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Repurposed Crib into Toy Box Bench

crib repurposed into a tox box with a benchI’m so excited to show you my latest creation! I worked my magic on this  repurposed crib into a unique toy box bench.  The crib was not the most sturdy piece, and I had wondered what I was going to do with it.  I’ve made benches from cribs before, but they were sturdier.
I am so loving the way this turned out.  Get ready, this is going to be a picture heavy long






repurposed crib toybox bench (2)My cousin Sandy gave me these crib parts a couple of months ago. She had intended to repurpose them, but got too busy being a Nana.

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repurposed crib toybox bench (3)This one leg was in pretty bad shape. I didn’t know what I was going to do with them until I saw this pin. I pinned it to my “to do” board.  I feel grown up.  I don’t generally pin something then actually end up doing it!


repurposed crib toybox bench (4)Because the crib ends were so tall, I cut off the end pieces, which included the part that had been repaired.

cutting a crib to make a benchI knew that when I started cutting this baby up, that it would get pretty wobbly due to the slats being cut off. To remedy this, I used some scrap lumber to “brace” it.  I shot some nails into these boards to support the side pieces as I designed this piece.  You can see on the left, I’ve drawn lines where I want to cut it off.

using a jigsaw to cut a cribI used my jigsaw to cut through the slats.


using a compound miter saw to cut a cribI used the jigsaw to cut the piece in half, then I moved it to the miter saw to get a closer/straight cut.


repurposed crib toybox bench (13)Doing a dry fit, test run.  I then decided I needed a child to measure.  My neighbors across the street have their kids and grandkids visiting, so I walked over with my tape measure in hand.  Thank you Layla Grace for letting me take some measurements.  The arms were a little tall, so back to the jigsaw I go.


repurposed crib toybox bench (17)I laid the piece down for more design decisions.


repurposed crib toybox bench (18)Now, on to putting together my box. Including storage for this bench was the key to making it sturdy.  I used some boards leftover from my DIY Barn Doors.  I made the box with my Kreg Jig Jr.


repurposed crib toybox bench (20)Yep, it’s coming together!


repurposed crib toybox bench (22)More dry fitting.  Gotta love clamps!  Thanks sis!


repurposed crib toybox bench (25)I added a board across the back, for the lid to be attached.


repurposed crib toybox bench (28)Testing the “lid”.


repurposed crib toybox bench (30)I have had this board forever!!  I bought it on a trip to The Home Depot in Nashville while visiting Jamie.  (My cull lumber is marked with spray paint—Jamie’s home depot marks it different, and you need a lumber slip filled out)


repurposed crib toybox bench (31)I used Gorilla Wood Glue and my nailer to secure the bottom.


repurposed crib toybox bench (33)I used these 1 5.8 inch screws to attach the back of the crib to the box.


using a kreg jig to make a benchI used the Kreg Jig Jr to make pocket holes on each of the armrests where they meet the back.


upcycle a cribawww, I’m loving it!


repurposed crib toybox bench (37)I used the jigsaw to cut off the three slats hanging in the middle of nowhere.
Are ya still with me?  Need a break?  go ahead, we’ll wait for you to get back.  Winking smile


repurposed crib toybox bench (39)This is the piece I cut off to make the armrests.  This is where dumb luck happens!


repurposed crib toybox bench (42)voila!  Look how nice that looks on the front, tying it all together!


repurposed crib toybox bench (44)I’m just a wee short on each side.  I filled it in with some small pieces of MDF.  You can see it in a couple of pictures below.


repurposed crib toybox bench (47)Because the slats are in the middle of the board, they don’t rest on the box.


repurposed crib toybox bench (49)Another scrap piece to the rescue.


repurposed crib toybox bench (51)Here you can see the MDF pieces on each side of the bottom front.


