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Wooden Valance Box to hide Cord Clutter in the Camper

Just because you may live in a tiny space doesn’t mean you can’t be more organized. The messy cords and outlet plugs in the camper needed to be controlled. I came up with a small wooden valance that disguises all the cords and the power outlets. Adding a stencil, or in my case a Chalk Couture transfer was just what this project needed!

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Repurposed Shutter (magazine rack)

Repurposed shutter projects are usually very easy and fun to make. Coming by authentic (affordable) wooden shutters is not so easy. That’s why I’m here to tell you that using 1/2 of a louvered door works just as well. That’s what I used on this repurposed shutter magazine rack.

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Talk of the Town 144

Fun Fall features including DIY projects and recipes. Yummy cinnamon rolls were on the top of my list. I think I must have been hungry for breakfast when I chose my features. I hope you enjoy the great ideas this week!

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Updated Dollar Store Pumpkins

Yay! It’s time for the Dollar Store Design Squad! Fun Fall projects made from dollar store items. Those foam pumpkins seem to be a favorite, what have you done with them?

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Talk of the Town 143

Talk of the Town 143 is here! Fun Fall Features I’m happy to share with you. I hope you find something spooky fun to inspire you!

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Upcycled Crib into Toy Box Bench

I really love doing any kind of bench, but using an old crib to make a toy box just seemed like the perfect project. There were a few kinks to work out, but I love those kinds of challenges. Seeing a project come together without any plans drawn out is quite satisfying.

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Geometric Candle Holder made from Scrap Wood

How to make a wooden geometric candle holder using scrap lumber. Simple project – cut and glue squares together. Patience is needed along with a little elbow grease when it comes to sawing the angles. I almost gave up, but I’m so happy I stayed with it.

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Glazed TV Tables for Camper

I’m sharing some tv tables that I updated for the camper. Space is very limited in my Vintage Cruiser so I have to have items that are dual purpose and easy to store. The folding tv tables are perfect for this very reason. They can be used indoors or outdoors and easily fold away for storage and transporting.

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Talk of the Town #142

Woohoo! Talk of the Town is back this week with awesome features. I know I say that every week, but we only choose THE best features to share with you. Can we choose ALL the best? Sadly, no. It’s always hard for me to narrow it down to only one DIY and one Recipe. I hope you like what we are highlighting this week!

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DIY Toddler Busy Board

For my contribution to this month’s Power Tool Challenge I made a DIY toddler busy board for Eli! This month’s theme is unusual items. Of course we still were to use at least one power tool. I used saws and a drill. Eli loves all the gadgets mounted to the activity board. I can already see a difference in his ability to work the hardware bits and bobs.

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Talk of the Town 141

What will you make? Pancakes? Roast? Junk Angel? So many great ideas in this week’s Talk of the Town. I usually choose something chocolate, but went a different way this week. Can you guess which recipe I chose?

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headboard shelf coat rack

This repurposed headboard shelf coat rack is a fairly easy project for you to tackle this weekend. If you have a mudroom or a place that you’re in need of hanging hats, coats, or backpacks–this is a great fix. Step by step directions will show you just how to do it yourself.

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