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Today we have a guest post from a Facebook fan who shows us how to repurpose unwanted items into a puppet theater and a washer/dryer set!

repurposing an old tv cabinetThe TV was something I had picked up on the side of the road one morning after taking my kids to school. Once I decided on what I was gonna do with it, I enlisted the help of my husband to dismantle it. Taking out the electronic portion was surprisingly easy. Some screws held the back cover on and then everything else came out with an Allen wrench. There were a few wood supports that once the screw was out we had to bang off, not sure if this was due to the piece’s age or possibly some wood glue.


repurposed tv into a puppet theater I used a white spray paint (can’t remember the brand but if I had to guess I would say Krylon) on most of it. I used an X-acto knife to cut the fabric off the bottom speaker area, which was not where the speakers had been thus revealing wood. I used chalkboard paint there for just an extra touch, and then glued down new fabric over the speaker holes to match the curtain I was making (and I guess my measuring tape was broken that day because I clearly cut it too short lol).


diy puppet show backdropI also made 4 backdrops out of felt, pipe cleaners, sequins, and a few beads. Both the back drops and curtain were sewn on the top to allow a craft dowel to slide through and hung from some metal brackets already in the console.



coffee table into kid's laundry centerThe coffee table was a result of a long search via Craigslist, yard sales, and consignment shops for exactly what I needed. I knew what I wanted to make but wasn’t sure what to start with. Finally found this gem on Craigslist! $20 and a pleading call to my husband at work and he came home with it! Again I enlisted his help for some cutting (saws make me.nervous lol). We cut the center out and drilled the 2 sides together from within the cabinets.


kid's laundry washer-dryer centerDetached the foot pieces from the center we had cut out and drilled them to the top for the “control” panel. I chose to do white spray paint but it was tough choice between that and a stainless steel.


kid's luandry washer/dryerI then went to a local craft store and found the perfect knobs that just so happen to be on clearance! My husband then figures out a way to screw them in but the kids are still able to turn them with out them coming out using a lock washer on the back. We personalized it with a play on a popular brand and our last name. At this point we were suppose to be done with this project but as i looked at it something wasn’t matching my vision. One day I found this clear plastic sheet about the size of scrapbook paper I had purchased awhile back and realized what was missing. Again my husband operated the saw for and cut a circular hole in each of the cabinet doors. I then scrubbed out a couple five gallon buckets we had in the garage and screwed them into the cabinets. We then took 2 of the 3 pieces of wood left over from the center and cut circular holes to match the buckets and nailed them into place around the buckets. A bit more paint and “Voila!” Turned out just like I had dreamed!


Thank you Majesta for sharing your adorable projects with us today!  Your children are very lucky to have such creative parents.




  1. those are really creative projects that turned out amazing, bet they last longer than those wobbly plastic variations too.

  2. I love the washer and dryer! So much fun.

  3. Those are adorable projects for kids!

  4. Well shut the dryer door those are the cutest darn kids set ever! Ask your fan for more photos, I love it.

  5. Very creative!! I agree with Bliss, more photos! So cute!

  6. Thanks for sharing them for me :-) and thank you everyone for the positive feedback! I love doing things like this and just wish I had more time to

    • I love your creativity. I wish I had little ones to use these on, but all mine are grown and have yet to provide grandkids (as much as I would like them, the kids aren’t ready yet, so they still think I will kill them if such a thing happens, and I let them keep thinking that lol). I will remember these for when the time comes. Thanks! :)

  7. I am totally confused. How can a small coffee table grow to be large enough to cover up a tall washer and dryer??? When he started sawing, it was obvious the coffee table was at no more than knee height?? Just trying to understand.

  8. Oh my gosh that is soooo cool Gail! Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your time with your daughter!

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