repurposed crib toybox bench (55)This is where I had to take a break and rethink some things.  I spoke to Rose on the phone and she talked me through this.  Because of the overhang on the armrests, the lid would not open.  I had to shorten it in the width. But I didn’t like the big gap, so more scraps are used to make “fill-in” pieces on each side.  I notched them to fit really snug.


repurposed crib toybox bench (56)Much better!


repurposed crib toybox bench (60)Are you loving it?


repurposed crib toybox bench (63)In order for the lid to be secure and have something to “rest” on, I had to add a couple of 1×4’s…one on each side.  If you look closely, you can see the MDF sticks out some.  I sanded it with my orbital sander and it now blends right in with the front piece.


repurposed crib toybox bench (65)Off we go to the paint booth.  I always start by painting the underneath side of my pieces.  Of course I used my HomeRight Finish Max Fine Finish Sprayer on this piece.


repurposed crib toybox bench (67)I chose a color from my massive inventory of oops paint.


upcyle a crib-toy box benchI had to put the hinges on and off several times.  I hate hinges!  I have a hinge for the inside (for safety) but I’m not sure it’s going to work the way I need it to.


green toy box bench made from a cribThis is my first bench with storage.  It is really sturdy, it holds me just fine.


toy box bench made from a cribI will offer to personalize it with a name (Silhouette Vinyl) if someone wants it.

bench-toy box made from a cribThis really was a fun project to build!  Are you inspired?  Got an old crib laying around? What are you waiting for?  Get busy!

upcycle a crib-toy box benchLove it? Please share it!
I gave it to this little guy in July 2012.  Do you think he loves it?


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  1. Theresa says:

    I LOVE this idea! I have 2 ends from a baby bed I re-purposed by using the
    sides as ‘pot racks’ to hang cookware on for my daughter & myself on our kitchen walls.
    I was hoping I could find something to incorporate them into, & your idea has come
    to my rescue! Your bench looks SO nice! My granddaughter will love one too!
    Thank you for sharing!

  2. I just wanted to say I like what you do as I do the same thing and currently have 10 benches ready to market.
    It’s always fun to find a piece and turn it into something else with new life and purpose. Please check out my site and comment when you have the time… Great Job … Never give up !!! Your creations are wonderful and have meaning and usefulness. Greg

  3. LOVE, LOVE LOVE….. Your first storage toy box, uh no pressure or nothing on your self right… geez that is amazing…. I want your talent… !!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    hey check out this person using your picture and instructions for her own personal gain……..

    my email is bobnjanner@hotmail.com

  5. Turned out so cute! I am going to pin it…hope I actually get the opportunity to attempt it!

  6. What a beautiful bench, and such a wonderful way to repurpose an old crib with no purpose! I have two new little twin boys (one is still in the NICU) and I am going to see if I can find an old crib for my husband to repurpose this way…maybe I will even pad the seat with some fun fabric as well. Thanks for the great tutorial!

  7. Eek! I’m so excited you posted this! My husband told me this is what he wanted to do with our crib,and I just couldn’t see it. He isn’t as handy as he thinks he is either, so I thought a simple bench would be better. Thank you for the step-by-step instructions!

  8. All I say is Awesome Job!

  9. WOW! What a beautiful transformation! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  10. Really fabulous job on the crib turned bench. It’s a lovely piece now. I love working more than one purpose into a piece. Those of us with small spaces really need that. Thanks for the inspiration.

  11. This turned out amazing! I love that you were able to take something so many of us have in storage and make it useful and lovely!

    Hugs, Tanya :)

  12. Seriously?!! I was DYING to do this exact thing to an old drop side crib we have, but couldn’t find any tutorials on it! I wish I would have seen this a few weeks ago!! Ended up turning ours into an art table: http://pinterest-project.blogspot.com/2012/06/crib-turned-art-table.html

    I think a toy box bench is AWESOME, great job. Found you on Beyond the Picket Fence linky party!

  13. Talented gals like yourself just amaze me and inspire me… this is so crazy awesome… I LOVE it!!
    You are an artist!

    Thanks so much for linking up to the ALL STARS BLOCK PARTY….

