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spray paint plastic chairs

ugly plastic chair











Do you have some of these cheap plastic chairs that are ridiculously stained and ugly?  I have 4 that I’ve had so long, I don’t even know where they came from.  Did you know you can spray paint plastic chairs?

So, I had all this spray paint . . .

spray paintCan you believe this stash?  My sister gave it to me when she quit crafting. Two years later and I still have some left because I’ve been trying to make it last.

I hosed down two of the ugly chairs, and left them in the sun to dry.

paint ugly chair with spray paintThen I painted them!  It was just an experiment, the chairs were so ugly, I really didn’t have anything to lose.  Each chair did take an entire can of paint.

painted plastic patio chair So, I’m not sure it’s all that thrifty to paint your chairs.  However, it did keep them out of the landfill.  At first, I wasn’t sure how well it would hold up, but it’s been almost 2 months, and they still look great. The paint seemed to cure over the first few days to where I think they could actually be stacked.  At least now when I sit in them, I don’t get that nasty white film on my clothes.

Now, how about another quick paint project?

spray paint wrought iron patio chairYears  ago I traded my cousin Terry this patio set for a concrete table and benches.  I definitely got the better end of the deal.  I think these chairs will last forever!  They had been a cream color in their younger days. When I got them from Terry, they were black. But the black paint has been peeling a lot, so I thought it would be time for a makeover.

dual spray paintI used this Dual paint from Krylon.  It’s a paint an primer in one.  I got a can when I co-hosted the Mint Julep June Jaunt last year.  It took several cans to do this project. I had to go buy more paint, and it was hard to find Krylon.  The only place around here to find Krylon  was Walmart.

pretty patio tableDo you remember when Susan @ Homeroad did a guest post with her patio table? This is the same patio table she used.  Smile  I painted mine green to match the chairs.

hydrangeas on the patio

green wrought iron pation furniture

I love the new color of this set.  So much better than the peeling black paint.  Isn’t spray paint amazing?


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  1. I think the chairs look amazing..!!


    We sprayed our plastic shutters and they came out beautiful . Been on 5 yrs.

  3. Is there a certain type/ brand of spray paint that works better than others on plastic? I want to paint some cheap drawer units from walmart

    • Cyndy

      Krylon makes a fusion paint for plastic. However, If you use primer first or make sure your plastic is “roughed” up a little, other Krylon paints will work well also.
      Here are the key things to remember.

      let dry
      cure (curing is the most important in my opinion) I generally wait several days to several weeks before using my pieces when they are apt to get a lot of abuse. :)

      good luck!

  4. I used the “Paint Plastic” Krylon spray paint to paint over an older car top carrier we turned into a pull behind a motorcycle trailer topper.

    The top had been an off white sorta no-color color and the base was a gray. We wanted the top to match the bike (dark yellow and black) and so we used black for the frame of the trailer (metal frame) and the topper.

    I think this stuff is not what it has been cracked up to be. From practically the moment we sprayed it on it has been coming off! We did prep the surface by washing and de-greasing and priming. (Tho the can claims you don’t have to prime). Even in the driveway the stuff was chipping off! And when we took it on it’s “Maiden Voyage” who Nellie did it ever chip. Looks like it has a disease.

    If anyone has any other ideas for coating this topper PLEASE let me know! The trailer is put away for the winter now but come spring we will be using it all the time and I hate to think of this behind our beautiful and rare bike!
    jmloebel (at) g mail (dot) com

  5. Anonymous says:

    I used the Krylon plastic paint on my plastic chairs. After 5 years they are just starting to show the need to repaint.

  6. Blue and Orange!?! Go Boise State!!

  7. I think my stash is your stash’s twin :) You can never have enough spray paint in my book. I have one plastic chair that I keep up by my studio, gonna reach into my stash and spray it now that I have seen yours!

  8. both of the do overs look good.. I have one of those ugly plastic chairs sitting on the back porch.. think I will try to paint it. Did you use spray paint for plastic or just the regular paint?

  9. Everything looks great!

  10. ooh, love the new colors on the plastic chairs! They look great.
    That is such a pretty wrought iron set, and the green is very classy.

  11. Yes, it is amazing! Your chairs certainly got a new life, and your patio set looks really good.

  12. WOW – what a haul of spray paint you were lucky enough to be given! I can’t believe how expensive it has gotten. I love how the orange chair turned out – that’s my favorite color. BTW, my friend painted hers several years ago and they’re still holding up.

  13. I love DUAL paint. Have it in my stash. Great updates,Gail.

  14. WOW! You could nearly open up a shop for selling spray paint! LOL What a nice stash to have! Your ‘new’ lawn furniture looks fantabulous!!

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  16. amalia… yeah, you should use a wire brush on the rust before you spray paint. I had minimum rust, I didn’t work too hard on the rust. :)


  17. I have a metal chair that could use some spray painting! Do I need to care if there are any rusty looking areas before spray painting? – Thanks! – Amalia

  18. How Awesome! I have some of those plastic chairs that need a makeover, too! I will have to put this on my looong to-do list! That’s quite a stash of paint, lol! Have a wonderful day!


  19. Wow…I have spray paint envy! I love the hunter green on the wrought iron set…it’s my favorite color. I bought a metal pub style patio table & chair set from a yard sale for $15 and brought it home and cleaned it up repainted it with that green and we eat dinner on it almost every evening.

  20. Your patio furniture is looking good! And holy cow Gail, that’s quite the stash of spray paint!

  21. Amazing and cheerful. I think I will paint my toilet that purple color. It’s been leaving white marks on my clothes whenever I sit on it too. Love your blog!!

  22. I repainted my cheap old chairs a few years ago using Fusion paint, and they are still in great condition. Fusion Spray Paint actually bonds with the plastic, no rub off, flaking, peeling etc. I love it for anything plastic. It is available at Walmart in my area.
    I love the colors you chose, the dark green is what I have on my patio table and chairs.

  23. The color is so fun! I wish I could inherit that much spray paint! Your patio set looks great, I love how paint can make such a difference.

  24. I love spray paint. I have a small cast iron bistro set. It was black and just looked boring next to the house. I painted it bright red and now its cheerful and cute. Small change, big impact!

  25. Love the new and refreshed look. I use that Krylon paint often and love it. Great coverage.

  26. Well, yeah! I love the bright colors you used on the plastic chairs. I’ve spray painted some of those chairs. I had black and that is what I used. But That was years ago…now they are peeling…it could also be that I used El Cheapo spray paint. I could probably save them and repaint using something more suitable for plastic.

    That orange and purple…smokin’HOT. love ’em .

  27. NOW you tell me! I got rid of all my plastic stuff!!! Love the new colourful look.


  28. Those plastic chairs are amazing all painted up… I have two that need a major clean up too.

    I would give my eye teeth for your rod iron set. I have been on the look out forever for one of those sets. I came close a couple years ago but I passed it up and have been kicking myself since. I really like the colour you chose… nice job.

    Wow that is one big selection you got yourself there… and that stuff is not cheap. Lucky you.

    Glad to see you are back at it… stay cool.


  29. I would be afraid to paint my plastic shairs. The paint doesn’t rub off on clothes when you sit on them? I may try it. They look awesome!

  30. Easy remakes with some pizazz! The chairs are so much better with a little color! And that’s one great stash of spray paint! You’ve got me beat!


  31. Now that’s a stash of spray paint! I love the set in dark green, looks so rich and new! Great job and lucky you!

  32. These all look great…awesome job!

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