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Paint Tips

A couple of weeks ago I hosted a giveaway for a HomeRight FinishMax and I asked for painting tips. the response was overwhelming to say the least.  I spent a great deal of time collecting them all for this paint tips blog post.

Some are repetitive, but I think they are worth repeating…not to mention, I couldn’t decide whose tip should be included and whose tip should be left off.  Smile



Spray Paint

  1. Robin: When I use spray paint for smaller items, I place the item in an extra large cardboard box to use as a ” mini spray room
  2. Lora: My painting tip is if all possible let someone who loves to spray paint do the job. lol I’m not good at spray painting but my dad is and likes to do it so I save paint projects for when he visits if I can wait.
  3. Katie: We use a cardboard box when we have small stuff to paint…
  4. durandconnie: My tip: clean your sprayer out after each use. I also don’t like runs, so be careful of how heavy your spray is…it is better to put it on light and make more coats.
  5. Jessica: To make a smaller paint booth, just use a cardboard box.
  6. Bruce: My tip would be DO NOT OVER SPRAY! Drips drive me crazy. Thanks for the opportunity!
  7. Cris: A spray tip would be… to use long even strokes across the surface to the end then back across.. keeping your hand in one spot and sweeping will cause uneven spray and maybe drips.. The one about the wind is a good . I unknowingly spray dusted my car one time..ooopsie AND always wear a mask !
  8. Heidi: Do not leave your spray paint sitting on the cold concrete in your garage! Turns out even if the room is warm enough to paint the actual paint in the can may not be! (Creates an orange peel like texture!)
  9. Kelly: Tip: Don’t paint outside on a windy day!
  10. Becky: Best Paint tip…………don’t spray paint outside when it’s windy!
  11. Jaclyn: My best painting tip…No painting on a windy day! (ha!) And wear gloves!
  12. Lynn: I haven’t seen this mentioned (maybe because it’s a given with everybody who spray paints), but beginning the spray “before” the item, and ending it “after” the item makes for an even coat.
  13. Mary Ann: My husband has taught me to paint with no wind, make sure you can be dust free, always put first coat light, then build color. Don’t spray heavy at first, causes the drips, runs makes the end result ugly.




