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felted sweater Christmas stocking

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wool sweater stockingHi, I’m Anita. I blog at Going a little Coastal and I have an etsy shop, Skyland Drive.
I have been following My Repurposed Life since I started blogging a few years ago. I am always amazed and awed with Gail’s projects.
I love repurposing items when I can and I have learned a lot from her. For one, not to give up. Things might not always go as planned.I got into felting wool last year and finding wool sweaters at the thrift stores quickly became an addiction. I loved all the colors and patterns. Felting is washing and drying wool so the fibers blend together and you don’t see the stitches anymore. The higher the wool content the better. I use at least 80% wool.

I thought I’d show you what I did with this pretty little green sweater I found. It was a frustrating sewing day for me but it all worked out.

Ever have one of those days when you have something all figured out in your head,
yet it still does not turn out like you thought? No matter how many times you go over it?

Here is how it started.
green wool sweater
After I washed and dried and shrunk it down, I cut it all apart.
green sweater into a stocking
I removed the seams so that I had a nice flat piece to work with. Save the seams you can use them later.
stocking pattern
I printed out a pattern I found online and pinned it all and then cut it out. You don’t really need a pattern but I find it easier. Just google, Christmas Stocking Pattern, and you’ll get a lot of hits.

stocking made from green wool sweater

Okay, here is where I made a bit of a left turn and the craziness began.
I sewed the neck ribbing on to the toe of the stocking. I used the printed part for the cuffs and attached them to the top. And I used the sweater seam for the hanging loop.
See how they are sitting? I should have just layered them like that, with the ribbing inside. But NO, when I went to the machine I lost my mind and did the opposite.
stocking toe
I took one look at my creation screamed a few colorful words. So, out came the seam ripper and I started again. The wool is very forgiving!
The cuff was still not right either. I have a seam on the outside but you know what? It’s okay by me.
stocking cuffSo I will not try to explain the sewing procedure, you are on your own.
I should have just left an outside seam for the whole thing because of the weight of the wool. Which is what I did for these mini ones.
mini stockings wool sweater It cuts nicely and doesn’t unravel. That’s the great thing about felted wool. I just didn’t have enough coffee and I was not thinking clearly.
Sometimes the simplest things turn out to give me the most trouble. Why is that? Or maybe it’s just me.
wool sweater into a stocking
But in the end I’m happy with my soft fuzzy stocking. I love the color. So the next time your favorite sweater gets thrown in the dryer by mistake, don’t fret, recycle it into something else! Soon you’ll be accidentally throwing your husbands sweater in the dryer as well. :)

And if you’d like to see more projects that I’ve done, swing on by Going a little Coastal.
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Thanks Gail for letting me stop by!

Anita—I love, love, love your stocking, and your mini ones are so adorable too!  I hate to sew, but if I ever shrink a wool sweater, I’ll definitely be making one of these!  The color of yours is perfect. Thanks for a great tute, and your very kind words about MRL!


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  1. So cute, I’ve always wanted to try felting. Thanks for the tutorial.

  2. girlfromwva says:

    Love this stocking! And thanks for the easy instructions!

  3. I love the little stockings, which look even more difficult to make. And that sweater, what a find, it’s just perfect for this project.

  4. How cute! I love the soft fuzzy texture!

  5. If I ever find wool sweaters, I’m going to do this. They look great, Anita. And I didn’t even notice the seam on the outside.

  6. What a great idea Anita! I’ll definitely have a look at your other sweater projects.


  7. Awesome tutorial.


  8. Those turned out so cute!!!

  9. Well isn’t that just cute as can be?
    I love it; especially the green!
    I’m going to read more on her blog.


  10. Wonderful idea! I see so many cute sweaters at the Thrift Store! They will never fit me so I pass on them, but no more! Making these for sure! Thanks! Anita rocks! And so does My Repurposed Life! Thanks!

  11. Thank you all for the sweet comments. So glad you liked the stocking! I agree with Laura, there are a lot of wonderful patterns out there. :).

  12. I wish I had a felt sweater to convert into these adorable stockings! I’ll keep my eyes open at the thrift stores. thanks for posting this!

  13. I love this. What a great idea.

  14. these are adorable! i love anita! :)

  15. Adorable idea…thanks for sharing!

  16. Good Morning!

    This is such a great idea! So many sweaters have really pretty designs in them…just perfect for stockings. And please don’t feel bad…I have totally had days like this at my sewing machine!

    Sweet blessings,

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