  14. I like it waaay better now than as the crib! Looks incredible!

  15. Thanks so much for linking up to our new All Star Block Party! I just love that toy box bench!


  16. Oh this is so STINKIN cute! I love how you mimic the back spindles on the front of the box. Seriously, all your oops really turned out so designer like, it really pays to make mistakes lol But the best part was how you “grew up” and used that pin you had been saving and then you cut it off in the end. LOL You can make one of these for Carter when your here :) I am sure we can find an old crib somewhere

  17. Gail!

    You have the coolest Toys! that is why you can come up with this cool toybox!

    I say it is cool…like oh.wow. there is Gail again doing something great. (in a droning voice)
    but what I mean is COOL!!!! AWESOME!!! … YOU SHOCK ME EV.ER.Y. SINGLE. TIME!

    do wonders never cease? Pat

  18. This is so fun, cute and functional! Girl, I think you can build just about anything! You are amazing!

  19. I love, love,love this one….that is not only cute but its usable. Nice job.

  20. Pinned this one Gail – so awesome and I have two cribs in our garage right now :)

  21. Wow you really have inspired me with this one. I LOVE IT! I feel like all I’ve been doing is painting lately I need to build something!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  22. Abso-freakin-lutely fabulous, Gail!
    Not unlike the ol coffee pot lamp (was that you?) This will go viral, I’m sure. not to mention all the magazine and diy programs are gonna be knocking down your door! You really did hit it outta the ballpark with this one! Kudos! Now, I have 2 cribs in my shed just waiting for this to happen to them…(really, this is just what I want to do with them!)

  23. I have an old crib! I just don’t have your talent. That looks so amazing!!

  24. I just pinned this…..you are so great…seriously. :) I follow you but don’t think I have ever commented but I just had too…..this is really amazing! I think me and my hubby are going to attempt it. You gave such a great tutorial that without….we would never attempt it. If we do build it and want to sell it, what would you sell it for???? Thanks for all the inspiration!!

  25. Great work. I loved the tutorial. I think it turned out so great.

  26. Honestly, this is just one of the smartest things I’ve ever seen!

  27. As you already know… ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! You hit the nail on the head for this project.

    I pinned it… this one will go global!

    What font did you use on the first / last picture?

  28. Oh My Goodness Gail! How AWESOME is that bench? I SO LOVE IT!!!!!
    You did a wonderful job. And yes you are an inspiration! I always have these big dreams then chicken out when it comes to building a project. One of these days I’m going to just dive in and build something, Lol! My sister called me last weekend and asked if I wanted 2 cribs. Her Daughter’s Mother-in-law owns a Day Care and she was going to throw them out. I said heck yeah! I have no way of hauling them so I am PATIENTLY waiting for my sister to deliver them. Enjoy your day my friend! Keep on Building!!


  29. Wow, oh wow–so fabulous. I love the piece across the front–simply genius. I couldn’t see, but if you didn’t, you should drill a few holes in the bottom of the toy box for air holes as a safety precaution. I am always extra cautious when making children’s furniture–don’t want a safety recall :)!

  30. paige…. My Lowes does not have a Cull Bin. They save it all for one person… what’s up with that? In my Home Depot, the lumber dept has a cart that they throw scraps in when someone doesn’t take the whole piece (after a staff person cuts it)

    They are .51 1.01 2.01 3.01 and 4.01

    I always go for the .51. My Home Depot paints the .51 pieces green on the end so the cashier knows how to ring it up.

  31. Yes!!!!! I have been wanting to make a headboard bench with a storage seat, now thanks to you I have a good idea how to do it! Of course it is thanks to you that I have now made two headboard benches at all!

    I love this bench, you did an amazing job! It is pinned in my things to build!

    Thanks so much for sharing your amazing talents!

  32. Seriously girl, I am impressed. You have serious skills, both in vision and craftsmanship. I not only pinned, but started a new board called “Re-Use, Re-purpose!” Well done!