  1. Delton: My best paint tip is to leave a large elastic band round a tin of opened paint from the bottom the open mouth to quickly wipe off excess paint on the brush instead of the mouth of the tin where buildup can occur and stop you from resealing the lid
  2. Amy: Paint Tip: Don’t paint things outdoors when the temperature is below 50 degrees F. Cold temps do weird things to paint!
  3. Glenda: One great tip to age your piece and have it feel silky is to use 70% rubbing alcohol instead of sanding. After your paint is dry, add some alcohol to your rag and rub where you would like to remove some of the paint. Rub with a softer touch to meld the top layer, silky smooth!
  4. Amy: Tip for when painting rooms: throw aluminum foil on doorknobs, accessories as to avoid paint dripping on the fixtures.
  5. Kelly: My tip for a sprayer user is to add Floetrol in your paint for smooth finish and to thin it. Also…another tip…CLEAN it after you use it…don’t wait and say “I’ll clean it later” Later never comes then you have to scrape that paint off…just clean it RIGHT AWAY. :)
  6. Patricia: My paint tip? cut a template of your light switch out of your paint chip and keep it behind the switch for future reference.
  7. Viv: I have 2 tips I use frequently. The first is to use a fairly large box to spray small objects in so you don’t get paint everywhere. Then if you do need to use a brush, and you don’t get everything done in one sitting, put the brush in a zip lock bag so it doesn’t dry out, and you can use it again when you can get back to painting.
  8. Krisit: When starting a paint project, especially for walls, save a small sample of the paint in an old medicine bottle or baby food jar… etc. This will be great to use later for touch ups that are needed. Also you can copy the label from the paint can onto the container. So you have the mix solution and touch up paint.
  9. Geri: I will share a tip I picked up and will use on the secretary, paint the outside of the drawers it makes them look so clean and really finishes the project off well.
  10. Catherine: It’s super basic, but my biggest tip is always be sure to clean the piece before painting.
  11. Megan: Also, my best tip is when you are painting over a vintage decal on antique piece first cover the decal with vaseline using a fine tip paint brush. Next, spray paint or paint over the vaseline to your liking and when the paint is dry wipe away the vaseline to reveal your protected decal.
  12. Jennifer: My paint tip is to mix a little plaster of Paris in warm water and then add to your paint if you are someone that hates prep work. This will eliminate the need for sanding and priming on most wood pieces.
  13. Laci Mae: My painting tip is to test the paint out on a small piece of scrap before you paint your furniture. Just because the paint color looks like a nice shade of pink in store, doesn’t mean you won’t end up with a Pepto Bismol looking dresser. lol!
  14. Peggy: My tip is to use a lazy susan to paint small items.
  15. Amy: Best tip would be to do several light coats!
  16. Tina: My painting tip: Never paint while wearing your wedding rings.
  17. Chuck: My spray booth set up is in the garage I ran a cable around the roof then hang tarps to cover all my tools and other stuff in garage. Plus tarps on the floor makes it easier in Florida it can be sunny and pouring rain ten minutes later.
  18. Gayle: my painting tip is when painting a chair or small table put tall tacks in bottom of feet or legs to hold it off the surface and be able to cover it all the way to bottom without sticking to the surface
  19. Candace: **tip** whenever you want to add letters or a design as an embellishment, but same color, use hot glue and then paint over it.
  20. Susan: My best painting tip is to wet your paint brush and roller cover with water, so that they are barely damp, prior to adding paint.
  21. Meg: tip: I’ve been painting my own spaces and stuff with roller and brush for ten years. Regardless of what I work on I find it need to check my work – make sure there are no drips BEFORE the paint dries, be sure all parts got painted or that another coat isn’t needed, etc. Don’t use super cheap products – put your money into something that works instead of doing it twice.
  22. Jennifer: I’ve got nothing that I’m sure everybody doesn’t know, but living in the Midwest the most important thing to me is to not paint on a breezy day when things are going to land in my project! Lol!
  23. Lindsey: I use q-tips for painting or staining in hard to reach areas……works well for me.
  24. Ann: I use aluminum foil to wrap brushes and rollers at day’s end and they are ready to go the next day. I also wear disposable gloves when working with certain paints…like chlorinated rubber pool paint…to avoid paint freckles.
  25. Minerva: Paint tip: when painting laminate use a primer first, the paint does not adhere to it when you put it directly on, you’ll see the paint start to bubble, not a happy moment
  26. Sandy: ALWAYS clean all your supplies immediately after using them. Keeps them in good working order and ready for your next project.
  27. Karin: My favorite tip is to use a  punch on the lip of a paint can so the paint will drip back in the can after pouring. Just have to make sure that the holes will be covered by the lid.
  28. Natalie: best tip sand, prime,sand and sand again
  29. Kim: Turn the table upside down paint the underside second…first take the drawers out and paint the interiors of the drawers a different color and the sides. So when you pull the drawers out you’ll get a wonderful surprise color.
  30. Susan: My tip is, to easily paint the heads of screws, insert them into the bottom of an upside down cardboard shoe box. The heads will stay flat and stationary for a quick spray paint.
  31. Jeannie: Tip: When painting, spray a 50/50 overlap for even coverage, starting each stroke before the edge of the project and ending after the edge of the project to prevent puddling and drips, spray as many coats as it takes to achieve hiding.
  32. Rhonda: Best painting tip I have is THIN coats!!! This avoids the runs in the paint and less rework on the back end.
  33. Sandy: My tip for painting is elevate your pieces so you can reach all around the piece–and take your time…
  34. Shmeetra: My best painting tip: Always test on an unseen area if working with a new material(ex. 1st time with plastic or metal)
  35. SueZ: Paint tip – if you’re using a brush or roller to paint and you need to stop for a few hours (up to 24 hours) tightly wrap plastic wrap around your brush or roller, making sure to cover it completely.  The paint won’t dry out and your brush/roller will still be soft and ready to use. Just don’t go over 24 hours. The paint tends to thicken and start to dry then. If you wear disposable gloves while painting, then just hold the brush in one hand with the paint wet bristles in your palm and peel the glove off and over the brush. Use the other glove to “tie” around the handle of the brush to secure the first glove.
  36. Doris: My tip would be to always clean your paint brushes well and hang them up to drip dry. I ruined a favorite brush of mine once by not cleaning it well. :(
  37. Skip: My favorite painting tip is to get someone else to do it. Unfortunately that isn’t helpful. I will say preparation is key. Have all materials handy, surface to be painted is clean, your hands are clean, realize you will have some drips so be prepared to wipe them up. I also tap 4 holes in the top of my paint can to prevent paint buildup on the can. The excess drains back into the can.
  38. Cheryl: One tip I love is to use those spouts you can buy them at homedepot. It is a cover with a spout. No more drips. no screwdrivers to open cans.
  39. Melissa: Painting tip from me would be to put paint brush or roller in plastic bag to keep moist if you can finish your painting project in one day. Hate washing out rollers and brushes if not done as they never seem to be dry when i need them. This way they are ready the next day of use
  40. Meg: I use a big rubber band around my paint container to wipe off excess paint. NO DRIPS!
  41. Karla: My best painting tip is that I save the plastic bottles from my calcium supplements to save paint that I’ve mixed for small parts of projects.
  42. Ashala: For the perfect stripes just paint over your tape some with existing wall color
  43. Caye: Our tip would be to always keep the wand moving at a medium pace. Going to slow can cause runs and going to fast can cause low coverage.
  44. Becky: My paint tip would be for hand brushing, if you are painting something that will take more that 1 coat, you can put your brush in a zip baggie instead of washing it between coats, it can stay in fridge for several days if needed
  45. Ida: Here’s a couple of painting tips… First, I wear a bandana to keep my hair back and protected from “flying” paint (paint’s hard to get out of hair once it’s dried). Another tip is to use an angled brush to cut in corners, such as where the wall meets the ceiling – fewer mistakes!
  46. Renea: My best type for painting is that if you are not finished with your project simply put your paint brush in a zip lock bag until you get back to it the next day. You can also put it in the refrigerator and it last even longer, as cold slows down the drying process. Also I have found that old fashioned handmade lye soap will clean up even your brushes with paint in them. Simply soak them with a little lye soap and water overnight.
  47. Tim: when using paint that forms a skin after use simply cover open tin with cling film and the put on lid it will come off easy next time you wish to use it store the tin upside down then when you want to use it the skin will be on the bottom
  48. Teri: My paint tip is to write the date and year plus the room painted on the can. Also where you bought it. I keep the chip too with the info on it for later reference
  49. Amanda:  Always tape before hand when painting a room. It will save a lot of time and effort in the long run. – To avoid back pain, use the ceiling extension on your paint roller when painting walls. – Primer is your friend! Regardless of whether you’re working on walls, furniture or randomness – prime before you paint!




