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Cheap Stenciled Welcome Mat

stenciled welcome mat









Have you ever done foam pouncer stenciling on a rug?  I know everyone is doing it all over blog-land, and it’s been on my to do list.  However I didn’t have a need for one.  When I visited my cousins in Michigan we had a bonfire, and I noticed that there was no rug to wipe our feet on when we came in from outside.  I decided to make one as a small gesture of their hospitality for putting up with me.

stenciled welcome matI made a stencil out of contact paper with my CAMEO.  It says Welcome to Dogpatch. My cousin Jeff and his wife Marybeth have rescued their share of dogs, and they have a Daisy Mae.  Their email address even uses dogpatch, so it seemed like a no-brainer.  I centered it and used a piece of Scotch Blue tape to hold it.


contact paper stencilI removed the backing.


martha stewart pouncerI used my favorite Martha Stewart Foam Pouncers and some black paint.  I always use the slick paper from the contact paper to blog my paint.


welcome mat stenciledInstead of using craft paint, I broke out the big guns using Rustoelum Painter’s touch.


dogpatch welcome matWhile the paint was still damp I removed the large piece of contact paper, then the oodles and boodles.


scotch blue painter's tapeI designed some paw prints and bones, but I didn’t leave enough space around them, so I had to use a bunch of painter’s tape to hold them in place.


contact paper stencilI got this rug at Home Depot, they were selling them in a package, 2 for $4.


welcome to dogpatchSimple and customized Welcome Mat.


stenciled welcome mat

I thought I’d let Louie test it out before I mailed it to the cousins. He’s a little scruffy, eh? I mailed it, and they called me as soon as they opened it. Marybeth said she didn’t want to use it. hahahaHave you stenciled a rug?


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  1. very cute! i need one that says…..
    welcome. sit. stay.
    then maybe jake won’t chase deer.

  2. These decorative, handcrafted Door Mats offered a fun way to welcome dog owner guests.

  3. This is sooo cute Gail, and Louie is adorable.

  4. I have! Check out the Kitty Cat Doormat!

    I used a doormat from Walmart that was $7. Where did you find yours? The doggie doormat is cool but I have to represent the felines!!

    My mat is holding up really well and it’s actually our front door mat so I say if you want, give it a shot!


  5. K Coake–The CAMEO takes up to 12 inch vinyl. This contact paper was cut down the middle lengthwise when I bough it into two very long 9 inch rolls. It must look larger than it is/was.
    Thanks All!

  6. Fantastic and super cute Gail!!!

  7. What a cute dog and cute rug! My girls were standing here saying ‘ohh’ and ‘ahh’ over both the rug and the dog. I love making my own stencils…it is so fun to get to customize things exactly how you want them. Does the Cameo accept any size paper/contact paper? I notice your stencil is really big and looks like it is all in one piece and was wondering how you did that. It looks fantastic!

  8. Louie is so cute!!!! Love your little rug and yes, I was planning to paint a seagrass rug this fall but the weather changed faster than I could get to it.

    Have a great day!

  9. That’s fabulous, Gail! And your little model is the cutest.

  10. Ana,

    I really don’t expect the paint or the rug to last more than a year or so…especially with 4 dogs. :) But it was an easy project, and very inexpensive, so very easy to duplicate, or even change up!

    Thanks for traveling all the way from Croatia! :)

    Thanks everyone for your kind comments!

    jamie–spam came to my inbox, but it’s not here on this post currently. I guess blogger was dozing off this morning.

  11. Man you got hit with some spam comments today! :)
    The rug looks so cute and LOUIE! Oh my gosh he looks adorable! :)

  12. I haven’t stenciled a rug but maybe I will now.

    Turned out so cute!


  13. What a great gift! Maybe I should try it, I would have to use regular stencil or freehand it thou.
    BTW, there is a little of that flurry white stuff on the cars this morning….
    Have a great day,

  14. No, I haven’t stenciled the rug yet, but I am thinking about it for a while now. Does the paint come off with time by using the rug? How about rain?
    Many greetings from Croatia!

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