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DIY Chalk Paint (kids table and chairs)


DIY Chalk Paint

I’ve made my own diy chalk paint before, along with my own chalkboard paint. For the chalkboard paint I used unsanded grout. So many people are making chalky paint with plaster of paris so that’s what I’ve been using.  I made my own chalky paint for the paneless  cupboard door shelf.



DIY- Chalk- Paint (2)To start, I poured some water onto the plaster of paris and stirred it up. To get more details see my post DIY chalky paint makes a great primer.

This red paint has lasted a LONG time. I also used it on the Toddler Bed, and the Door Bookshelf.

DIY Chalk Paint (3)Then I added some red paint, and stirred some more.  I mix paint just like I cook—I don’t measure anything.  There are lots of recipes online for this if you need it.


DIY Chalk Paint (4)The best reason to use this paint is there is very little prep to do.

IMG_2377I bought some little red chairs at our Habitat for Humanity ReStore last year. They were a little rough.

DIY Chalk Paint (6)The one on the left is after a quick coat of the homemade chalky paint.

IMG_2412After both chairs got their little makeover, I broke out the Annie Sloan dark wax. The one on the left is after the wax.

IMG_2369This is a table I got from jamie. She bought it at a thrift store several years ago, and painted it. She used it for quite awhile, but then passed it on to me.

DIY Chalk Paint (5)I did a quick coat of the chalky paint on it, not working hard to cover up the undercoat.

kids-chalkboard-tableI used Rustoleum Chalkboard paint on the top of the table. I general do at least 3 coats. Going east to west on the first coat, north to south on the next coat, then sort of both ways on the last coat.  I use a foam brush when I paint chalkboard paint on. Then I store it in a baggie.  It lasts a LONG time that way.

Not shown—after the chalkboard paint dried on the table, I put a light coat of the dark wax on the table (the red part of course, not the top).

kids chalkboard table (5)AFTER

Kids Chalkboard table & chairs (13)

Kids-Chalkboard-table-chairs (6)I’m really pleased how the chairs got a facelift, but didn’t really change them much.

Kids-Chalkboard-table-chairs (10)I also love the red and the black together.

Kids Chalkboard table & chairs (12)Aren’t the chairs sweet?  They do have some bad places in them, but I figure they might be as old as me, so the imperfections add to their charm!  Winking smile

Kids Chalkboard table & chairs (4)Ohhh to be a kid again!


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  1. oh so fun!!!!
    so, miss no measure…..do you have a certain consistency you go for???
    cake mix? brownie mix?


  2. Hi Gail….love your blog! You are just w-a-y too crafty!!

    One question….I have seen several blogs talking about the homemade milk paint. One said just add the plaster of paris to your latex paint. Have you ever just used flat wall paint in the mix or does it have to be the latex???


  3. Gail your little red chairs & table turned out lovely! I now following your blog!

  4. Hey Gail
    I love the table and chairs. I’ve heard so much talk about this chalk paint,, How is it different from regular paint? Is it better to use?

  5. What a sweet set for any child to enjoy!! Love how the wax tones it down…just the perfect finish!! I’ve got to try this homemade chalk paint!!

    If this set goes to your shop…it will sell fast.

  6. Hey sweet girl! :)
    Thanks for your comment on where I put my painting…it really does make me smile every time I look at it. Blogger friends are the best! (yes, that includes YOU!) :-)
    I did NOT know you could make your own chalk paint! How cool!! I hate to prime with a purple passion, but didn’t want to shell out the big bucks for the chalk paint, so this is wonderful news to me! lol I wonder if you can use a less expensive wax as well?? hmmm…maybe I should just bite the bullet and buy the wax. :)
    Hope you’re enjoying this wonderful weather around here this week! I’m doing TONS of yard work and hardly breaking a sweat…I could use another week of this weather! :)

  7. Your color should be called ‘Country Red’- it has a barnred cast to it and that’s great because it’s a wonderful color! Well matched for the pint sized table and chairs. And what’s better than that? A chalkboard right where you need it! You have great taste, Gail!

  8. Very cute! I am looking forward to trying this paint soon.

  9. Pretty darn cute and clever there my friend!

  10. This table and chair set is SO CUTE!! I love that red too.

    Have a great week Gail!!
    It’ll be grandson time for me soon… too bad I don’t have a cute table and chair set to take to them!


  11. That set is cute, the red looks like a rusty red on my monitor. Cool colour!

  12. Absolutely adorable Gail… okay now you convinced me to make some chalk paint.

    I have just the right little one for that table and chairs…now to find a set.

    I never condition my chalkboard paint either… I dampen one of those miracle cloths (you can find them in the dollar store) and wipe clean… it does a fabulous job.

    Another great job.


  13. THESE ARE SO CUTE. I like the color have a great day.

  14. Oh I love that red color! I like the charm of them being not perfect, they turned out so darn cute! What an artist you are as well with the drawing on the chalkboard, never knew.

  15. thank you all so much! :)

    I’m a rebel… I do not condition my chalkboards. Because after I do, I wipe them down with a damp cloth so they are black again, so it seems like it’s pointless.

  16. I have not had much success “conditioning” the chalk board painted surface before using(as the paint instructs). It always ends up dulling the black color to a washed out greyish, and it looks yucky. Any hints or advice on what you have found works best? Thanks as always for your posts and help.

  17. This is darling! I *always* love red!

  18. Totally LOVE, Gail. Great job! I’ve been combing yard sales for a table and chair set for my little one and hope to do a similar makeover. Thanks for the inspiration!

  19. they turned out so great! (nrn)

  20. What an adorable makeover! I Love the table and chairs and the red and black together.

  21. I love it! The chairs and the table are just so cute. I want to be a kid again too!

    Dee :)

  22. that set is so adorable! love it- the color and the chalkboard!

  23. Looks fabulous! Love the red!


  24. Fabulous idea – love that cute little set!!!

  25. What a great table and chairs. I can see a set of those in my house in the next year for my lil grandson. Don’t cha just LOVE homemade chalk paint? Great transformation Ms. Gaily Gail
    : )
    Hugs ~

  26. Love the transformation!

    Mrs. Delightful

  27. Very sweet! I love the red and black color combination! And you know how I love making chalk paint!

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