  1. Staci:  My best painting tip? It is only paint. If you don’t like it paint it again! That is what is so wonderful about paint. You can change it anytime you like.
  2. Linda: My tip would be:Be adventurious and try new things – you will surprise yourself!! I’ve used latex, chalk paint, milk paint and now experitmenting with metallics. I love it all! Plus trying different ways to distress; love wet distressing the best!
  3. Mona: My best painting tips are not too much paint on the brush and patience. Messes happen when we rush!
  4. choosing-wall-colors
  5. Anna: Would recommend if you narrow your choices of paint down to 2 colors and can’t decide which to try 1st use the lighter one. This would make it easier to cover if you didn’t like it and decided to use the darker shade after all.
  6. Latoya: Best paint tip: Don’t be afraid to use different colors then what you tend to choose.
    Be open to something new!
  7. Terri: Tip: You can take just about anything to the Home Depot paint department and they can color match paint for you. We took a stuffed monkey in, and they color matched the color on his tail for the paint me and my daughter wanted to use to paint a stripe in my grandson’s room. It matched perfectly.
  8. Lundsay: I find a quick coat of paint in a fun color is the perfect way to update a room with the furniture I already have and love. Then stencil on top of it and you have an amazing piece!
  9. Judy: My tip is to not be afraid to use 2 colors on any piece because the extra detail really makes it stand out more. I’ll paint the whole item 2 basecoats of white and then tape off the trim with GOOD painters tape, then add 2 coats of your “all-over” paint!
  10. Julie: My tip would be don’t be afraid of color! You will be in love with your creation & it will always make you smile!
  11. Lisa: My painting tip would be don’t be afraid of color and don’t rush things !


For Laughs

  1. Carol: My best painting tip… don’t ask my husband to help you’ll regret it!
  2. B Hess: Best painting tip (for myself): just do it, or it will get too cold out to paint and you’ll have to wait until the spring :)
  3. Abigail: I cant say I have lot of tips – but I did learn the hard way that my very fluffy dog must be kept far far away from drying projects!
  4. Nancy: my tip is to wait until winter is over.
  5. Amy: Forgot my best painting tip…. Lock the kids and dogs out of the painting booth :)Although tail swipes and little finger prints give even the worst painting job character ;)
  6. Anna: wait until the hubby is in a good mood and will watch the kids. There is no way my painting ever turns out well when the kids are “helping.”
  7. Sarah: My tip…..just do it.
  8. Monika: Best painting tip? Occupy the kids with something else more interesting, so they stay clear of wanting to “help” paint. :)
  9. Stephanie: My favorite painting tip is to not leave your wet paint project in the backyard within reach of the very possessive Queensland heeler puppy….or you’ll be washing paint out of puppy fur AND repainting your project


