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Table Top into Game Box

Hi My Repurposed Life readers!  Obviously you love repurposed projects, and so I have a fun one today…

Repurposed table top into game box

Repurposed table top into game box

A repurposed table top into a game box!  What is a game box you ask?
For me, it is called solving a problem.  You see, around my house we have lots of games and a closet that holds them, but it is overflowing.  And most of my kids can’t reach so when they try to pull one out, all the rest fall to the floor…sound familiar?
Repurposing an old table top

MyLove2Create, old table top

Enter this little beauty…or not so beauty…anyway, this was, I assume, a table top at one time.  It was totally worth a save from someones trash pile in my opinion.  Ever since the table top was rescued it has been hanging out in my shed… for about a year.
build box and add bottom

Build box and add bottom

In order to help solve my game problem I decided to give this old table top new life and purpose.  First I cut some free scrap 2×4’s (maybe from an old fence) and built a box to the same size of the table top.  Then I screwed on a piece of scrap plywood for the bottom.
Filling holes with spackle

Filling holes with spackle

To make it look more finished I added bondo to all the cracks, which is a type of spackle.  Once it dried I sanded it smooth, and primed the box.


Making a chess board

Measuring Chess Board

Now to old table top.  I first sanded off the old stain, then set to work making a chess/checkers board on the top.  My boys like chess, and I have learned it but don’t play much.  Which is why I had to look up how many squares are on a chess board, there are 64.  I made mine into 2 inch squares, and there are 8 squares on each side.  First I measured with a pencil and then went over it with a sharpie marker.  (oops, the one above is a Bic marker, it had a fine tip, better for the lines)


M sharpie marker to make a chess board

Using a sharpie marker to make a chess board

To make sure I didn’t mess up when I colored in the squares I x’d out the ones that would be black.  Then I made the box outline’s wider and went to town scribbling in the rest!  It was like grade school all over again!  And look there is the Sharpie!


Staining board

Staining board

Now to make it pretty!  This Rustoleum summer oak did a great job, don’t you think?  I bought this stain to use on one of my favorite projects from last year when I turned an end table into a desk.  You can see my primed box in the back.
paint box black

paint box black

After I primed the box I painted it grey, but wasn’t liking it.  So I taped off the inside (I wasn’t painting the inside again) and did the outside with a black that I had.  Can you believe this was an oops paint?  I will always snag black or white oops paints, it is so worth it because they are hardly ever in oops!  This is the first and only black I have seen in oops, and the only white I have seen I bought as well and used it in my Master Closet Makeover.


add hinges to table top and box

Repurposed table top into game box

Once I placed on a couple of hinges…


Add handle and hook and eye

Add handle and hook and eye

… and added a handle, and a hook and eye latch thingy, (I have no idea what that is really called :)  I bought this one in a set of two and used the other one on my Pull Down Art Desk I built for my son.)


Repurposed table top into game box

Repurposed table top into game box

I was in business!


putting games in a box

Game box full of games

I threw in a bunch of kid games, ones my kids play the most,


Easy under the bed storage

Easy under the bed storage

And tucked it neatly under the bed!  It makes easy no “mess access” for the kids, and one of my favorite features…


MyLove2Create, using the Game Box

Playing a game on the Game Box

A perfect game surface for any game!  And of course checkers and chess too!


Easy to carry, and store game box

Easy to carry, and store

It is easy to carry with the handle, just in case you need games on the go!

Please note: I haven’t attached a thing to hold the lid from falling back too far, you know the kind that helps the lid stay in place when you open it?  I plan on doing that for safety, just haven’t had a chance to get one yet, but I will.


Repurposed table top into game box

MyLove2Create, top view Game Box

If I had room in my home I would have made legs for this and used it as an actual table for game playing and game storage.  It would be simple to do, but for my family it works best under a bed.  I even considered putting wheels on it, and then I could see it used as scooter or skate board…yeah, you get it!


Repurposed table top into game box

Repurposed table top into game box


My kids are super excited about it, and so am I!
If you had a box like this would you use it for games or something else?
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  1. Wow…what a really cool idea. I have just about gotten rid of all my games except for Checks, Caleb (grandson) loves beating his nana at that game. Great job.

  2. Gorgeous Mindi! You have inspired me. I started a checkerboard table for my daughter 2 YEARS AGO that I cannot seem to finish. It’s on my list for this week. You are such an inspiration.

    La Verne@hopeandsalvage.com

  3. This is awesome and would make for a great gift!!

  4. Great idea Mindy. So practical and well made.

  5. Paige @ Little Nostalgia says:

    That’s fantastic! I love smart storage. Our games are in the built-ins in the basement, but I’d like to put them somewhere else.

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