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Cabinet Doors into a Small Bench for Kids, Dolls, or the Garden


cabinet-doorsA couple of months ago, my friend Shannon gave me a LOT of cabinet doors.  While looking for an easy project to do recently, I decided that using  repurposed cabinet doors to make a small bench for kids, dolls, or the garden  would be a great little project.


repurposed-cabinet-doors-into-small-benchI sorted through the doors to find two that match.  They look the same, but they are different widths.



repurposed-piano-legsA bench needs some great legs.  I have had these two for a long time.  I think they were part of a piano ??



simple-box-gorilla-glue-kreg-jigYou can see that I ripped the beveled edge off of the cabinet door.  I used some gorilla glue to help strengthen my pocket hole joints.



kreg-jig-right-angle-clampI love using these Right Angle Clamps to hold my boards while I secure the pocket hole screws I made with my  Kreg Jig® K4



dry-fit-using-clampsIn this picture, I have the front legs attached to the skirt, but I’m testing the height of the back legs.



more-dry-fittingIn this picture, I’m testing to see if the wider door should be the seat or the back of the bench.



ripped-edgeThat is when I decided to rip the bevel off of each door so they would sit better on each other.



attach-back-legs-to-boxI pre-drilled holes in order to secure screws from the skirt (box) to the back legs.  I used Gorilla Wood Glue for extra strength.



patching-with-drywall-spacklingI use drywall spackling for a lot of my patching.  It’s easy to work with and it dries fast.  I had to remove a bunch of staples from the legs, and they left a LOT of holes.



all-patched-upI used my AirStrike 18 gauge nail gun to secure the seat and the back to the skirt and the legs.



thin-plywood-backThere was a small gap between the top part of the legs and the door due to the recessed area.  I used a small piece of think plywood to fill it in.


small-bench-made-from-cabinet-doorsThis is how the back ended up looking.


ready-for-paintNow this little repurposed cabinet door bench is ready for some paint!



general-finishes-paintI used General Finishes Antique White Milk Paint.  I really like the way it covers, and that it’s not quite as flat as Chalk Paint or DIY Chalk Paint.







repurposed-cabinet-door-white-benchSo far, I haven’t even sealed it, because if feels really great and smooth. This little bench would be great for the kiddos, dolls or even for the garden to hold some bright colored flowers.



american-girl-doll-benchI went to the basement and dug out Jamie’s American Girl dolls, but they sort of look too much like Edith Anne.   Smile

I still have many, many cabinet doors left to repurpose. I’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions for some easy projects.

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  1. New to your blog and computer illiterate but saw hammer andnail for fun. Has anyone suggested making your own headboard by connecting the cabinet doors in the middle depending on the width and then to proceed to make your standard bench do the same to make the side panels
    Just a thought. Loved the info. Son and family retiring after a lifetime being deployed in army and daughter in law ready to be creative. We will do it

    • Welcome to my little corner of the world Joyce! I’ve seen the type of headboard you’re talking about, and it’s a great idea. I’ve also made a small doll bench out of cabinet doors. I love what I do!

      How fun that you will have a “partner in creativity”. Wishing you all the best.


  2. Adorable idea…as always it turned out perfect!

  3. Great job as always. Never thought of doing cabinet doors into a small bench. Would look great in a garden of flowers with a pot of flowers sitting on it.

  4. Ha! Gail… I loved Edith Anne, who didn’t?
    This little bench is so cute.
    I saw that someone gave you a list of links for other projects with the other doors.
    Might I suggest… something? i’LL EMAIL YOU.

  5. Great use of the doors. I can’t believe how many you have! That would look lovely with red geraniums on it.

  6. girlfromwva says:

    i think that little bench is just awesome!
    old cabinet doors repurposed with mason jar for wall vase
    Old cabinet doors repurposed as art displays

  7. What an adorable little bench!

  8. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. says:

    How creative, cute and thrifty! And wow, that is a lot of cabinet doors!

  9. What a cute project, Gail!

  10. Cute idea! :)

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