Like a boyscout-Be Prepared

  1. Brenda: My best tip is to always be prepared before you start a project…you don’t want to be in the middle and need something you don’t have handy, and then have to stop what you’re doing to go find/buy it.
  2. Tammy: My best painting tip would be to “P”~ patient, PREP, PREP, PREP then paint. Can’t stress that enough, I have learned the hard way.
  3. Rust: My best painting tip is to do all of your prep work completely ahead of time ….make sure you have all the supplies you need and all the prep work is finished.
  4. Chris: I would say be prepared before you start. Look at what you are doing, the weather, the time, the space you are painting(time it is available), the whole project big or small.
  5. Jackie: My paint tip is take the time to prepare with painters tape.
  6. Vicki: The best tip I have is take time to prepare your project. The extra time will make sure you have results you can be proud of.
  7. Karen: My best painting tip is probably PLAN AHEAD. Gather everything you need. And start EARLY in the day.
  8. Shelly: PREP… although I personally don’t care for this part of the process (I’m impatient and want to PAINT), I have come to realize that good prep work can make ALL the difference in the outcome of my project.
  9. Carmen: My painting tip – make sure you get all your supplies together and that you allow plenty of time for prep work!
  10. Anely: My advice is to make sure you have everything you need ready before you start.
  11. Michelle: I would say the best tip would have to be organization/prepping. Then your mind is free to focus on the creative juices!
  12. Debra: As for a painting tip – prep prep prep. If you take the time to tape things off properly (and make sure your surfaces are clean) you will be much happier with your result. :)
  13. Jami: My best tip? Have someone else do it! LoL Just kidding…Prep—prep your project, prep your area and prep your tools. It’ll save you from a lot of hassles later on.
  14. Karen: Prep work is the key to any painting project. In my humble opinion anyway. Just like setting up the proper painting area is important, whether it’s drop cloths or a painting booth. If you spend the time to set up painting area and you have all the sanding and priming done. Painting is a breeze. Painting projects turn out looking more professional. So there you go, my tip is proper prep work. Also don’t be to hard on yourself if you flub something…lessons are learned every day as long as we pay attention.
  15. Tanya: My best painting tip….it takes less time to do it right the first time than to take short cuts and have to do it again. Prep work is the key to success.
  16. Rachel: My best tip is to not be impatient and skip the prep work–the finish will be much better if you take the time to do it right and it will actually take less time if you are prepared!
  17. Alex: my best painting tip is to take the time to prep because fixing stuff takes three times as long (my husband is learning that the hard way :) )
  18. Beth: The best painting advice I have to share it do not skimp on the prep work before you begin painting.
  19. Benjamin: I have learned that prep work is what determines how well the paint job turns out. Clean and sand. Sand and clean. The better the prep the better the end results.
  20. Joree: My tip would be – Take the TIME to tape off trim and areas you don’t want painted. Takes time but so much easier in the end.
  21. Melanie: My paint tip…..take the time to prep, use a good quality brush and go light on the coats.
  22. Bobbi: Them best tip I have is to take the time to prep your piece well it will save time in the long run.


