a comment below was kind enough to email me a picture of her Nativity Set made from bed posts.

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  1. These are really neat. I got some spindles from my local Habitat for Humanity Restore. I got them to make an entry way table, but I think I like this idea better!

  2. PDC. Pretty darn cute.


  3. I love using random parts to make something beautiful! Great repurpose, you gave me some ideas 😉 thanks!

  4. I have my own love affair w/ old bed posts. I make the nativity scene w/ them. Wish I knew how to upload a pic so you can see it. My friends who have been on the receiving end of these just love them. Love your site. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Donna in SC says:

    LOVE what you did here! This arrangement would look good anywhere. Thanks again for encouraging us to experiment with what we have available.

  6. You threw the head board away? Really? Well. I. AM. SHOCKED.
    However, I do love the candlesticks.
    …still, I can’t believe you didn’t make a coat rack, key holder, pot holder, trivet, table top, plate shelf, or sign out of that head board.
    See? You still surprise me.

  7. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. says:

    Oh Gail, I love them grouped together in the firebox! And what a pretty color combination. Don’t change a thing!

  8. These are fabulous Gail! I love them….:) The turquoise ones are my favorites!

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  9. Wow what great finds those beds were. They look fantastic as candlesticks, we never would have thought of that.

  10. I like them, they turned out awesome. It is a great way to fill in the fireplace gap. Easy to switch up the colors anytime, too.

    • gail@myrepurposedlife.net says:

      oy! I tried to update an old, old post, and it published it as new. I don’t exactly know what I’m doing yet. :)
      Thank you Sara!


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