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repurposed window

Until my shoulder heals, I’ll just be tinkering with small things that aren’t painful.

I’m glad I enjoy working with vinyl projects, or I’d really be going batty.



old windowThis is a window project I did several years ago. I had it in storage for a long time.  It’s been at the shop in the booth for a few months now.  I brought it home earlier this week and decided it needed a change. The appliques are Tatouage.


removing tatouageI tried to remove the Tatouage with a razor blade. It wasn’t budging!


removing tatouageI brought out the big guns. I squirted some un-du sticker, tape and label remover on the window, and used the razor blade to scrape it right off.


clean windowThen I cleaned the window with my Fish Foam Window Cleaner.


I am applying vinyl, and I wanted to make sure all of the un-du was gone.

silhouette design studioI’ve seen this before, but pinned it recently and thought it would be perfect for this window.

how to apply vinylI thought I’d show you how I apply vinyl.  I use the transfer paper to sort of stick the vinyl in place.  You can see that it is larger than the vinyl paper, and is sticking to the window.


how to apply vinylI remove the vinyl completely from the slick paper, with the transfer paper acting as a hinge.


how to apply vinly to glassI remove the slick paper, and prepare to lay the vinyl onto the glass.


apply vinyl to windowAfter laying the vinyl on the glass, I start removing the transfer paper by laying it back on itself.


how to apply vinyl to old windowThe vinyl is sticking easily to the clean glass.


Every Love Story...The window looks so much better now with the updated vinyl replacing the Tatouage.


old window with vinyl

Tomorrow I’ll have a roundup of all my window projects.


The fish foam and the un-du were both sent to me to try out a long time ago.  Both products work great, and I like to let you know what works when I use it. All opinions are my own.  This is NOT a paid post.  :)

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  1. I really like the font on this project. What is it? Thank you.

  2. Gail, Where did you purchase your silhouette machine from? Do you one to recommend? Thank you and simply LOVE your work/art!!

    • Thank you Holly for your comment.

      I was a brand ambassador (sort of) for Silhouette, so they furnished me with a CAMEO and a Portrait. Having both, I will tell you I use the Portrait 99.9% of the time…nearly on a daily basis for my Etsy shop wedding signs. Even though it isn’t as wide as a CAMEO, it still will cut large stencils and vinyl. rarely would I ever need vinyl wider than 8.5.

      I’m always around if you have more questions.

  3. I have tried to look for someone to make my vinyl sayings for me, but I cant find anyone to make what I want. Where do you go? Thank you

  4. I’m a little slow & not understanding how you use the vinyl to put your saying on the window pane. Could you or someone else try to explain it to me? Thanks so very much!

  5. Where do you get the transfer sayings?

  6. Was wondering what you use to make your vinyl signs with. Do you have a machine that you create them with?

  7. What a beautiful way to repurpose old windows–so charming, Gail!

  8. I love this. Please link it to my linky party & anything else you have to share. :) Thanks, Peggy. http://diycraftyprojects.com/2012/10/whatcha-work-up-wednesday-linky-party-6.html

  9. Thanks all!

    Lori–whoa, that’s a LOT of windows!


    I applied the vinyl to the front of the window. I’ve never applied it to the back before. I’m afraid the gummy sticky would show. lol I also don’t trust myself to apply it right being backwards. I’m sure others have done it though. The premium vinyl is pretty sturdy, it can be wiped off easily with a damp cloth.


  10. Just curious…do you apply the vinyl to what you figure will be the ‘back’ of the window pane, so it will be easier to clean the ‘front’ of the glass when it is hanging?

  11. Beautiful, Gail. I sell a lot of chippy windows for weddings. I have a stash of close to 100 windows. Some people ask outrageous prices for blank windows, but since I’ve started working with them people are happy to give them to me to get them out of their shed or garage. I’ve even found windows left anonymously on my porch!

  12. I love this idea! So simple and cute!

  13. love it Gail.. and that quote.

  14. Oh WOW! I love the new version of the window! Great job!

    Have a great week. :)

  15. I love it! Your window looks so nice with the vinyl quote!

  16. It was nice before, but it’s even better now. Love it!

  17. Oh this is Perfect! Cute window and saying! It looks so good. I know what you mean with the vinyl, I am still trying to get it down, I have noticed some vinyl is better that others, and that makes all the difference!

  18. Beautiful Job! I love the “New” Old window. I never find old windows here in Florida. And if you do, you cant afford them. I love undu.

  19. Beautiful job. I stop dead in my tracks for old windows 😉

  20. thank you all so very much!
    Terri–I know what you mean about the vinyl… practice makes perfect. I still have some difficulty with dainty pieces like this one, but overall I’ve got it down. I think it’s all about technique. The vinyl has to be cut at the proper depth to weed easily and to be removed from the backing. it’s a fine line.

  21. What a pretty idea Gail!

  22. LOVE this…I wish old windows were a little easier to come by…they make the cutest projects. This should fly out of the shop!

    I wish I had your knack for applying vinyl…that stuff is another thorn in my side…just does not like to cooperate for me!

  23. Love that saying and it looks great on your window!


  24. I like the vinyl way better then the flowers. Surely it will sell fast now, that would be nice over a bed.
    Happy Monday! Hugs,

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