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Repurposed Piano Front

antique pianoLast year while I was on vacation in California, someone dropped this piece of a piano front off at my house.  I was sort of stuck because of the color.


antique piano front DIY chalk paintSo, I mixed up some DIY black chalk paint.  I instantly liked it a lot better.



use brown paper to get a feel for artI’ve been needing something for this wall in my kitchen, and I thought this piece might be what I was looking for.  When I measured, it seemed like it might work. But to be sure, my friend Stephanie, suggested I use a piece of paper cut to size.  I did.  I immediately thought it was too small, and Stephanie agreed.  However, after leaving it up for a few days, it grew on me.




black piano front using DIY chalk paintI decided to hang the piece on my kitchen wall, BUT it has that middle piece that protrudes in the back, and I wasn’t sure it would actually sit right on the wall. So, I hung it on the fence to make sure that it would actually hang right.  It did!  Smile





piano front hanging in the kitchenI hung it on the wall, carefully centering it, and placing it where I thought it should be from top to bottom.  BAD!  It was too high and crooked!  I brought in the level, and a piece of thin trim.  I installed one screw and used the trim and the level to get the other screw in the right place.

I left it hanging in the kitchen for a week or so, and decided that I would give it a go.



Miss Mustard Seed Tricycle RedI removed the side panels so I could use mirrors, and I painted it with Miss Mustard Seed’s Tricycle Red Milk paint.




I went to get MMS wax from the basement, and when I came back, this is what I saw.  Yep, it is bird poop.  If you follow me on facebook, you’ve already seen this preview picture.



Miss Mustard Seed WaxI love the way the paint looks after applying the clear  wax.


piano front painted redI tested it out to see how I liked it on the fence.



union jack sheet metalWhen I went to buy a couple of mirrors, I couldn’t really find what I wanted at a good price, so I opted for this sheet metal. (Union Jack) It comes in 1’x2’.   It’s brushed nickel, just like my light fixture, ceiling fan and cabinet pulls. I used my tin snips to cut it.


Gorilla Tape is great for holding things in placeOf course to hold it in place I reached for my favorite Gorilla Tape!


I taped it down with Gorilla TapeYou can see I taped it around all 4 sides.  You can also see those wood pieces that don’t allow the piano front to sit flush against the wall.


piano front with sheet metalBack on the fence for a photo op!


red piano front with sheet metalYou can get a good feel of the color on the fence. I like the way the detail shows. When it was black, the details were lost.

 My Repurposed Life- Paint and Sheet Metal Piano Front Transformation

red piano front in my kitchenIt’s so hard to get a good picture of it in the kitchen. The kitchen is dark with no lights on, and when I turn the lights on it distorts the color.


pop of red in my kitchenI like the shininess of the sheet metal. I will be on the lookout for a small canvas or artwork to sit on the ledge in the middle.

Let’s look at it once more on the fence:

red piano with sheet metal insertsI know this piece could be repurposed for so many more things.  For now it’s in my kitchen, but come October, it may be for sale at Glendale!


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  1. Interesting piano piece. You could also use the center section as a chalkboard since it already has a tray and cork board on the sides as little bulletin boards. I like it.

  2. Love it Gail! I wish I could find something so cool!

  3. I would make this a chalkboard in the middle if you have it in the kitchen area by using chalkboard paint.

  4. I think it is beautiful Gail! I love the red over the black… are the metal inserts magnetic? They would look great with vintage pictures on it too! I love it, no wonder you kept it :)

  5. girlfromwva says:

    love the red color and the sheet metal inserts!

  6. Diane Clarke says:

    I love your inventiveness! I get more enjoyment out of making something new from something discarded than I do from starting fresh. (Why is that exactly?!) I am always looking at this site and continually amazed at your ability to envision what could become of the discarded objects. Inspires me : )

  7. I definitely like the red best and the sheet metal goes perfectly with the light shade. Oh, fyi I didn’t forget the pictures of the potting bench I want to make from the door. Time slipped by and other priorities needed my attention. There are pictures of the outside work on my house on my blog, if you care to see it in an almost finished state. Hope you had a Merry Christmas.

  8. Christi Grace says:

    Really lovely transformation. I like the use of the sheet metal even better than mirrors, gives it such a nice texture.

  9. Love this piece. You will find something nice for center!! My only suggestion is to hang it lower so light not interfering. Sometimes we just go to high?

  10. I love the red on the wall. You still have plenty of room to add stuff above or on the sides if you ever wanted to. Seriously I had no idea it had that decorative pieces on it when it was black. The bird poo is so funny!

  11. Beautiful project, Gail. I love the color and the way the inserts complement your light fixture.

  12. It turned out great Gail! Love the metal inserts! Great job!

  13. Nice job Gail! I am loving the color with the dark wax..super transformation.

  14. Gail! I love it.
    I like the metal inserts you said it was nickle finish? Is it magnetic? have you seen the magnetic clips? Like a clip board without the board? You could use those to clip photos or something on the metal while you await Art work!

    If you don’t find any artwork you like, maybe you could use your stencil or decal words and put something clever in the middle.
    This is a unique idea…something I’ve not seen. Kudos!

  15. Gail, I love it!! I am so glad you took the panels out. I cannot wait to see what you find to put on the music ledge.


  16. It looks great, I like the metal too! And I need to try a dark wax someday, I love the results you got with it!

    • gail@myrepurposedlife.net says:

      Mindi- I didn’t use dark wax. I guess I confused you. I painted it with black paint, then put the Milk Paint over the black, then applied MMS clear wax. :)

  17. What a great piece! I absolutely love it and want it 😉 Great re-purpose!

  18. Gail, the red looks fab (and I’m not a big RED fan)!
    Wish someone would drop off a piano panel at mY house–just a tiny bit jealous.
    *the bird poo was mother-nature’s thumbs up~how else could she get your attention!?!

  19. What a fun piece! I never would have guessed what it was 😉 Love the red!

  20. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. says:

    Oh Gail, what a great piece for your kitchen! The red is a nice color contrast against the wall. And I really like the metal inserts, they really add to the aged, vintage look!

  21. Looks great, I love the colour you achieved. I think it needs some graphic in the middle… not sure what, but it’s begging for something!

    • gail@myrepurposedlife.net says:


      I hope to find a small canvas painting to rest on the ledge in the middle. :)

      I think that will complete the look, or at least I hope so. The color has a little more red than I intended, but it does make me smile when I see it hanging in the kitchen. :)

  22. That is a nice piece no matter what you do with it. It has charm.


  23. Very cool! Thanks for posting it! — Pauline

  24. Apparently the birds weren’t impressed (wink wink) but I think it turned out really cool! Good thinking on taking out the insides and replacing with sheet metal. Just thinking out loud, but I could also see that hanging in a bedroom and using it to hold jewelery…awesome piece to work with!

  25. I. Love the red and dark wax!!! Whe I see this piece I see it as perfect for chalkboard in the middle and memo boards on the end panels.

  26. Lov Lov Lov it!!! Can’t wait to find one for myself!!!

  27. I loveeee that color Gail! You were right to repaint it red, it really shows the details. Is that sheet metal magnetic? Because if it is you could make some magnets and attach a few photos to the metal… I really like it!!!!

  28. It looks awesome Gail! Glad you found something for your kitchen wall!
    Have a great week,

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