Patience is a Virtue

  1. Susie: My best painting tip it to refrain from being in a hurry. Always get drips that way.
  2. Leslie: A great tip for painting any project is give yourself enough time and prep your space (get all of your materials you need ahead of time) this will prevent running back and forth for items during a paint project. Also, don’t over coat when painting. It’s better to have multiple coats and avoid the trip look!
  3. Dana: My tip: Don’t rush and two coats for better coverage
  4. Katilyn: I think my one tip would be take your time. It will always look beautiful in the end if you don’t rush it. Make the mistake of rushing and you may end up needing to start all over.
  5. Brooke: My best painting advice is to take it slow, and wait for each coat to dry. I’ve smudged more than one project because of my impatience!! :)
  6. Jen: My best painting tip would be to “take your time”. Don’t try to rush it. Make sure you get smooth, even coats and that you allow them to thoroughly dry before applying the next one. You will be much happier with the outcome.
  7. Kim: My best painting tip is to take the time to do the right prep work. I’m always in a hurry to see it ‘pretty’, but taking the time to sand and prep the item helps me not to have to do it over.
  8. Cheryl: My best tip would be patient, and do multiple thin coats, and not try and get it all done in one coat! Less runs!!
  9. Cheryl: he one tip that resonates with me is patience, I’m always wanting to rush to the end but I keep it in the back of my head to have patience and I won’t be disappointed with the results. :)
  10. Nichole: My advice is also to have patience. It’s easier to spend a few more minutes prepping and taping off then to fix a mess that could have been prevented with a little more time spent prepping beforehand.
  11. Dawn: Best Painting Tip: Take your time and preparation is the most important part of painting!
  12. Bethany: Oh and my tip is take your time when painting.
  13. Elizabeth: My best tip is to Take. Your. Time. Don’t rush it, be patient.
  14. Audra: My painting tip is have patience. patience patience patience!! I would use this for ALL of my projects!!!
  15. Chelle: Be patient and if you get frustrated, go do something else until you can find your patience once more. Don’t let a project intimidate you, if you make a mistake all you have to do is paint over it. In the wise words of Bob Ross: We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents.
  16. Aleisha:I’d have to say is the best painting tip is to have patience. I’m impatient and tend to do thicker coats, which can run and cause you more work. I end up taking more time getting it right trying to fix my mess than if I’d just do thinner coats.
  17. Meari: My suggestion is to use light strokes and don’t be in a hurry. Running paint does not look pretty!
  18. Judy: My best painting tip? TAKE YOUR TIME! Getting in a rush always makes a mess.
  19. Brenda: Painting tip: Spend the time needed to prep. It makes all the difference in the finished project.
  20. Ellen: Tip – take your time and don’t use too much paint. Better to do multiple coats.
  21. Jenny: Don’t try to paint all your coats of paint in one or two tries. Put many light coats on. It is easier to add paint and harder to remove it!
  22. Tasha: Best paint tip…take your time. Don’t rush your project so you make sure you have painted evenly.
  23. Shannon: My best tip is don’t rush between coats, I have created a mess when painting over wet paint!
  24. Danielle: My paint tip is to take the time to prep for your project. Tape carefully, place your drop cloths carefully, sand well, and give your self enough time to do it right. :-)
  25. Mona: Painting tip- give yourself plenty of time! A rushed paint job just means a do-over.
  26. Shelby: I don’t have a ton of experience painting so far, but I have certainly learned that it is important to tape lines well and to do several light coats instead of rushing and doing thick ones.
  27. Terrie: I love to paint but the secret for me to a good paint job is patience and preparation. Don’t rush the start of your project – make sure your prep work is done first. And second, take your time and do it right – patience.
  28. Carol: my best painting tip don’t over reapply too soon i did that and it was a mess just wait
  29. Jennifer: My best tip is don’t rush the painting, do a good job! I always have to restrain myself haha!


Practice Makes Perfect

  1. Colleen:
  2. I guess the best tip I have….if your trying some new technic that you haven’t tried before practice on scrap boards, or old paneling, or anything that is close to what your painting, and be willing to keep trying it again and again, if it don’t look right the first time.
    Thanks all
  3. Alli: My tip is to make sure to sand well before painting and watch for runs! If you are a beginner in refurnishing, pick simple pieces to get a hang of it. Once you have mastered that then move on to the pieces with a lot of cracks, patterns and details!  :)


