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Take 2 Tuesday {family command center from headboard}

My Repurposed Life Take 2 Tuesday Headboard Memo2
You all know that I love a great headboard bench, but I’ve done plenty of other projects using headboards.  This project is made from an unwanted headboard I rescued from someone’s garbage pile. It was in really rough shape, almost falling apart.
Let’s play I spy—do you see a shelf, tin cans, crib parts, a ceiling tile, and a scrabble game tile holder? Check out the original post, Repurposed Headboard.



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  1. I loved this project… you are so resourceful.still!!!
    I love seeing these old posts… I have made a game out of it looking for my comments. LOL!…(anyone else do that?)
    Funny…this one is so old– I don’t blog by the same name…and was even being ANON…and not signing my name either!

    that cracked me up!
    Hmm… I guess once you introduce yourself…you can’t go back to be anonymous, some days I’d like to. :)

  2. That is cool!!!

  3. I haven’t seen this amazing creation! You are truly awesome. I may have to copy it to, It is so fun! Thanks for the inspiration Gail!

  4. One of my favs…love seeing it again!


  5. Thank you Terri and Janet…and please feel free to copy anything I do Janet, that’s why I give the step by step tutorial. If you blog it, please link back to MRL.


  6. I love this. Where do you come up with these ideas? I hope you don’t mind if I copy it. Love, Love, Love

  7. Wow…I don’t think I remember this one! Love watching it’s construction, you think of everything! Great piece!

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