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Drying Rack}

My Repurposed Life-Ballard Design Inspired Drying Rack
Today’s Take 2 Tuesday is a blast from the past.  The original post Ballard Design Inspired Drying Rack is from December 2009!  I used a crib rail for the drying rack, and built a box around it, using bead board for the back.
I hope you hop over to check out the details in the original post.

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  1. OH this was before I began blogging!! So happy you shared it again :)

  2. okay. love it want it. must make it!!!

  3. I am so glad you reposted this! I have a crib I got off of craigslist for free, and this is a project I was thinking of doing. I really like how you did yours! Plus, you have the best tutorials! Pinning! Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving Gail!

  4. Thank you all!
    outside the box….ohhhh, no I didn’t! Great point! Hoping the paint was long cured and it wasn’t a problem for the person who bought it.

  5. Did you have to prep the spindles so the clothes don’t ‘stick’ to them. My husband laid a damp towel over the back of one of the chairs one time…and when I ‘found’ it and removed it…the chair was ‘sticky’.

  6. You just gave me a great idea on how to disply my linens in my antqie booth (I do have an old crib in the basement). Probably will just do the crib on its side though – the lovely case behind it is way too complicated for me 😉 Thanks for the tip!!!

  7. If I had an actual laundry room (and not just minimal space in the old root cellar turned basement) I would definitely be making one of these!

    Have a great day!


  8. Good Morning from Maine!

    Oh, I absolutely love this idea…and know the perfect place for it…my downstairs bathroom…right next to the washer/dryer! I’m going to be looking through the woodpile at our transfer station today (for that perfect crib!).
    Thanks so much for sharing!

    Sweet blessings,

  9. I still really want to make one of these for my laundry room…wish I could find the perfect spindle piece like you…the thought of putting individual dowels in, is a bit daunting!

    Great job!

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