Quality is Job 1

  1. Leslie: A good tip is to start with good quality paint. It may cost more initially, but worth it in the long run.
  2. Angela: It would be to go ahead and buy the better quality brush. I know you think that it probably doesn’t make a difference but it does, and if you are planning on keeping your project around for awhile you want it beautiful.
  3. Theresa: The best painting tip I ever received is the one my boyfriend gave me. Start with a good quality paint brush and TAKE CARE OF IT. Wash it out very well, blot it dry with a towel, then give it a GOOD spin between your palms, back and forth. Get as much excess water off of it as you can. Put it back in the folded cardboard “envelope” it came in and let it dry. As the paint brush dries it will retain it’s shape, will not collect dust, and will be protected from dust and chemicals. When you get ready to paint again, it’s just like new. Always store your paint brushes in their folded “envelopes”.
  4. Ashley: The best painters tip — don’t skimp on painters tape! I learned the hard way that you get what you pay for :-)
  5. Michelle: My paint tip would be to always use a primer!
  6. Rachel: And a tip? Clean out your brush! And buy the best brush! Makes the job so much easier!
  7. Julie: when i do paint, i like a high gloss, ultra smooth finish. usually between coat 1 and 2 i will lightly hit the entire area with some 000 steel wool. it really makes the finish coat glide on
  8. Thalia: Use painters tape to make sure you don’t paint over a spot you don’t want. Painters tape also good for patterns.
  9. Deb: Best painting tip… Sand, sand and sand some more… Then take the time to clean/dust your workspace or area. It makes a tremendous difference in the finished product.
  10. Mendi: Best painters tip….use clear caulking along painters tape to keep the paint from bleeding under areas when you need a crisp clean line. Works especially well on heavy knock down walls :)
  11. Michele: My best paint tip is to sand between coats. You get such a smoother finish!
  12. Teresa: Tip: Make sure the surface you are painting is clean before you start. Nothing like having dirt or dust show up after painting.
  13. Amber: My favorite paint tip is: a light sanding to any piece before painting goes a long way in the final finish.
  14. Nick: The one paint tip I have is multiple thin coats are better than one heavy coat!
  15. Salie: My best tip…don’t paint when its too windy, too hot, too humid, too cold…check your weather forecast!
  16. Shannon: My best painting tip would be using the dense foam mini rollers when you want a smooth finish!
  17. Kristen: Also, best painting tip- using the extender when using a brush. No brush marks!
  18. Laura: my best advice is to use a tack cloth to ensure a clean surface after sanding!
  19. Martine: My best paint tip…did you know the inside edge of a door where the hinge is should be painted the same color as the outer door; not the same as the inside color of the door. I hope that makes sense.
  20. Sheila: Painting tip. lighter coats and more of them is better than heavy coat and it running!
  21. Kim: Since I don’t have a spray painter (yet anyway, as I hope to win this one) my tip for painting by hand is to use the best brush you can afford. I love the Purdy brand.


Penny Wise

  1. Lisa: A tip? Check out the “mis-tint” area at your local home improvement store for good deals on paint for small projects.
  2. Daisy: As a tip, I like to add Websters chalk paint powder so I increase the coverage of my paint and the adhesion. I use less and often can skip priming. If I was going to add poly it wax as a top coat anyway, even better!
  3. Diane: I like to use leftover ceiling paint as a primer. It provides a really flat surface that holds the top coat and it’s free.
  4. Gwen: I would take my light colored leftovers and mix them together to see what color I had. I took it back to Home Depot where they would help me get a good color with what I had. Always worked!
  5. Kelly: Paint tip: Don’t paint straight from the can. Pour small amounts into a Solo cup or coffee can (or whatever) so that you don’t contaminate the bigger can and also don’t waste as much paint.
  6. Kristen: My painting tip is invest in good quality brushes you really get what you pay for
  7. Martha: My best painting tip – Don’t use cheap brushes/rollers! You will regret it.
  8. Jennifer: Painting tip if the day….place your paint brushes in a ziploc in the fridge between coats instead of washing the brushes all the time. Also, the old saying you get what you pay for goes a long way with painting as well. I love the Purdy brushes. rusted-paint-can-paint-storage
  9. gail: If you have paint that you will be keeping for a long time, consider storing it in a detergent jug.  It’s easy to store and pour from the spout.
  10. Tiffany: My best painting tip would be to buy the highest quality paint you can afford-it’s always worth it!!!
  11. Bree: And my best painting tip is to use a high quality roller, cover and brush and to make sure the cover is the right nap for the application. I have too often opted for cheap and been disappointed with the results.
  12. Candy: My tip would be that do not be embarrassed to pick up a worn piece of furniture put out for the garbage. Be creative and turn something wonderful and useful out of it. Love repurposing and it keeps it out of our dumps.
  13. Jennifer: My advice is don’t buy new furniture…. Spruce up the old by giving it a touch of new paint… Sand it down and give it a new look :-)makes all the difference


Outdoor Fun

  1. Kendra: My tip is to make sure if you use a weatherproofing top coat it doesn’t react to your paint. I learned the hard way and came out with a sticky mess. I had to strip everything off .
  2. Candace: Best tip: I didn’t realize this until after many years of painting: If your paint is in a large (gallon) can, don’t paint right out of the can. If possible, put the amount of paint you think you’ll use in a bowl or other container. First, if you are painting outside, bugs are sometimes attracted to paint. If you paint over one by accident then dip your brush back into the can of paint or somehow the bug gets into the paint supply and dies, it’ll contaminate all of it. After finishing your project, you’ll naturally close up the can allowing the dead bug to rot. Open in up in a month or two and it will STINK to high heaven as the bug body(ies) have contaminated the whole supply. The smell is ghastly. Oddly enough, you can still use the paint and once it’s dry it’ll not stink, but I think it would affect the paint quality. I learned this the hard way. The can was only a month or two old. I took it back to the hardware store thinking they sold me a bad can of paint. (I’ve had that happen, too, be careful you don’t get sold sale paint that was frozen!). Most of the hardware people had no idea why it stunk. Finally I found someone who asked if any bugs got into the paint. I swore that couldn’t have happened. Later I remembered the bug encounter when little gnats were swarming around the fresh paint. I did go back to the hardware employee and thanked him for his knowledge. Live and learn. Really nasty smell!
  3. Lisa: Also my best tip, i discovered this last summer. Even though I knew it, it till didn’t dawn on me…..when it is humid out…..DO NOT PAINT!!1!!
  4. Franny: When painting outdoor furniture  so they look new again….I first wash them down really good to remove all dirt and grime. Then I lightly sand the surface to help the paint bond.