  33. Seriously girl, I am impressed. You have serious skills, both in vision and craftsmanship. I not only pinned, but started a new board called “Re-Use, Re-purpose!” Well done!

  34. Seriously girl, I am impressed. You have serious skills, both in vision and craftsmanship. I not only pinned, but started a new board called “Re-Use, Re-purpose!” Well done!

  35. What a great trasformation! Very Nice! Looks great!

  36. Maybe we will skip Rose’s place at the end of the month and come visit you… I want that BAD…lol. Just kidding Rose.

    Gail… you are truly amazing. I know I keep saying that, but you truly are. I am in awe of your talents and how you can think the project through and not be afraid to tackle the sticky things. I think it would have been out to the curb before the lid made it’s way to the top.

    I predict this is going to be up there amongst your other winners… in mags, pinned a million times… this one is going to put you into the Hall of Fame for DIY’ers. Great job Buddy.


    PS… I already pinned and will be sure to share.

  37. That is fabulous, Gail! I’m betting that it took a lot of time to make it, too. I do have a couple of old cribs, and STILL haven’t done anything with them, but you have inspired me again!

  38. Lissa & Vali–please email me. I have no way to reach you ladies.

    Thanks to all of you for your very kind comments. I really do LOVE this one!

  39. wow–that is sooo cool!!! you are a wood working wonder….very very talented!!

  40. Vali Henry says:

    Great project, Gail! The bench looks awesome. You have so many great ideas. May I pick your brain for a project I’m stumpped on? Any ideas on what to do with an old accoustic guitar w/o strings?
    Thanks so much, love your posts!

  41. I love it, I’ve been wanting to make my son a toy box and we’ve got an old crib lying around that I’ve not repurposed yet. I think this is the ticket. I’m definately going to try! Thanks so much for the great tutorial.

  42. Another great project! This would be a really meaningful way to transform your kid’s crib into something more useful as they get older.

    And now I have kind of a dorky question: how did you discover the scrap wood bin at Home Depot? I’ve never seen these at any of the hardware stores near me, but maybe I’m just not looking in the right place.

  43. brenda yost says:

    beautiful! what a great use of a crib – around here at least none of the charity shops will take used ones too many recalls on them I imagine. so they are all just given to someone else or more likely sent to landfill. a clever person could make these to sell!

  44. This looks great Gail! Congrats on your first storage bench! I’m sure it will sell quickly!


  45. I live about an hour from Louisville and would love this item. How much are you asking for this piece?

  46. GAIL!! So practical, so smart and SO STINKIN’ CUTE! Genius!

    You are absolutely right, what are we waiting for! Thank you for the constant inspiration.
    Carolyn W.

  47. so cute! when i grow up i want to build like you.

  48. Wonderful repurpose! I LOVE it! I think I would also like to make a grown up version! Nice job Gail!

  49. WOW….just when I think there is NO way you can outdo a project…you prove me wrong. This goes right to the top of my list of awesome creations you have done!

    I want it…unfortunately I don’t want to pay to have it shipped to me, lol! I would have all three of my grankid’s names put on it and put in in my guest room for when they came to Nana’s house!

    Probably not the first, but I pinned ya! You rock, girl!!

  50. Filling that gap on the sides was a great touch. And I just love the way the front piece ties it all together. You’re a genious!
    Love love love this one!
    You hit it out of the ballpark; a Homerun!

  51. Wow! You rock! I have an upcycled bed / bench project that I’ve been working on(ignoring while it sits in pieces) for approximately forever. Thanks for the push.

  52. You hit the proverbial nail on the head with this project! It is wonderful! It is kid friendly! Geez- it’s adult friendly! I really love this one!

  53. You are amazing Gail! That crib/box turned out great! You are really a furniture making pro! It looks so professional! Nice job!

  54. It turned out beautiful Gail! I would really love to have a “grown up” version of this bench!
    Have a great week,

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