Wooden Chevron Table Top using Shutter Slats


blue-repurposed-tv-standDo you remember this repurposed t.v. stand (from the ReStore) that I showed you last week?  If you remember– I painted with my new Homeright Finish Max Pro?

I’ve got some details to share with you today.

t.v.-cabinetThe bottom of the cabinet was too deep and I decided to add a shelf.  You can see that I have already added cleats to the side made out of scrap wood and secured with some Gorilla Wood Glue and my nail gun.

notched-plywood-shelfI added a thin piece of plywood that I notched out to make the shelf.  Not shown: I added a small board for support in the middle (back)

blue-paint-finish-max-proThen I put it in the paint booth for a quick paint makeover with my HomeRight Finish Max Pro .

trace-slatsDid you wonder why I covered the top of the t.v. cabinet with paper while I was painting it?  This is why.  I had been working on the top of this cabinet off and on for a couple of weeks trying to get the pattern right.  Once I got it right I traced all of the repurposed shutter slats on one side so I could easily replicate the pattern without a lot of thought.

louvered-closet-doorI used the slats from two closet doors I’ve had in my storage shed for a year or so.

five-inch-slatsI cut the slats in 5” lengths, then lightly sanded them to remove the shine.  If you don’t have access to shutter slats, you could try this project with Paint Sticks

traced-patternIn this picture, you can get a better feel for how I traced them after I finally got the pattern the way I wanted it.  I seriously put them on and off so many times trying to get them to look right that I didn’t want to have to do that all over again.

use-gorilla-wood-glue-to-secureI removed the paper and painter’s tape and followed the pattern I traced using Gorilla Wood Glue to secure all the slats in place.  I let the first two set up before I continued the pattern because I wanted to be able to push them snug against each other.

line-up-slats-gorilla-wood-glueI found this method worked easiest for me.  I placed a row where they should go, checked them for placement, then flipped them all over, squirted some glue on each one, then carefully turned them over and laid them in place.

how-to-wooden-chevron-table-topIf I weren’t so math-challenged, I’m sure this would have been much easier for me. Smile

yardstick-mark-cutsI used a metal yardstick to help me mark the cuts for the pieces than hang over the sides of the wooden chevron table top.

filling-in-corners-wooden-cheveron-table-topI saved all the cut-offs and were able to use many of them to fill in the areas that were left.

NOTE:  I cut my slats on a compound miter saw—using a full slat from the door shown above to do all the small cuts.  NEVER place your fingers near the saw blade to hold short pieces of wood.  The small pieces you see are the end cuts after I cut the slat.

wooden-chevron-table-topVoila!   It’s completed!   I love it!

stain-wooden-chevron-slatted-tabletopThese are my tools to stain the top after it was glued down.  I used Minwax Wood Finish in Walnut, a cheap chip brush, a latex glove, and a small rag to wipe the stain off.

staining-wooden-chevron-herringbone-table-topI used the cheap chip brush in able to get down into the cracks of the wooden chevron pattern, then wiped the stain off with the small rag, going with the grain of each slat.

NOTE: painter’s tape around the front and sides.


stained, and loving it even more!


I added a cheap piece of bead board paneling for the back. Here’s where I’d like to tell you that the piece was too small and I had to piece it together. Well, in fact that IS the truth. The piece was too small because someone cut it wrong <gail looks around to find the guilty party>  You know the old saying measure twice, cut once?  I actually measured this THREE times.  I seriously don’t know how I cut it wrong—I think I’ll blame it on my poor math skills. Smile  I simply cut another small piece to make up the difference.


I simply glued the two pieces together and used painter’s tape to hold it until the Gorilla wood glue set up, then I removed the painter’s tape and laid down a piece of white Gorilla Tape.


I love the walnut stain with the Naval (Behr) paint.


y’all know I’m terrible at staging, but I had to show how this wonderful cabinet can be used in your home.


Well, looky who’s there!   It’s my little Louie!  This cabinet would make a great pet bed.  Louie doesn’t have a pet pillow because he sleeps with me, but a king sized bed pillow fit perfectly in this cabinet.

Note: the pieced bead board is on the right, you can’t even tell it has been pieced.  I painted the back of the board blue, and painted right over the white Gorilla tape.

repurposed-tv-dog-bedLouie was such a good boy, he let me take all kinds of pictures.  This repurposed t.v. cabinet is very versatile, how would you use it? Do you love the wooden slatted table top as much as I do?


ps  I’m spending some time over at Sew Woodsy, helping Jon and Katie take some time off for their sweet baby Ryder.  Check out my post Upcycle Furniture Roundup

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I love the use of the shutter pieces for the top. I have a tv stand like that one and the veneer on the top looks to have gotten wet at some point. My son is passionate about music and I wanted to decoupage sheet music or guitar motifs on the top but I don’t know what to do about the warped veneer. Any idea how to remove or smooth it?

Gail . . . you ROCK! What an amazing idea and an amazing transformation. You must have a very mathematical mind. I know it would take me ages to do something like this but I’m pinning anyway, just in case I can get Mr. OTN, the Scientist, to help me on a project. Thank you so much for sharing the “how to”.
Blessings to you,

Very impressive! And inspiring! And gorgeous! And clever!
I would like to know how you cut off the edges of the slats without cutting the top!

Hi Gail, Absolutely adore the table. BUT I’m a little confused. Did you cut the slates individually? Or where they glued to the paper and then cut. After you glued the slates, as shown, what where they glued to? Te able is so pretty I’m going to attempt to copy yours, if that’s OK.
Please let me know how you make your cuts.


I’m so happy to inspire you to make your own, copy all you want!

I’m sorry– I’ve confused you about the paper. the paper was on the top of the cabinet so that when I painted it blue, the pencil tracings wouldn’t disappear. :) I spent so much time figuring out the pattern that I didn’t want to take a chance in loosing it.

I cut tons of 5″ slats, then laid them all out, drew the pattern along one side, covered it with paper, painted it blue, then removed the paper, revealed the tracing marks and followed that pattern again. Gluing them one row at a time. After I got all the whole ones done, that is when I cut some bits and pieces off of another long slat to get the small pieces to fill in.

I sure hope this helps, if you ever have any questions, just let me know!


Very nice! Love the top. I have a couple of old shuttered bi-fold doors. Now I know what to use them for. Could be a table top also.
Just love it!

Absolutely beautiful. Love the drawer in the bottom, was it hard to do? I need to look for a nightstand or something small to do that with the Chevron pattern is one of a kind. LOVE THIS PIECE.

Love the slats. Who would thought? I have some old shutters just waiting for that kind of thing. You are brilliant!

I too had a nice tv cabinet that I started fixing. I finally gave it to the local thrift store and I couldn’t think how to fix it properly. Wish I had it back. I just purchased a cabinet about the same size with a cat door in the side. I removed the front doors and cat door. had to strip it as it had some flaky finish on it. I want to use it to give my kitty privacy when she uses the litter box! Don’t we all love our pets?

I love it! You and me are about the same with the math skills…I usually measure 4 times and still cut wrong. It’s in my DNA. I like that you stained the chevron. It really added depth to them. I think it should be Louie’s bed during the day! He looks so cute in there. And your staging is getting pretty darn good I’d say!

What a gorgeous top for a really useful cabinet. I think you did a great job on this, Gail. It’s the nicest looking chevron top I’ve seen. I’d love to try and do this one day, and your instructions will be the ticket!

Wow, Gail. This cabinet is so sweet! I love, love, love the Chevron on the top. It’s just beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

The chevron idea would make a lovely table top if sealed for out doors. Would be a nice dining table or small side tables in a seating area outdoors :) got me thinking…..