Safety First

  1. Lynn: Make sure the area you paint in is well ventilated. we painted items in the basement and that was a bad idea.
  2. Terri: My BEST personal tip for painting would be to wear a mask, and not wear my work clothing no matter how eager I am to just get started!!!
  3. CindyZ tip: always paint in a well ventilated area and protect everything, including yourself.


Cleanliness is next to Godliness

  1. Joey: My best painting tip to clean your brushes (if you’re not lucky enough to have this sprayer lol), is to boil plain cheap white vinegar, then soak the brushes in an old bowl/jar with the boiling vinegar…then wash in warm soapy water, rinse & let dry :) works well!
  2. Daniele: My number one paint tip is clean your surface and always tarp the space you plan to paint in! Happy painting!
  3. Deb: baby wipes make the best touch-up wipe.
  4. Cindy: My best paint tips are white vinegar for cleaning and do it right away while everything is still wet. Also, if you are going to go right back in a couple of hours and paint a second coat or paint more, cover the roller, tray, paint brushes in plastic and then tin foil and put them in the freezer. Take them out about 10 minutes before you are ready to start and you are good to go!
  5. Barbara: Best painting tip is to wear rubber gloves to keep your hands clean!
  6. Angelica: I use paper on floor so i don’t get paint on my wood floor
  7. Tasha: Best painting tip I have learned is wear gloves while painting to prevent stained hands. And also wear a plastic cap of your head to prevent any paint from getting in your hair :)!
  8. Amy: My best painting tip is to let your project dry longer than you expect it will take. That way you will avoid finger prints if you touch it and it is not quite dry. Also, wear plastic gloves or you will have paint under your nails for weeks! Been there…done that! {Maybe I am just a messy painter}
  9. Bonnie: My tips: Buy yourself a pair of painter’s pants and a shirt; you know, the white, lightweight cotton ones. Keep clean hands by wearing tight-fitting dentist-type gloves.
  10. Jacki: My tip for painting is one I learned from a good friend: old sheets make great dropcloths. The paint doesn’t stay wet on them like it does on plastic, and they lay nice an flat.
  11. C Buxton: Tip I would say to wipe off what ever your going to paint!
  12. Cathi: A good tip for painting is to wear your oldest clothes and keep your hair pulled up.
  13. Vicki: my tip is WEAR GLOVES!!…oh and shoes you don’t care about, paint falls :)  yes…from experience.
  14. Cindy: My tip is one I discovered while showering after painting. I forgot to clean some paint off my leg so I used a Mr Clean eraser. It takes off all paint without harming your skin!!
  15. Tracey: My best painting tips would be to take your time and to make sure you don’t get your hair in the paint… It has taken me weeks to get it all out.
  16. Melody: My paiting tip is to wear disposable gloves.
  17. Jenn: One paint tip I recently learned.. Look at the can! Lol I recently primed my master bathroom (bright red to a lovely turquoise) and after I was done and Covered in dots I found out the primer was oil Based! YIKES! Talk about panic! I rubbed my skin till I was raw. After much research at 3 in the morning (because that when normal people paint right??) oil removes oil…. Odd I thought but worked like a charm make a scrub with olive oil and salt. It came right off!! Lesson learned!
  18. Amy: My best painting tip is…..use vaseline on your hands before touching the paint or anything to do with it. I find even with a sprayer I get paint on my hands. I use a small amount and work it in like lotion and under my nails. After painting it is super easy to wash away any paint that has gotten on my hands because the vaseline creates a barrier.
  19. Lynndy: Its an old tip but I always keep my roller & brush wrapped in Saran wrap in freezer until I have the project completed, I hate cleaning the brushes.
  20. Mindi: I guess my tip would be to wear gloves, my hands always dry out when I am painting because I wash them so much!
  21. oops-paint-spill
  22. Dee: One of my best painting tips is not to use plastic drop cloths in the house. If paint spills the plastic does not absorb on plastic. I end up stepping in the paint and tracking all over the house. I now use old sheets, curtains, [lined drapes work well or blankets.


Don’t Forget:

  1. Erin: My best paint tip is to Prime… It’s a step too many people skip.
  2. Dianntha: My best tip is don’t forget to prime and sand both help with a great finish.
  3. Robbin: My paint tip: take your time! Trying to finish as quick as possible usually ends up with mistakes that have to be re-done. With sprayers, that usually means runs or globs of paint. Also, always clean the sprayer after each use…even if you plan to use it for the same color “in a little while.”
  4. Michele: As for a tip, I’m so spontaneous that I often don’t protect the surfaces that are under where I am painting, so me and my floors, driveway, slate floors in the basement have splashes of color; therefore, I’d recommend taking the time to protect these surfaces ahead of time. I’ll try to heed my own advise!


The clock is ticking

  1. Brooke: if you aren’t done with a project and you are using rollers or brushes, wrap them in a plastic grocery store bag and store them in the fridge, pull them out when you are ready to finish painting and it saves you from wasting paint.
  2. Wendy: My favorite painting tip: When using brushes or rollers for a multi-day project, store them in zipper bags instead of cleaning them daily. It’s okay, even in our dry environment, for the handle to stick out; just close the zipper the best you can and fold the bag around the item to keep most of the air out.
  3. Donna: My painting tip would be to set up an assembly line operation for each color you are painting…that makes for one clean-up and a lot of projects finished in record time.
  4. Sheila: Best painting tip is if you are not finished with your brush you can put it in a plastic bag in the frig and use it the next day without cleaning!
  5. Leslie: My best painting tip that I can think of is to put the paint in a five gallon bucket (instead of a paint tray) and use the screen you can put in the bucket when using rollers. It’s so much faster and less messy than using those paint trays and easier to move around.
  6. Amy: the best tip I have is putting your paint brush or roller in a bag between painting so you don’t have to wash it out every night.
  7. Phyllis: My best painting tip is to wrap your wet paintbrush in foil to keep it from drying out if you need to take a break!

I hope you learn something today, I know I did while reading all of these tips.


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  1. Thanks Gail for collecting and sharing all these tips… some great ones! … and some funny ones too! 😉

  2. Deb Sullivan says:

    What a great site! I will definately be spending some time here. However I wasn’t able to find the information I’ve been looking for (I haven’t been able to find it anywhere online, in fact). I have a really great old kitchen cabinet, kind of deco in design. It has glass doors, wood doors, drawers as well as two built in, shelved cupboards. My problem is it is in desperate need of paint but included in the design is “pin striping” (for lack of a better description). The cabinet is a natural wood colour but the pin striping is in red which matches the chrome and bakelite handles on the piece. Also the pin striping is recessed into the wood. My question is, “How the heck can I paint this cupboard while still maintaining the original red pin striping!?” Can anyone direct me to info that might help me? Thank you so much.

  3. Great tips! Pinning this, thanks for collecting and sharing!

  4. great List!
    I’m pinning for future reference… I forgot about the mess of paint that got spilled on my kitchen floor. My tip for that is…GRAB A BRUSH AND START SPREADING!
    We’re still testing this paint on the kitchen floor and I’m undecided if I want to paint out the rest of it; or paper it. 😉

    Thanks to you and all your readers (but especially you for comprising this list)

  5. WOW what an amazing list of tips and tricks!!!!

  6. So many tips! I was pretty sure I entered a tip but I didn’t see it. Who won the contest? I thought maybe since I didn’t see mine I was hopeing I won. LOL Please take care.

    God Bless!

  7. Meg Merkley says:

    Wow! Thanks for all the tips!

  8. Wow so many awesome tips! Pinning! Thank you for going to so much work to put this together Gail!

  9. There’s a lot of wisdom here, Gail! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  10. debilou-MississippiMama says:

    wow.. thats a lot of tips. Maybe i can remember some of them when I paint my living room soon. Thanks Gail

  11. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. says:

    Holy cow, that is quite the list of great tips!

  12. Now that’s a lot of tips! :)

  13. Gail, you put a lot of work into this post and created a fabulous collection of painting tips! This is a great reference for all of us. Thank you so much!

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  14. Did I miss something? Who won the HomeRight FinishMax. I haven’t seen any posts on this.

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